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Monday, May 27, 2013

Dear Readers, Do me a favour, cun? -- SEND THY HOME miniSTER THE FOLLOWING POST

I spent almost 15precious minutes early this moUrn to update my fellow Malaysians. Post-GE13, how many of YOU are like Desi: Lamenting...Blackout505...Desi's takin' a BREAK postponed many XX Cos I liketh writing for Thee!
"Adieu for now, You Taketh CareXX ~~ it's not GOoDbye. Nyet!" --YL, Desi

From page 36, MIDNIGHT VOICES and Other Poems, first published about se7en years ago, and &7"th heaven is Desi's ;lucky number!

A Reluctant Lament in May

May 13, 1969 -- do we remember?
Life's fabric is oft strong, yet tender
Can withstand the elements even in a flood
But man's foul mood, tearing all asunder

I want to make this my motherland
Many of fellow Malaysians chorus in similar trend
But ill mouths and ill minds
They can't see our love
Sight closeted within their racial blinds

Some slog to get by with two jobs
Others born into privilege behave like mobs
Ninety percent of us shed
Blood, sweat and tears
So that the other 10 percent
Gallivant in wine, women and bed

They then question our loyalty
Meanwhile they reap the oil royalty
We dutifully pay our taxes
Meanwhile they squander in madness
Monuments are built to meet the sky
Thye see gods and goddesses on high
Wrapped around karaoke lasses' bosoms
Behold, lo and hi
With our blood, sweat and tears

At the slightest sign of trouble
To safer havens they and lovers flee
Meanwhile they "yum seng!" in glee
Thy ask: Why art thou overseas?
Come back to serve your Motherland
****Meanwhile, they who stay, they smother

Oh Mum's the Word
The majority lament
Why bother?

PS on May 27, 2013, See how heART I laboureth for Ye? 

It's just days after GE13
Nue minSTER/MONSter of Home Affairs declare:
If thou no like our electoral system
So my dear fellow Malaysians -- some 47% of you Voted BN/UMNO eh?
You think the leopard of evil regime will change its spots?
My poem writ se7en years ago (see highlighted last stanza...****coloured thus)



AFTER a se7en-year-olde LAMENT, let me share wit' thee a forwaded email-video from a fromer
Judge Datuk who has been peeping at international captures to share laffing vvvvvIT my ER! E N J Y!

Don't miss the action at bottom left.......

Some people just should not be allowed to drive anything. But the system will give them one anyway.

AsS anT AFTER-THOT@3.30PM steaming hot, so let's take a breezy ride!, thinking aloud, steal allowed hear/here e'en it's not yet MidnighT!:)

I wondered if that BIKER could act as the Bike Piper from Hamelin to Putrajaya, will lead this VVIP convoy, with UMNO Youth Oooucriders! -- "GoAway" Zahid Hamidi, "Let's Unite under the Bloody" Keris-muddin, Top rapists on the Malaysian mindscape, Perkosa cheaps Ibrahim Ah-Lah, and ZOOkiflee UMno-oh-No!DIN, VeeWee Chukiok Kiong, flyBYnightSheNyetFoong, Bollywooders S Nalla, WardyaMoorthi ad nauseum  -- go right INTO THAT BLACK HOLE/HOLD and DO NATIONAL SERVICE-lah! DON'T EVER COME OUT! -- YL,Desi, knottyaSsusual

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