My Anthem

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sunset Serenade for My Muse

You are weary
I know

From stress at work
Insincerity of colleagues
But I try to be your friend

You cry tears even in broad daylight
When 'friends' who said Yes, but meant No
I am not sure if I can help
But I try my best, and 'I say, I do'

As the sun breaks into smiles
of red, blue and various hues
on the far horizon
bidding a long day's goodbye
We seek our rest

In soft conversation
magic in your eyes
Unspoken words
That heal like magic herbs
Relax body, mind
And Soul

Duks brings me soft music
With lyrics that spring forth with evenin' breeze
As the first shy crescent of the moon
gives us a flyin' kiss

Ah, go away daytime woes
Of talkin' politicians who know not what's in people's hearts
Talk is cheap, talkin' smart
Leave us folks alone
We'd rather eye the moon
t does not mock
It does not hurt

It warms up the night
I surely know I care, I believe you dare too
I string some lyrics
To rhyme with your rhythm
Even in times of stress
That disappears with a caressin'
Of the evening breeze and your embracing'
comprehending eyes
I like thy music
this I know
My Muse


Twisted Heels said...

My muse, deep thoughts. Hidden meanings, well said. Hello Desi! May the festive cheer be with you :)

desiderata said...


mGf from Pearly Isle
Thou hidden in Ukay why?
My musical at sunset has hyde-in UNmeanings
It's for entertaining thee in Desiphering:)

Yes, if Desi is energised by thy cheers
Knot enervated by ISA fears
Will organise "V" costume ball on Xmas eve
Will Theels arrivdeVici on horsey
As Lucifer awe to deceive
Or badder steal in birddie suit showup as cheery
Wan ...... which masked would drive Msians to ecstasy?:)