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Monday, December 03, 2007

When Zam crtiticises, you know you're on the right path!

TheSun was chastised for publicising in a Nov 29 report next Sunday's "Peopl's Freedom Walk", quoting the Bar Council's human rights committee chairman Edmund Bon, who provided the details on the time and venue to gather for the walk.

When the criticism comes from the miniSTER of Propaganda-ganda Wang Anda aka Zam-zam ala Kazam, I say: SYABAS!
You Are Walking the Right Path of Responsible Journalism!

From page 4 of the 30sen daily Dec 3, 2007 (you cheapskates, fled with all the free copies by the time Desi walketh to 7ELEVEN at 7.00am, eh!):

Street protests
will only harm
racial unity,
says Zainuddin

Yeah, this guy wants the Al-Jazeera reporter to ask sanitised questions,
preferable forwarded to his Ministry of Disinformation in advance,
before appearing on TV on the Hindraf Rally two Sundays ago.

Datuk Zam, of the Malacca sultanate's mindset, so you think the foreign news wires -- like BBC and ABC - operate like BERNAMA? Which, BTW, in ts first day coverage of the BERSIH, put the number of ralliers at 4,000, equal to the POLICE and FRU personnle on duty. Which translatres as one-to-one patrolman to djohnny walker!

The following day, the national news agency up-ed the number to 10,000 -- sheepishly used by both The Star and the NST, how accurate can they be? -- when the actual figures were upwards of 40,000. (TheSun did not publish on Sunday -- a pity!-- so Desi could not comment on its coverage. Its rivals prostituted themselves. Fellow bloggers Dr Bakri Musa
and Malik Imtiaz used the "same" description, so Desi's not alONE!

So if Zam had his way,
all foreign agencies' reporters must in future send their questions ahead if they wanted to interview any Malaysian miniSTER regarding Malaysain goings-on. BUT if they inflated the numbers (by 2 or 5 times?) of guests coming to PWTC for Paka Lah's Hari Raya gathering, or Zakaria the Charitable Klang State Assemblyman's
do/deed/done, I guess they might make it to the next Royalty's birddie list, Datuk or Dan Si, anywan? The sext Face of NS indeed!

Second SYABAS to Bar Council'schairman, AMBIGA SRENEEVASAN, who has invited other members of the ublic, including BERSIH members, to walk next Sunday (Dec 9) in conjunction with World Human Rights day. Desi's greAtings to BC (not an offshoot of BBC, Zam boy, FYI!) members -- Stay The Course, mGf!:)

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