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Friday, May 03, 2013

Desi: Here are some KEY ISSUES you should ponder before CASTING YOUR SACRED VOTE ON SUNDAY...

May 4: UPDATEd @10.08PM, May 3:~~~

 ISSUE #1: We have seen, heard claims, read of even distorted interpretations by the media, especially the MSM, by both coalitions representing Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat, that their ELECTION MANIFESTO is a better one than their rival's. For the first time, MALAYSIANS ARE WOOED like they are potential virgin brides/bridegrooms by cash handouts under BR1M 1 and 2 by the caretaker government led by UMNO, and they promise bigger payouts IF THEY ARE RE-ELECTED TO FORM THE GOVERNMENT. They want the people to believe such monetary handouts don't amount to BRIBERY, and the MACC endorses their belief and UMNO even have the cheek to ask of Malaysians: You want some more, Oliver/Olivia? BN promises: We will raise that sum to RM1,200! PROVIDED YOU RETURN US TO POWER IN PUTRAJAYA. DEAR FELLOW MALAYSIANS, PLEASE WISE UP, IT'S CONmanSHIP OF THE HIGEST ORDER BY ALL THE UMNO PRESIDENT'S MEN TRYING TO NOT JUST BRIBE YOU WITH YOUR OWN MONEY, BUT ALSO TO INSULT YOU! 

But fellow Malaysians, YES, please wise up before Sunday. It's from your tax dollars as well as diverting funds from PETRONAS annual profits amounting to tens of billion ringgit that they wrap as as BR1M acts of kindness like lust Christmas on Dec 25, 2012 has never ended, and the caretaker PM has been touring the country acting like Father Santa Claus! Desi has renamed the giftaway exercise as "BRIBE MALAYSIA1," -- but the MACC says it's NOT BRIBERY, and WHO's DESI TO DISAGREE? So it's generosity of the BN-UMNO government with a caring heart, endorsed by the anti-corruption body already well oiled and soiled even making the prostitutes' den at Chow Kit smelling good. WHY, Desi thinking aloud, is the BN Government suddenly becoming so kind and generous AFTER 54/55 YEARS? They finally saw the LIGHT of what a CARING GOVERNMENT IS AFTER THE UMNO PRESIDENT OPENED UP THEIR EYES like a miracle worker? Have they been sleeping on the job for 54/55 years?

CONtrast the key promise by the alternative coalition that announced the PR Manifesto way before BN did, and the LATTER CLAIMED PR IMITATED THEIR MANIFESTO! What does PR pledge to do? -- AN IMMEDIATE DOABLE ACTION -- should PR win GE13, THE FIRST THING DS AWWAR IBRAHIM AS PRIME MINISTER WOULD DO IS TO BRING DOWN THE PETROL and GAS PRICES! YES, that is a good decision that will benefit ALL MALAYSIANS, for TRANSPORTATION COST CONSTITUTES A KEY COMPONENT OF DOING BUSINESS AS WELL AS IN OUR DAILY SPENDING ON GOODS AND SERVICES, whether you are a businessman, housewife, professional or consumers.By raising petrol prices each time the world price goes up. the prices of ALL GOODS and SERVICES ALSO GO UP, so the ordinary people find that their wages can buy them less and less goods and services. Yes, the First Lady advised the RAKYAT TO TIGHTEN THEIR BELTS while she flies to Paris to shop for branded goods like she's in a hurry to catch up with the once-upon-a-time First Lady of the Philippines who had such a large collection of branded shoes she could set up a chain of shore shops in Manila.
The LOWERING of the petrol price at the pump should have taken place the past DECADES because MALAYSIA HAS ALWAYS BEEN A PRODUCER and NETT EXPORTER OF PETROLEUM. Furthermore, the nation's CRUDES ARE OF A PREMIUM GRADE and hence COMMANDS A HIGHER SELLING PRICE IN THE WORLD MARKET.

