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Friday, May 24, 2013

POST-GE13 PROTESTS -- Beware the ENEMY from WITHIN! (IV)

BECAUSE I wrote in my post yesterday -- PLEASE-LAH LAZYbumMER, read it first cun? -- this:

PS: Desi will continue tomorrow with his take on WHY this turncoat a Tunku is making so much "noise" lately -- "

I have an obligation to come back to update you, my most Esteemed Readers, on someone I would term the "most disdainfullest" --Poetic Licence I learnt from studying Julius Caesar when Brutus' act of betrayal by stabbing the Roman-emperor-2B was described by The Bard as the "...most unkindest cut of all....." -- turncoat in the Malaysian landscape the past five years. (Surpassing katak Ibrahim Ali, S Nalla, tennis pardner extraoprdinaaire, Wee Chukiok Siong, ah, the last BUT NOT the least, Hindraf king WardyaMoorthy, boillywood hunger strike izzit, NOW PR-ed Indian defencder Deputy miniSTER who would achive in 5 years what Samy Vellu and cohorts could NOT in 55! --:) OR :( I pity all the Hindraf and MIC ahli-clowns! BUT FRANKLY, you ArSeKed for it!

As I earlier alluded, I was guilty of "delaying" this writeup by some four to five days because it was not really gifting a good taste to this scribe, and my hesitatncy to put down such "negative" words would soon be overtaken by events.

The evnst included the new IGP warning the public not to take part in rallies even as several hundred thousand people flocked to each of some five to six Blackout 505 gatherings organised by Pakatan Rakyat. I wrote about the one in my hometown Furomng when some 50,000 Serembanknigfhts attended (including Desi plus two young Oppositionists, not opportunists like the self-claimed man of integrity from ex-TI-M or that couple from MCLM, minta maaf I digress agin!

WHAT I WAS LAYING OUT is that this Tunku well quoted below by ALL THE MSM, especially the NST  -- in which he has been writing a Sunday column pre- and post-DAP heydays! ONLY THE IGNORAMUS BIGWIGS IN DAP SEEMED KNOT IN THE NO! as I wrote/recapped yesterday  -- below preparing the GROUNDS FOR THE PAST FEW DAYS' ARRESTS -- student activist Adam Adli (and later more than a dozen of his young suppporters at a candlelight vigil to whom Desi says: BRAVO! ...), Tian Chua and Tamrin Ghafar.

YES, this Tunku has earned his pension for his three-year Senatorship on DAP ticket -- when he rebutted Karpal Singh's challenge to forfeit the RM1,500-odd pension saying he served his nation well!-- but IMHO, it was NATIONAL SERVICE not for the public, but for his SERVICE TO UMNO as the CHIEF HATCHET MAN in the NST, Pre-DAP and post-DAP. Well done, I think you even out-performed that blogger hydeing out in WOEmanchester whom I had lovingly called a liar and a coward. I would call this local TUNKU a sophisticated operator who made all the DAP leaders a laughing stock!


PS: Recopying&Pasting that long-delayed and overly-suffering NST plug on the one among the FEW MEN OF INTEGRITY Malaysia can always depend on to play the role of "NST columnist" -- can I apply for the hatchetman's job, Mr Chairman or GEIC, NSTP, when the vacancy arises on the Tunku's premature departure?...I am even prepared to take a pay-cut withOUT the penchant4integrity&transparency? ~~ YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual

Tunku Aziz Labelled The Opposition Lawmakers As “Anarchists”

tunku azizPETALING JAYA  -  TUNKU Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim came out with guns blazing yesterday and labelled opposition lawmakers as “anarchists” for propagating illegal activities by staging illegal rallies to topple the government.
The former DAP vice-chairman, who is now a harsh critic of the opposition pact, was in a fiery mood when he said opposition leaders had always been belligerent about toppling the government, which was contradictory to their stature as lawmakers.
From spouting ludicrous accusations to holding rallies that threatened public order, Tunku Aziz said such a trait was highly evident during Bersih demonstrations.
On Pakatan’s protests against the general election results, Tunku Aziz said: “The fact that (Datuk Seri) Anwar (Ibrahim) did not make it to Putrajaya, he (and his supporters) should leave other Malaysians in peace.
“They are all lawmakers, the likes of Anwar, (Lim) Guan Eng, (Lim) Kit Siang and others. And yet they are prepared to become lawbreakers by supporting a movement (Bersih) that had intended to break the law.”
And now, in the wake of the circulation text message sent by pro-opposition group Solidariti Anak Muda calling for a rally in Kuala Lumpur to “overthrow the government”, Tunku Aziz described the message as an open declaration to create chaos in the country.
“This is the work of anarchists! Dangerous anarchists, who do not respect the law. They talk about observing the rule of law. That is pure rhetoric.
“What they are saying today is ‘let’s topple the government’. Is this a responsible act? Are these the people we can give our trust to rule this complex, multiracial society? My answer is definitely, no!”
He said the group, led by PKR Sungai Acheh assemblyman Badrul Hisham Shaharin, had even prepared salt and masks for the Sunday rally to imply that they were prepared for a clash with the authorities.
“There is no hidden agenda. The message is an open declaration of bringing down a legitimate government, that has won the recent general election. They could not do it (change the government) through the ballot box.
“What they are doing now is to take it to the streets and cause as much damage as possible, fight the police, overturn cars and burn buildings.
“This is what the opposition is encouraging the people to do,” Tunku Aziz said at a joint press conference yesterday with former DAP leader Tan Tuan Tat.
Tunku Aziz also revealed an email exchange between him and DAP chief of staff Foo Yueh Chuan who had asked him on his possible attendance for a “sit-in” at Dataran Merdeka last year.
“I told Foo that I oppose street demonstrations. DAP life advisor Dr Chen Man Hin, however, replied that he was delighted to participate in the sit-in that could mark the beginning of a “Malaysia Spring”.
“What is the meaning of this statement? Is it in the context of an illegal demonstration? It really has to mean (or relate to) the Egyptian spring or the Arab spring … which is really about what?
“They even tried to insult our intelligence by saying that the Malaysian Spring is about ‘Musim Bunga’.”
Tunku Aziz said he would not subscribe to the leadership of DAP especially if the party supported demonstrations by movements bent on breaking the laws of the country.
On the safety of people and how the matter could be resolved, Tunku Aziz said the government was aware of the issue and steps were being taken to contain the possible formation of rallies.
“The government has the police and other institutions (to safeguard public order). You should have no fear, but just be careful. Because these people who are promoting acts of violence, they do not care two hoots about your safety.”
Badrul Hisham, also known as Chegubard, when contacted said the gathering would be held at a field opposite the Amcorp Mall in Petaling Jaya on Saturday, and not on Sunday as stated in the text message.
He said 50 non-governmental organisations would join the “Suara Rakyat 505″ event and make three demands — re-elections in areas they believe electoral fraud had been committed, disbanding of the Election Commission and for Bersih 2.0 to organise a “People’s tribunal” to look into the hundreds of reports of alleged election fraud.  - NST

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