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Monday, May 20, 2013

POST-GE13 PROTESTS -- Beware the ENEMY from WITHIN! (II)

Please dear ER, be a goOd boy/gal, cun?... read this post in conjunction with the one dated May 15, 2013 of the SAME TITLE here/hear!

DESIDERATA read the NST dated over the weekend WITH GREAT CONCERN. Nomally I look forward to my WICKEDENDS, for that is WHEN I THROW AWAY MY SOCIALIST TENDENCIES. Yes, I am a Great Kapitalist  then, hence my fRiends who wish to buy me a treat aweways are told to meet me either on Saturdae or Sundae,-- NO< NOT 4 tehtarik by the Mamak stall,it's at the Shangri-La or Hilton in KL, OR AWESOME Klana by the Lake Gardens in FuRong  --  because churchmousey writHer Desi can't afford thy 4*** hotel lounge in KL UNLESS U R PICKING UP THE TABS, K! on WEAKDAES! 


Let me start by reprising one of my poems by offering Thee this Starters for BF, CONtinental eh?! ~~

from my first anthology, page 31 -- MIDNIGHT VOICES and Other Poems,

(or I Say Amen)

When you play Politics
You must master double speak
And watch out for the nemesis
Lest thou be trodden sick and weak

Linger a while
the opposition will attack you
It's all part of the Game

Linger more than a w'ile
When comrades hug you, kiss you
They honey you
Set thee for The Sting

Then say your prayers
knightly, nightly, frighfully
That thy mother's Angels watch o'er you
I do that too, yes, I do
"O' Lord Almighty, protect me from all evil
The Opposition enemy I can handle
It's the Devil from within I shudder!"

But the *AP is that Archangel in disguise
You saw Him attired in Dunhill shirt and tie
Then in the Steal of the night
They come for you
Chanting the Internal Security Act
And a thousand "Amens"
Can't secure you.

*AP is short for Agent Provocateur,
ever-present at all the previous Bersih Rallies 
held in the Streets of Kuala Lumpur

TO BE cuntinued aft "long" BF....

DESIDERATA: I am writing this @8.43AM THURSDAY 23 MAY 2013:

I apologise that I COULD NOT come back earlier to finish unfinished business. It has been a time of "mental distraction" POST-GE13 like PSTD whe one realised the ODDS against the Opposition in trying to unseat the first the Alliance post Independence in 1957, then later evolved into the BN Government of 55 years at Putrajaya. 

Since then, certain events overtook what I had wanted to "cuntinue" with this post. I puroposely spely with that "unsavoury" word chiefly because I was cursing ath certain subjects who "spoilt "it FOR THE RAKYAT -- these are the PR turncoats like Katak Ibrahim Ah-lah!, Zulkiflee Noordin, Wee Chookiok Kiong and Sheesh! Yet Foong-- such multiracial FRIENDS OF Barisan Nasional. They were elected on PAS. PKR and DAP's tickets at GE12, but we all know they COULD NOT RESIST BN'S ALMIGHTY DOLLAR!

Ah, I forgot one other culprit working in close collaboration with the MSM, in particular The New Straits Times, who sold himself as the PARAGON OF INTEGRITY AND PRINCIPLES --  here's "belated newslip" from the Malay Mail, which I will expand on the NEXT POST. Please travel dare, OK! -- YL, Desi

'Shut up, Tunku Aziz'

Karpal threatens legal action if he continues to bad-mouth DAP
MONDAY, MAY 20, 2013 - 14:05

 DAP is now claiming it made a mistake by recruiting former Transparency International vice-president Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim, who left to become the party's harshest critic.
DAP national chairman Karpal Singh said trusting Tunku Aziz was a misjudgment on the part of the party.
He said Tunku Aziz caused more damage to the party than the good he was supposed to bring from his experience with Transparency International and as former adviser to the United Nations secretary-general.
Karpal said bringing in Tunku Aziz was a unanimous party leadership decision.
"I've been watching ... and he's been going around spreading lies and revealing confidential details about the party," he said.
"Although he is not sworn to secrecy, he should know better as a gentleman and the refined person he claims to be than to divulge information about an organisation he was once with."
Karpal was speaking to reporters after meeting and thanking his supporters at the Island Park food court and wet market here yesterday.
He said that if Tunku Aziz persisted on attacking the DAP, he might consider legal action against him.
"If he's still stubborn, I will take him to court," he said.
PS: Please see ELABORATION in the new post May 23, 2013 at 8.55AM

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