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Thursday, May 23, 2013



'Shut up, Tunku Aziz'

Karpal threatens legal action if he continues to bad-mouth DAP
MONDAY, MAY 20, 2013 - 14:05

 DAP is now claiming it made a mistake by recruiting former Transparency International vice-president Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim, who left to become the party's harshest critic.
DAP national chairman Karpal Singh said trusting Tunku Aziz was a misjudgment on the part of the party.
He said Tunku Aziz caused more damage to the party than the good he was supposed to bring from his experience with Transparency International and as former adviser to the United Nations secretary-general.
Karpal said bringing in Tunku Aziz was a unanimous party leadership decision.
"I've been watching ... and he's been going around spreading lies and revealing confidential details about the party," he said.
"Although he is not sworn to secrecy, he should know better as a gentleman and the refined person he claims to be than to divulge information about an organisation he was once with."
Karpal was speaking to reporters after meeting and thanking his supporters at the Island Park food court and wet market here yesterday.
He said that if Tunku Aziz persisted on attacking the DAP, he might consider legal action against him.
"If he's still stubborn, I will take him to court," he said.
Karpal also slammed Tunku Aziz for enjoying his status as a former senator but, at the same time, bashing the party and state government that gave him the post.
"We made a big mistake by appointing him in the first place; a mistake we deeply regret as we thought he was a prized catch then, but we're paying the price for having had this ungrateful person in the party," he said.
He said he did not know why Tunku Aziz had veered off-course against DAP.
On the attendence of the state government rally at the Esplanade on Saturday night, Karpal said it was affected by the confusion over the venue and the legality of the gathering.
He said the turnout was not as huge as the Batu Kawan rally last week because of the confusion over the venue and uncertainties as to whether it would take place after George Town police chief Assistant Commission Gan Kong Meng declared it was illegal.
Earlier, Karpal, who is also the Bukit Gelugor MP, spent an hour at the Island Park wet market and food court in Jalan Gangsa to meet and greet residents with Sri Delima assemblyman R.S.N Rayer.
Many market goers waited eagerly to take their photographs with Karpal.

DESIDERATA: May I gently tell Karpal Singh it was NOT A MISJUDGEMENT ON YOUR OR DAP's part in recruiting this turncoat into the part and straightaway gave him important posts like ice-Chair and Senator. You and party are GUILTY OF WHAT IN BUSINESS PARLANCE is termed "FAILURE TO CONDUCT DUE DILIGENCE" when making a big investment. Recruiting Abdul Aziz with gifts-package like VC post plus Senatorship is a HUGE INVESTMENT, is it not, dear Mr DAP Chairman. Due diligence as any average corporates will tell you IS TO CONBDUCT A PROPER&COMPREHSENSIVE BACKGROUND CHECK on the subject of your investment -- ie Abdul Aziz. On the surface, Presidency of TI-M is a "great buy" BUT you scratch the surface, Transparency International is a loaded high-profile NGO with questionable entry points and qualifications.

Let Desi just REPRISE an olde post post-Abdul Aziz's departure from the DAP after filling up his BIG TUMMY! Ah, give me more, he tells UMNO, who are more than a willing, endowed gifter at GE time/dimes! -- ENJOY YOUR NATIONAL SERVICE, Mr Abdul Aziz, may your tribe increase within UMNO -- it will help the RAKYAT TOPPLE the government FASTER & TASTIER when GE14 cometh around!


Tuesday, 15 May 2012 18:50

GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH: Booting out Tunku Aziz from DAP and Pakatan Featured

