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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Post-GE13: Malaysians in Singapore who PROTESTED are just COLLATERAL DAMAGE...



Singapore police crack down on Malaysians behind Merlion Park demo

MAY 11, 2013
SINGAPORE, May 11 — The group of Malaysians who protested at the Merlion Park on Wednesday have landed in trouble with the police here, with nine of them issued conditional warnings for “actively participating in the illegal gathering”.
The Singapore Straits Times said in a report today that the organiser of a second protest, which had been set for today, has also cancelled it after being advised to do so by the police.
On Wednesday, the crowd of about 100 people, who were mostly Malaysians, had gathered near the Singapore landmark at the Marina Bay about 9.30pm to protest, claiming that the recent general election in Malaysia was rigged.
Dressed mostly in black, the crowd of mainly young people held up signs, and broke into the occasional chant.
The Singapore daily reported that the police said the work and visit passes of the nine Malaysians involved in the protest were being reviewed by the authorities.
“Their employers will be informed of this. Further investigations are ongoing,” the statement added.
The nine who were warned are believed to have played some part in organising the protest, which was illegal as it did not have a police permit.
The second protest, dubbed a “15-minute flash mob”, was also set to be held at the Merlion Park.
The police stressed that outdoor demonstrations — whether flash mobs or protests — for any cause require police permits.
It added that foreigners who break the law will face action which could include termination of their visas or work passes.

DESIDERATA: I urge Pakatan Rakyat lawyer-MPs to render free legal service to support these conscientious Malaysians abroad.

Also, KUDO2 to the FIRST BATCH of brave Malaysian youth attired in BLACK POWER SUIT who demonstrated at a Kinablau Balu mall too! Salute, Salute!

KUDOS3 to Malaysians in Taiwan who similar rose to the occasion who not only attited in BLACK POWER SUIT, but dared to display the national flag UPSIDE DOWN. It's not unpatriotic to do thus because they feel a sense of OUTRAGE at "stolen elections". WHO'S TO BLAME THEM as they could see many signs of this CHEATING! --  YL, Desi, still hopeful when YOUNG MALAYSIANS DARE RISE UP "to be counted"!

AND via, what a Taiwan newspaper reported:)~~~~~~~~

Ubah keputusan Pilihanraya: Akhbar Taiwan Gambarkan Najib Ahli Silap Mata

Sebuah akhbar di Taiwan telah menggambarkan Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak sebagai seorang ahli silap mata yang mampu mengubah keputusan pilihan raya.

Cukup memalukan. Seluruh dunia melihat dan mengetahui Malaysia melakukan penipuan dalam pilihan raya.

SPR tak ada lansung perasaan malukah dengan laporan penipuan yang telah tersebar di seluruh dunia itu?

Anehnya masih mendabik dada kononnya Daftar Pemilih SPR di antara yang terbersih, kata Pengerusinya walaupun terbukti di hari pilihanraya, begitu ramai nama bangla siap dengan Mykad datang mengundi. 

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