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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pack Up Thy Troubles

in an old kitbag and s-mile, s-mile , S-MILE.

I think this country's led by a uno numero whose experience is like a limited company, with his vision limited, and the company in disarray.

theSUN today carried the latest news on the famous, I'd say notorious, Lingam tape scandal on its frontpage,
and broke tradition with a Numbered Headline: quite like a Time magazine summary line.



6 member Royal Commission headed
by former Chief judge of Malaya
Tan Sri Haidar Mohamed Noor formed
to investigate video clip showing
lawyer allegedly brokering judicial

DESIDERATA: The decision-maker whom I have fondly nicked as a Rip van Winkle,while my less kind fellows (which is gender-neutral ok!) label as "sleepy-eyed" or "I dunno" prime minister, is so amateurish on the matters of state that even a layman like Zorro and Desi, even that half-past-standard-6 above-the-law Zakaria Mad Deros, would be able to advise you do not form an EVEN number of members to any panel wising to come to a conclusion with at least a simple majority decision (disallowing any abstentions).

Is your vision so limited that you can't anticipate a 3-3 stalemate, matey?
"Hung jury - what then?"
Oh, maybe you as CEO would then decide the fate of the Company. Shut it down and set up a new company, headed by thy SIL?
Can I call the nation's CEO "matey" although he's not yet a Blogger?
Okay, in the spirit of Blogging, I'll do it. Always a first time for positive vibrations. Also in the spirit of National Service. TOMORROW he may even consider inducting my brotherAhiruddin Atan aka rockybru in blogosphere, or his deputy in the National Alliance of Bloggers, Jeff Ooi, of screenshots aka known as "taiko" in blogsworld, asthe SE7ENth member of the just formed Royal Commission. Yeah, 7 is my fave number, maybe the "big ears" would hear, hear, hear, hear, here, here, here.

HOPE springs eternal in the hearts of blardy writ(H)ers and poet-asspirants. One smile.:)


5 terms of reference include
ascertaining the truth or the content
of the conversation in the video clip,
determining if there was person or
persons identified ofr mentioned in
the clip, and recommend appropriate
action to be taken against the person or
persons identified or mentioned.

DESI: The earlier three-member panel wasted a few months, and I believe substantial amount of tax-payers' money, chasing after what from the start was a non-starter trail. Or was the ingenious PM "buying time" with a delaying tactic? Mayhaps mGf moo_t can opine if this was Sun Tzu's tactical warfare winner?

Whatever, Desi s at least glad finally the government woke up from wintered state to spring upon us some semblance of Truth-seeking. Ah, one objective -- "ascertaining the truth of the content of the conversation in the video clip" -- is after all the goal in this Blogger's heart, and it's a case of Better Late Than Never!

And the subsequent actions outlined in the terms of reference were precisely what citizens' groups, including Bloggers, have been appealing, urging, crying out, Thinking Aloud, to be done in the first place.

Ah, Common Citizens we will be glad and grateful for little blessings. Second s-mile.:):)


3 months to complete the investigate, make recommendations
and submit a report to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

desi: Like brother bernard khoo, aka zorro,(SEE wit' one eye closed the lower case used here? -- To show we bloggers and walkers and marchers are small people-lah, owning BIG houses as opposed to a mad Deros' small house in Port Klang...) I think we calmed down a byte seeing there is some glimmer of HOPE in the long tunnel of 50-50 vision. FYI, zorro has been jumping up&down for the past few days at -- I saw his face first turn pink, then red, then blue, then blue-black so that I had to turn away, and peep through the lady CZJ's chamber window sill's silky curtain, but it was pulled down to spare me the agony -- or was it ecstasy?

So I went away to join zorro to sing this happy song.
Third S-MILE:):):)

in your old kitbag and
smile, s-mile, S-MILE

While you have Lucifer to light your bag
(read "fag" for last word, as corrected by Commenter Anon: Tks f Desi:) X se7en!
Smile boys that's the style
What's the use of worrying
It never was worthwhile,


in your old kitbag and
smile, s-mile, S-MILE



Anonymous said...

Hi Desi,
A slight typo, or are you on an anti smoking campaign?

in your old kitbag and
smile, s-mile, S-MILE
While you have Lucifer to light your bag ????? FAG (cigarette)
Smile boys that's the style
What's the use of worrying
It never was worthwhile,"

The word after -your- show be 'Fag' UK slang for cigarette.

Not much to smile about these days, but the famous world war era song you quote, is cheery and uplifting.

Now we all need to effect a change which will be beneficial and which will give us every reason to beam a smile from ear to ear.

"Out with the old and in with new"

desiderata said...

dear Anon:

thanks for lightnin' speedO proof-in-the-pudding-reading.
Art thou from Reading,England?:)

Thanks X se7en
Overcome the six-even
Maybe I'll nominate thee
and Me
To make in nine?
Yeah, that would be fine
As ong I get my 20million
What's yours, Anon, 20billion?

PS: I am non-smoking,
what's Anon cooking?
I like clay-pot!
VVe enjoy everythink hot,hot,hot:):):)

Anonymous said...

The PM has shown his true colours.
The draconian ISA has been used for no good reason to silence dissent.
Malaysia has today become truly a police state which is now effectively under a state of emergency.
I have already informed everyone in my address book to not visit Malaysia as it is unsafe as they are liable to be arrested if they are in groups of more than three persons.