Written by  YL Chong
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GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH: Booting out Tunku Aziz from DAP and Pakatan
It’s not just high time that the appointed Vice-Chairman aand Senator was booted out of the DAP – in my opinion, he should not have been accepted by the Democratic Action Party in the first place!, if only a “due dilegence” background check had been conducted
Some three years ago when the Opposition party for lack of big names of Malay leaders in its top ranks, Aziz was welcomed with great fanfare into the party, with a vice-chair post and Senatorship following in douvble quicksteps.
But did the DAP top-guns like Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng do any background check, as minimum “due diligence”? comparable as to when as a top businessman would do when planning to take over another big company?
As a media watcher, I had been sharing with some PKR leaders – okay, YL is a card-carrying member! – my reservations about Tunku Aziz’s qualifications to become part of Pakatan Rakyat (PR). I told some comrades that just before joining DAP, Tunku Aziz had been writing a Sunday column consecutively for several weeks running down Opposition Leaders Anwar Ibrahim.
For the sake of maintaining “solidarity” among PR components – PKR, DAP and PAS – I did not go public with my reservations; hence I adopted a “wait and see” stance. I did copy those few articles from NST, but a recent laptop crash more or less rendered Desi’s inability to “republish” those columns by Tunku Aziz.
With the lead up to Bersih3.0 rally now famously referred to as 428, Aziz showed his true colours. I would even go as far as rank him a “Trojan horse”, along with others like Kita chief ex-chief Zaid Ibrahim, Jeffrey Kitinggan, Star Sabah chief now – all playing Trojan horse roles in PKR, and left the party at about the same time.
And some minor players like ex-MCA tycoon Soh Chee Wen – who now owns, do you readers see any connection with m2day? – and Raja Petra Kamarudin and sidekick Haris Ibrahim, who once famously “boycotted the MSM” but now graciously highlighted in exclusive interviews – sudah mudah lupa ke RPK’s interview with TV3 just before the Sarawak state elections?
Hatchet jobs - first Anwar, now DAP
Sorry for that, minor digression -- which is a journo-blogger’s privilege to abuse! -- I inform regretfully I tried to “google” to retieve Aziz’s articles lambasting Anwar Ibrahim. My news sources had told me earlier this guy was angling for a government-linked post – for retirement, eh ? – so it was NOT a surprise that he joined DAP soon after, with the inference that he must do some hatchet jobs for his political masters first-lah!
The basis for my belief was that Tunku Aziz with his much touted NGO status, especially as President of Transparency International Malaysia, the UMNO bigguns must have sent him into DAP as a Trojan horse to prove his credentails to warrant any “cozy” retirement position as a reward, NO?. So DAP who is so hard up for “reputabe Malay leaders” fell for Aziz’s act and they thought they had a “big catch”! And the rest, the wise men say,
Has Pakatan Rakyat learnt its lessons of MP-turncoats from 308?
In this connection, may I recall a recent political incident which is another potential “big catch” by PKR?
A Negri Sembilan MIC strongman, in his own words, Muthupaliapan, told a press conference he was about to resign from MIC as his party leaders did not give him a chance to play a role in the MIC, so he recently met with PR chief Anwar Ibrahim. Muthu, who I believe had served as exco in the State Assembly a couple of terms, even claimed Anwar promised him the Teluk Kemamng parliament seat cometh GE-13.
Hey, here’s someone who has NOT even joined PKR, and he had the cheek to believe he is such a strongman to replace NS PKR chiefincumbent MP Datuk Kamarul Yassin in Teluk Kemang? I checked with some party leaders, and the reply was that it’s like another of Arabian Nights’1,001 tales, ala-RPK, OK!
I sincerely hope PR component parties have learnt a lesson and NOT allow such outsider candidates like Ibrahim Ali, Zulkifle Noordin and Wee Choo Keong, --and of course, that most expensive Hee Yit Foong ADUN of Perak, where is she hyde-ing now? -- to take the electorate for a ride. In fact such “helicoptered in” candidates did not come cheap!
Is Tunku Aziz that transparent and accountable?
So the question that arises now: Is Tunku Azis that “transparent” a leader around, with his outstanding record as TI (Malaysia) chief always touted, hence that “big catch” tag. Was any carrot dangled before him by alleged paymaster/UMNO and/or UMNO-linked parties to cause Tunku Aziz to cuase a ruckus within DAP before opting out?
Of course, if Desi the blogger says “Yes”, it’s going to be inviting critics’ bombardment like when I alluded to the “geat RPK” having changed in character two years ago. Yes, some of you RPK diehards will come here again to allege YL Chong gets paid RM1,000 for every article I churn out at MC -- Zorro, whisperer, hawkeye and gang,yes?