IF Petronas had shared its rising profits with the RAKYAT, the lowering of prices would result in all round decreases in goods and services, BENEFITING ALL MALAYSIANS FOR THE LONG RUN, unlike theBR1M handouts whoich could last only a week or two; then it's back to BELT-TIGHTENING while FLOM continued to put on weight -- Zunar even imagined she could make the Scorpene submarine that refused to go under water obediently sink below sea level once FLOM boarded it OVER-LOADED WITH USD, EUROS and AUSD. And fully dressed-up turkey heavily weighed down, or up, with Au and diamonds and what other stones you can imagine! In the past decades, PETRONAS has NOT filtered down the rising revenues/profits it has been making in tandem with world petrol prices that have been rising every year, from a low of USD50 to USD70 per barrel to a range of USD100 to USD150 per barrel the recent years. Under the BN regime, every time the world price went up, it raised the pump prices, CONTRIBUTION TO A FRESH ROUND OF INFLATION, when it should be bringing down the prices as PETRONAS being the national oil corporation is a TRUST COMPANY HOLDING THE NATION'S RICHEST ASSET WHICH IT IS DUTY-BOUND IN SHARING THE RISING PROFITS WITH THE RAKYAT EVERY YEAR! So, the question arises: WHERE HAVE ALL THE ANNUAL PROFITS AMOUNTING TO TENS OF BILLION RINGGIT GONE? I shall not answer the Q directly, but link it to another issue. Do you know that the TOTAL OUTFLOW OF FUNDS FROM MALAYSIA for the recent decades are now nearing ONE TRILLION RINGGIT mark? WHO do you think are TAKING OUT SUCH HUGE AMOUNTS OF THE MALAYSIAN CURRENCY WHICH COULD NOT SEE DAYLIGHHT? No, fellow Malaysians, iy's NOT THE AVERAGE AH CHONG, AHMAD or PUTHUSAMI! It's the UMNOputras and their MCA, MIC cronies and their East Malaysian cohorts-- like the Cheap Ministers of Sabah and Sarawak who treat the state resources like their family's business. REMEMBER "GLOBAL WITNESS"? In absolute terms, Malaysian ranks THIRD in these illegal outflow of funds, after CHINA and MEXICO. But in coparision, one must take the POPUL:ATION NUMBERS into consideration -- 1.3BIILION for China, and just 28MILLION for Malaysia. Dividing the absolute sums by the population figures, MALAYSIA'S RANKING DESERVES ANOTHER ENTRY in the GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS, for we surpass China's by a few hundred times PER CAPITA WISE! So fellow Malaysians, wise up before casting your precious VOTE and Desi will offer thee endless rounds of tehtarik, K! So, the question we logically ask: WHO ARE THE CULPRITS TAKING OUT SUCH HUMONGOUS SUMS OF MONEY ILLEGALLY FROM MALAYSIA?DON'T YOU THINK IT'S TIME WE, the RAKYAT, tell them in no uncertain terms: CEASE & DESIST! Yes, the point I'm driving at is that while Malaysia is blessed with rich natural resources, there are just TOO MANY DAYLIGHT ROBBERS AROUND IN THE CORRIDORS OF POWER THE PAST 55 YEARS! Their handouts of RM500 TWICE for households of income RM3,000 and below in the leadup to GE13 under Bribe Malaysia 1 Once, Twice, and A THIRD TIME COMING is mere CHICKEN FEED or KACANG PUTIH, black or white! Desi's reminder to the VOTERS who have received these RM500 handouts -- IT'S PART OF THE MONEY YOU PAID AS TAXES, and ALSO PETRONAS' RISING PROFITS WHICH THEY FAILED/FAIL TO SHARE WITH YOU, YOU SHOULD NOT FEEL ANY OBLIGATION to sell your VOTE to the BN, OK, just because you have been "bribed". It's an insult that your vote is worth only 2X RM500 or plus another RM1,200 parked in Najib Razak's vault. YOU AS A CITIZEN ARE NOT OBLIGED TO "SELL" YOUR VOTE JUST FOR A PALTRY SUM OF BEGGAR's MONEY which doesn't last a fortnight for an average-sized family of father and mother with two children. *********************************************************** ISSUE #2: Desi advises: Let's build a mature democracy by playing our part to bring about a TWO-PARTY or TWO-COALITION POLITICAL SYSTEM like in the more mature parliamentary democracies the UNITED Kingdom, the United States of America and Australia where many of Malaysians' relative have migrated to. We should NOT resort to MIGRATION to a foreign country as an early option. We must CHANGE (Yes, UBAH!) the systme within our own border! YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE FOR VOTING IN THE ALTERNATIVE COALITION THAT IS THE PAKATAN RAKYAT FOR GE13. If they fail to perform in the next four/five years, THE POWER IS STILL IN YOUR HANDS TO THROW THEM OUT! Yes, bring