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Friday, December 28, 2007

VISIONS of ...

Too-olde-olde-SE7EN bonds Connery and Moore. fading out ...

Like French wines and Chinese premium teas Pu-erh, with age cometh rising value, so as Desi and Co add one 365 days-stretch when 2008 dawns in two+1 moOre days, we become wiser, HOPEfuly, and dantier, STEPfully, and friendlier, FAITHfully.

In all temporal things, I price/prize fRiendship at the highest level because we are all caught in this constant fight between GOoD and (D)evil since we first entered this world mostly not of our own choice, more likely via an accidental act of ecstasy between little adam and eve before the rude awakening. If you are an adult, and know not what the preceding sentence means, go ask thy below-17-but-tastng-the-age-of-consent fruits of easy labour before time sonny boy,or danzinggal, you will be surprised they know what's Ecstasy -- both the pill and the state -- but knot Adam's apple. Or Eve's agony.

Being dainty is a quality that fits into the Desiderata.Feminity if thou art olde schooled like Desi and coy. So it's ranked second in my order of temporal things I'd like of my fella women, or ladies, or virginal queens. Whatever that suits by probably theory, half of my most EsteemedReaders.

As for being "wise", it should by the nature of things, come naturally wit' rising Age. But trouble is, some members of the species called Homo sapiens, often want to fight Nature. Hence, a handsome young boy like Michael Jacksonny became a Michelle Jackaroo, wasting God's gifted talents for some nip&tuck that maketh many doctors happy as a lark/luck. Also maketh some dumb blondes looking blondier and dumber wit' more tuck&nip on their tucker-tummy and nickle-nipples.

So instead of becoming wiser, some of Homo sapiens clubbies become aMoreVice-d, but who's Desi and company to judge, it's their money, honey! I only like to sing wit' my Blogger buddies like Howsy, Mave and Expyre(d) -- No, Anak Merdeka did not make a cameo AP! -- now joined by Ancient Mariner and "V"-cum-Pardner, and MosesF: Hey JUDE. or Hi Judy!

Again, if you don't follow Desi, nahmind, it's just a Blogger's year-end abuse of an AP you can get also in 3EzySteps at That was the parting advice that I urged "V" as well as in respnose via sms when one Moses sms-ed profused thanks for ak tehtarik-stanied-kopi of Midnight Voices when he came down awe the way from Balakong to make up the quorum for G7 Yesterday, when all our (Desi, Ancient Mariner, "V" and Significant Other) troubles were so far away.

For my EstemedReaders who didn't attend, nahmnd,I know your (HE)art of hearing is so artfoolyou heard every word we said along the oblong table. FurongKnights did not like any round table for that applied for King Arthur and his horseriders, whileDesi & co are mainly Socialists wt' a Capitalist bent and a Bourgeousie APpetit. Daintily siping French wines and Pu-erh teas after gulping down like Croc Downdees tehtarik plus Miss Sunthi. Just a hint of what intellectual discourse that was whispered SE7EN hours before midnight, here's the sms I received just an hour after te do/did/deed, and I bl'sh'd jest a li'l gushing from one who look'd just the age of johnleemk, via sms:)

"Hi Desi, t was great to meet u. Thanks for the book n the good time. Regards."
Sender: Moses 27 - Dec - 2007 17:57:04

My (X?)pensive reply: "It's leasure n privilege m3etinER. HOPE u start blogin wit' many APs 2 abuse:-)
Delivered to: Moses
27-Dec-2007 18:17:20

feels it's such gre8 fun-D to win some new fRiends via Bogging adbencha (that was how it was spelt reading one ENID BLYTON's Secret Se7en's outings, do you remember?;) No? You forgetfool wans, That was just a fleeting few years ago!

Desi was expecting to get a Viva in my fave colour BLUE; but it rose too high out of reach,so I settled for Apple Green, when Christmas trees were tall, and I was still small. That also explains My Blue H'aven, Yes! Which, BTW, also recalled our G5 conversation Yesterday at Lingam's of one perrenial Peter Pan of pop, CLIFF RICHARD, always like some of us,forever a Bachelor Boy.

WHICH recalls2 for this ass.pirant poet-cum-sin'er, these memorable


Visions of you in shades of blue
Smoking, shifting, lazily drifting
My darling, I miss you so

Time goes by, no wonder my senses go reeling
Your eyes so appealing
I see the whole night through

When will we meet again, when when when
When will we meet again, when when when
I remember the days, beautiful days,
Tenderly gleaming
My whole life seeming to start, and end
With you


Wishing allmy ER in the singular and plural
"Happy Nu'e Year 2008!"
Wear some emperor's new clothes this Eve Okay
So this Adam can laff his hair -- whatever's remaning! -
off, and the white Einsteinlike crown would become a
James Brown blackcurrrant-- or izzit Blackcurrent? -- crop again.
LOL:) No,it's not Laughing Out Loud. It's Lucky Olde Lad, Desi&co.


mosesfoo said...

Hi Desi,

Thanks for da kopi of "DDC for Dummies".

No much that I can offer 'cept for a "lil'old hut", but do come by in case its raining and ye can take shelter at

Maverick SM said...


I am outstation and couldn't be with you all. I apologise. I didn't know about it too.

sabrina tan said...

hello.. just bk in pg for a short period of time.. going bk straight after New Years day...

have a great 2008 too and may this yr bring us much hope for us all :)

"V" said...

Ceud mile fĂ ilte!
One Hundred Thousand (CCCI) VVelcomes Felicitations to Desi and all your ERs
May I VVish thee and your ERs, one & all a Very Happy, Healthy, Peaceful, Prosperous and Successful NeVV Year, may 2008 be a year filled with freedom, trust, honour, justice, dignity, selflessness, non-discrimination, truth and Victory.
Hogmanay is just around the corner, therefore on 1st January 2008 at 00:00 hours, please join me in a Gaelic toast, and say 'Slan juh va' with a VVee dram of uisge beatha,(VVater of Life) or your favourite beverage.

Vow to Vanquish, Venal & Virulent Vermin Vanguards of Vice. Vouchsafing the Violently Vicious & Voracious Violation of Volition.
'V' for Victory.

desiderata said...


It's a pleasure to meet some voacl dummies than insufferable intelligentsia!

"Lil'old hut" is okay as long as we can also tumpang at Zak's "small house" in one royal city when it rains:( The shelter at mosesWP.C seems friendly enough, I will defintely hangout, but please supply some goblets of tehtari.!:)

desiderata said...

mave: I asked the Polis District chief to ass on the Missive, gas they did knot deliver. Sext time, I'll inset an foolpage Advert n awe the MSM!:) Provided moo_t gets a 10% down of the 20mil I hurt he was sounded re: Desi's Place eBoy aukshyen:)

desiderata said...


Too short a notis for Desi to make it North to PP -- but I'll still try DHL-ing tehtarik dan lembu susu though the Kart Lembu did not deliver on time! I'v travellin' 13 dies, need 2 aMore to reach Penag from Furong... like the case of Mave, I did try!:)

desiderata said...

dear "V":

I echo thy wishes to awe my ER, and add:

Try and Try and Try until VVVVVVVe

"VE"eni, "V"idi, "V"ici!