So let’s examine NST headlined reports about Tunku Azizi’s fall from grace and also what RPK had said::
Tunku Aziz quits DAP
By EILEEN NG | 0 comments
‘DEEP CHASM’: His opposition to Bersih rally earned him rebuke from party
KUALA LUMPUR: OUTSPOKEN DAP politician Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim, 78, is quitting the party three years after he joined it.
In a one-hour interview with ntv7 hosts Norzie Pak Wan Chek and Charles Mohan aired last night, the party vice-chairman said the time had come for him to take a hard look at his position in the party.
He said he had received a lot of “helpful advice” from his family, friends and wellwishers. “And I think based on what they have said and given the deep chasm, very wide differences now that are irreconcilable, there is no other alternative but for me to seek to withdraw with some dignity left.(Ends extract from front page report of NST today)
May I urge my Esteemed Readers here that there is a companion piece which I won’t even bother to quote from except its title on page 6, NST May 15, -- Tunku Aziz: Govt is on the right track” -- for I conclude that all Aziz said is typically UMNOspeak by someone newly recruited into its friendly party ranks, just like RPK’s first interview on TV3 before the last Sarawak State elections, and of course, we must unquestioningly believe the “angel” in Tunku Aziz that he wasn’t paid any money or gift to appear on the ntv7 interview.
May I just say that RPK had given this piece of advice to Aziz,
extracting from an article by Jocelyn Tan of The Star of May 11:
“From far away in Manchester, the one and only Raja Petra Kamarudin wrote: “For someone who has done so much for the nation, you really do not deserve the things they are saying about you or what they are doing to you.”
RPK asked him to quit the DAP because “the longer you remain in DAP, the more they will demonise you”.
Tunku Aziz's fall from grace with the DAP leadership has been severe and abrupt and few see him surviving in that sort of environment. But regardless of whether he survives in or leaves the DAP, he has shown that he is really a towering Malaysian. “
Selling out to the almighty $$$
NOTE from YL: Please note the last line above reflects Jocelyn’s conclusion about Tunku Aziz, again that description “towering Malaysian”
My short retort, can? “Towering, my foot! It’s another case more like RPK selling out to the almighty dollar.
Question asked: WHY DO YOU THINK THE MSM LIKE TV3, NST, UTUSAN and now ntv7 obediently give so much space to “oppositionists” like Tunku Aziz and RPK?
Of course, before that , Jocelyn was full of praise for Tunku Aziz, quoting again from same article:
“The question that many are asking is whether it was necessary for the DAP to act so drastically against Tunku Aziz over what was an individual opinion. He had been welcomed into the party as a “towering Malaysian” and his credentials are simply impeccable he is related to the Kedah royalty, he has served in the United Nations and the World Bank and he was, of course, the founding president of Transparency International Malaysia.
He brought with him unparalleled prestige and credibility. And as the above DAP assemblyman put it, the party will never catch another Malay like him again. The action against him not only suggests that the party cannot handle dissenting views but that it is only interested in token Malay leaders people who are largely yes-men and do not ask too many questions. Or what some call Malay apologists.”
FINALLY may I just quote what Tunku Aziz’s children had to say, according to Jocelyn again:
“His daughter who works overseas sent a message saying: “Dear papa, I may not know the ins and outs of politics, but I am proud of you for speaking out on the right thing.”
Another daughter assured him that he is “on the side of the angels”. His friends have sent him encouraging messages because, as he put it, they “also believe in peace, prosperity and security for the country”. (ends The Star extract”
I agree there are a few angels on the Malaysian stage, but my Thinking Allowed is: How many are actually Devils in Disguise?.
May I cheekily hint that I will be writing of the many angels and devils in Malaysian politics next, and an IBLIS among damned all who is orchestrating many of the moves and shakes nowadays, and until and unless UMNO-BN and its demons are removed, there will always be evil in the Malaysian air. And so BERSIH4.0 must march on, for beloved Malaysia’s and our future generations’ sake.
Signing off,
YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual

PS: Desi will continue tomorrow with his take on WHY this turncoat ATunku is making so much "noise" lately -- along with the ilks of Ibrahim ah-lah! S for Sn ke hsss! Nalla, Wee what! Kiong, Zukiflee Knot!din ad nauseum. ~~ YL, Desi

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