back then the Deveil-you-Know and then stop complaining, you get the government YOU DESERVE! You have seen the record of Penang and Selangor state governments headed by PR components DAP and PKR respectively -- for the FIRST TIME, THEY MANAGED TO ACHIEVE A BUDGET SURPLUS with billions in the state's reserves, in stark contrast to their predecessors led by UMNO (I wanted to add UMNO-oh-NO! but I shall refrain as we are at an important crossroads of our lives -- your, mine and our neighbours!) After 55 years under the UMNO-led BN, we have seen our RINGGIT shrinking in purchasing power -- see how our ASEAN neighbour Singapore and Brunei have boosted their currency to be 2.5 TIMES ours when we WERE ON PAR not that many years ago! We have seen our security situation deteriorate to the level that VIOLENT CRIMES has become a norm, and our women folk dare not venture out alone at night.And that LAHAT DATU INCIDENT is a manifestation of how poorly equipped our armed forces are to safeguard our borders, land, air and sea. And of course, the still-to-complete Royal Commission of Inquiry into SABAH ILLEGALS has shown how our country have been overrun by foreigners, their entry helped along by UMNO cohorts who don't believe they have indeed sold our nation's sovereignty. They place their own personal interests before the nation's. Yes, some 400,000 foreigners into Sabah had been "gifted" fast-track IDENTITY CARDS while locals born and bred here of Indian parents have to beg for such IDs, and the MSM make a great splash of uncles and auntites to their dying days celebrating their acquisition of the national documents FINASLLY after waiting three to four decades! So, the latest covenient scapecoat for the LAHAT DATU INTRUSION is blamed on the Opposition, especially on DS Anwar Ibrahim, our hoped-for PM-in-Waiting. AND WE DON'T EVEN NEED TO TALK ABOUT THE NUMBER 1 ENEMY TO OUR HEATH -- it's ENDEMIC CORRUPTION! Just like CANCER that eats up the human body, Corruption eats into the soul of a nation that is our beloved Malaysia. Let's tell the political masters: CEASE and DESIST! MACC too, please earn your salaries and not selectively investigate. ISSUE #3: Desi sees GE13 as a very TIGHT ELECTIONS; in race-horsing parlance, we call it NECK-TO-NECK. So don't waste your precious votes on the Independents. Most likely they will lose their deposits of RM10,000 or RM5,000 -- BUT THIS IS NOT FROM THEIR OWN POCKETS. It's easily surmised they have been financed to contest as Independents to SPLIT THE OPPOSITION VOTES -- so your guess is as good as mine as to WHO HAS SUCH DEEPT POCKETS to throw away several thousand dollars? We just pray that no party will "steal the elections" by FOUL MEANS despite allegations from both sides of the divide. I have written earlier that MALAYSIANS ARE PREPARED FOR A REVOLUTION ALA THE "ARAB SPRING" -- MORE ON THE MENTAL and MINDSET TRANSFORMATION away from the UMNO feudalistic control systems. Our Malaysian spring does not comprise just taking to the streets, although I took part in BERSIH1 and BERSIH2 rallies, IT MUST EMBODY A CHANGE OF THE NATION'S VISION -- changing from a self-centred culture that UMNO has been promting all these LONG YEARS to preserve their STATUS QUO. Malaysians must embrace and promote a spirit of humanity and caring for their less-well-do neighbours. Malaysians are a peace-loving and generous lot; we do not wish to see violence for we can still have THREE SQUARE MEALS a day if we work hard/heart. BUT WE SHALL FEAR NO EVIL emitting from the ilks of Perkasa and Tibai and other NGOs well-funded with just one aim in their low-down lives -- Create Fear and Chaos and remidning us Malaysians of the May 13, 1969 BOGEY. Dear Malaysians, especially of Chinese, Indian, Iban and Kadazan and other ethnic minority descents, fear not the times ahead of May 5, 2013! -- Because we have had assurances from fellow PAS and PKR leaders and members, as demonstrated at BERSIH rallies, that they will stand in the frontlines to protect us from the mischief-makers -- or do we call them little devils? Just as a former PM did admit his party UMNO is like the DEVIl-You-KNOW the past five decades plus -- I subscribe to Rukun Negara Tenet #1: BELIEF IN GOD. Man proposes, God disposes. May the Almighty protect all dignified Malaysias who dare to stand up to seek CHANGE -- FOR A BETTER MALAYSIA!~~ Amen/Amin

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