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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

GE13 OUTCOMES ANALYSIS4: BUMmer DonPlay Puks Foresees Short Life for Najib as PM...

FOLLOWING THE WET FOOTSTEPS OF PREDECCESSOR Mr Clean Abdu;l;ah Badawi aka Sleepy-eyed Short-Life PM1.

Actng behind the PWTC stage looms the ogre former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad preparing Moohyiddin Yassin to usurp the throne. But the good doctor's further sight is for Kedah MB Muhkriz to soon inherit the bigger crown that his father wore the longest in Malaysian history -- 22short years inthe sitter's perspective but overstaying 12 years in Desi's:(!



by julius maha muhy caesar salad, Donplaypuks®, intrepid correspondent for front and back and all over stabbing affairs

Shortly following the 2008 General Elections, the UMNO leadership had collectively agreed to an orderly exit for Badawi by June 2010 as punishment for his dismal GE12 performance. But, Muhyiddin and Rafidah could not wait and in unrestrained haste and glee, plunged the proverbial Kris into Badawi's back, paving the way for his "premature exit" from office!!

However, the real architect of Badawi's demise was none other than ex-Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad, who found retirement no fun. Mahathir fumed over Anwar Ibrahim's acquittal by the Federal Court and release from prison. The judicial review over the 1998 sacking of then Chief Justice Salleh Abbas, government apology and compensation of RM10 million was a direct slap in the face for Mahathir, who had orchestrated the whole affair to save his premiership. the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) into corruption in the Judiciary and the Lingamgate affair exposed Mahathir's Machiavellian machinations in emasculating the Judiciary completely, not to mention utterly corrupting it.

Attacks on Mahathir's legacy were only one worrying aspect to him. But he really swung into action when hit in the wallet. Badawi had correctly cancelled Mahathir's mad hatter's scheme for a $1 billion 'Crooked Bridge (and phoney crony contract) Over Troubled JB Waters'. Mahathir's sons also found that preferential treatment was no longer being accorded to them by GLC's and government where highly profitable monopolistic contracts worth $ billions were concerned. Mahathir claimed he was asked to beg Badawi's infamous son-in-law for scraps! That was the last straw. 

I had said well before GE 2013 that if Najib performs worse than Badawi did it 2008, then the 'night of the long knives' will be re-enacted soon by UMNO. Muhy is still there, with his fat and hungry looks. And thankfully, Najib has responded magnificently:
1. Najib/BN secured fewer seats in GE13 than in GE12 - 133 vs 140.  
2. Najib/BN secured a lower % of registered votes - 47% vs 50%  
3. Najib/BN failed to get 2/3 majority.  
4. Najib/BN failed to wrest back the key states of Selangor and Penang.
5. Can anyone recall another GE where BN lost more Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Chief Ministers?  

Ergo, Najib will not last in office long, as the UMNO elite are busy now sharpening their knives for the long unheld UMNO elections, postponed repeatedly by the testicularly challenged Najib.  

Watch the sandiwara as it unfolds. A Government of Thieves and its rogue leader PM (and his $150K birkin handbag toting FLOM/FLOP/FLOCU (first lady of curtin uni) cannot, shall not, endure. Believe me, this like so many of the laws of physics, is universal.

That, my friends, is the silver lining behind the dark clouds of GE13!

Donplaypuks® and cheat at general elections and everything else too, and hope to prosper long, man!

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