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Thursday, December 06, 2007

When Petronas Profits Rise, Do You Jump with Joy?

This was the question that rushed to mind when i read the following news headline:

Petronas profits up 7.7 percent in first half

The national oil company posted a net profit of RM26.6 billion against RM24.7 billion for the same period last year.

I'll be back with aMore -- if thou art in the mood for love after drinking some Pu-Erh to drown the sorrow you ain't get any of Petronas oil to stomach! -- come back tonight when I update this important item. Your country's future - and my health -- is at stake hear! These past two days required my VIP presence (VIP , newly minted, stands for Very Inconsequential Present -- like Pet....?) in Kuala Lumpur. Truth of the matter, earning some kaya to pile on top of the plain B&B. aMore importantly, to catch up wit' my Blogger buddies (Hi-dare, Joshua Chin, next round we ENJOY PU-ERH, eh? and Zorro-zorro, drop wan zorro and bring along Catherine Zeta Jones sext time. Hey, I envy Josh -- he HSAD A DATE with' CZJ when she was in town doin' ENTRAPMENT! Desi would trade places with 17-year-old-somethin' Josh to be TRAPPED, foregoing SE7EN rounds of Pu-Erh for his ONE and onLY butt knot lONEly ("loony" mayhaps) round with Catherine:):):)

The above diversion is dedicated to the two pals who made up the quorum of THREE at yesterday's G7 Bloggers Meet in Section 14, PJ. The absentees, you miss'd Josh's secrets about CZJ, wich are best left unmentioned and in Zorro's chamber. JOsh and Desi will just peep and update you wit' what we saw if you make it to the next G7 of G8.The attire being consdered: G-string:) G is4 Guitar, wat you thinkin'?Played in the F*** keys. U know Alicia, anywan?


zorro said...

Puerh tea, cunt...oopppps can't mix with a wee bit of beer ah? Looking 4ward to next meet.How much per small tea-cup. Zollo, no believe in plastic, got zapped decades ago.

Josh Incorrigible! said...

Haha, funny I wasn't 17 at that time.. looking forward to the honour of the company of great wise men.

desiderata said...

Hi dare Zorro and Josh:

Thanks for the greAt company on wedNURSEdaythough Cathy was not around to play "missi"!

Josh, why te "IN"corrigible -- at 17-year-old you were already "in chambers"eh -- Zorro I hear is a byte jealous:)
Hey, it's indeeed the company of Trio that maketh the tea badder than Pu-Err!:):):) Zorro, Rt Bir's available when your Sweet Sig Other asks for It!

PS: TO OTHER EsteemedReaders voyeuring hear!

The bytes about PETRONAS< please be patient okay -- come back Saturday -- as I need to do some newshound smelllng work to add value to what we hear on the humour grapewine, which BTW, cannel compare with Pu Err as the latter putme npar-with-John n absentminded johnleemk who forgot to turn up for the G7, he ventured into Malacca:( where under-aged gals and boys feel safe and sound with a misterbehaving CM.
Don't step into Furong -- cos birds wit' or without fathers normally refuse to leave after bum-ming into the ilk of Daisy,writHing on a big bike bult by "V"VVVVVVe.
Nov SE7EN, 200SE'EN, 9.39m