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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

GE13 OUTCOMES ANALYSIS5 -- Desi's Semi-Happy about his TWO PREDICTIONS!

For BACKGROUND, I reproduce below **** that post forecasting the TWO OUTCOMES -- I was WRONG ON BOTH, but I am half happy because what I FEARED in one DIDN'T HAPPEN, and what I HOPED FOR in the other also didn't happen2. So as the soothsayers/fortune-tellers and bomoh and sinseh would claim: You want my foryuune cookies, it maketh you HALF SATISFIED, so you can come back for MORE; Desi wants ye to come back for aMore. IF YOU CAN'T TELL THE DIFFERENCE, thou art no friend of Desi, GET THE HERE OUT OF HELL!:)


Desi's journey as a BUMmer/Blogger for some eight years now has given me the motivation to record our nation's progress in a journal plus creative writer's form, wit' IMAGINATION running wild a byte some times/dimes.It's mostly a lonesome journey BUT YOU ENJOY THE OCCASIONAL conversations with a sprinkle of regular readers, steAmed and esteemed, never xxtreme.

This morn before I set out to cast my sacred vote, I feel I would do some "educated" guesses, hence this short post based on my newsdog -- not bitchy OK! --sense and my creative scribe's sensibility.

When I say I am making CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC predictations, I am in elevated company. DS Anwar Ibrahim, PM-in-Waiting stated this on Television internationally, "followed suit" by caretaker PM Najib Razak. or was it the other way round? I stand, or am seated, corrected. 'tis the season of madness (and I did say I use POETIC LICENSE, didn't I? Yes, implied-lah!)

From where he sits, Najib as BN Director of Elections for Selangor, and the latest news reporting that several tens of thousand "dubious" voters were flown in from Sabah and Sarawak by chartered flights, I IN GOoD FAITH writHe the following:


Selangor will be re-taken by the Barisan Nasional as in GE12 five years back, several state seats were won on very SLIM majorities by the Pakatan Rakyat component parties of DAP, PKR and PAS. A few "thousand" dubious voters parked here, there and everywhere (quoting my fave mop-haired group De Beatles...cun?).

Poor Khalid Ibrahim will see the JEWEL IN THE CROWN "stolen" from him..And there is NOTHING that he and Sdr Anwar can do about this outcome.

Remember that TITANIC BATTLE for Seremban eon years ago when then MCA Prez LEE SAN CHOON challenged long incumbent Dr CHEN MAN HIN? My learning is that the shrewd Lee had targeted this Chinese-majority parliament seat long before he migrated from Johor into Desi's home state, no, in the plural, NINE STATES! (negri Sembilan-lah, why you so slow have to aRsEk what I mean wan?)
Lee in my SunTze's Art of War analysis had for a long period moved his well fed soldiers in the steal of the night from Segamat, Johor Bharu, yeah, Gelang Patah, etc small towns down south to up north (they just followed the Utara signs mah!) -- and luckily Dr Chen is a Hash House Harrier, he did not suffer a heart attack when the poll results came it. A slim majority of 845VOTES. How I remember the exact figure? I LOST BL:ARDY RM500 in a throw of the 5-sen coin; in mathematical probability it was a 50-50 toss, so using a coin is like schooldays when kids would use ONE-TWO-ZOOM! Remember those days? -- When Rambutan trees were tall, and our first secret loves (and I) were small...inspired by Bee Gees in S>W>A>L>K on FIRST OF MAY, just four dies ago! That SWALK maketh young boys swagger around town, a sex-shooter in the belt BUT PRETTY&LIMITED VITAMIN M in the pocket. Hence, the cheap matinee on Sundae remember? Malaysians, jangan-lah mudah lupa!


PR will still make history be TAKING OVER PUTRAJAYA by a very, vely SLIM, not slimy, majority of FIVE to 10 seats. A hung Parliament would read BN:111 and PR:111. Heaven forbid, because then there will be many FROGGIES like the ilk of Ibrahim AhLah, ZulkiFLY Din and Wee Ah-Choo! Konk, AND WE HONOURABLE MALAYSIANS DON'T WANT THAT, DO WEe?

So history will be made TOMORROW if Desi's dream cometh ttrue and through. Pakatan Rakyat with 1114 to 7 (BELATEDspottedERRATA: 114 to 117...) seats will take over Putrajaya BECAUSE THE RAKYAT HAVE A VISION OF A MALAYSIAN "SPRING" BASED ON HOPE and a MINDSET REFORMATION that DARES TO TAKE THE CHALLENGE. Because Malaysians are BRAVE like what mGf KimQ has uregd them to be, and corporates on the quiet have seen the light through STANLEY THAI's example. Yes, bumMERS like Desi have made a difference, eh? Give us poor churchmousey writHers some credit OK! -- Bye me endless lounds of tehtalik, cun? -- YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual

PS: And the outcomes stated above will see no broken bones or crushed bodies, because Malaysians are mostly -- minus the Perkosa and Zibai clones! --peace-loving and God-fearing people. Rukun Negara's first tenet reads: BELIEF IN GOD, and God-fearing people don't unnecessarily shed blood, human or animal. But some Devils do. Hence that "CAUTIOUSLY" handle b4 d OPTIMISM, OK!

PPS: So it will be ROLE REVERSAL for the two coalitions from tomorrow or day after once the Cabinets are sworn in. BUT I AM SURE the new PM will treat the new Opposition Leader more humanely. And the new Federal Government WON'T BULLY the new SELANGOR STATE GOMEN WITH ITS NEW MB -- will even treat him more kindly so as to "win" him over before the end of the sext five years!

Here's some bye-bye treat b4 I shoot off for my CONtinental BF, remember I am a Kapitalist during the wickedend?! GO for some Dim Sum From mob1900:)~~~~~~via :):)



WRT Prediction #1, Desi thought Selangor would fall, mainly based on my FEAR that the BN Director of Elections for the nation's RICHEST STATE was caretaker PM/BN Chairman Najib Tun Razak himself, and if he could claim victory in RE-TAKING Selangor from Pakatan Rakyat, he would have earned enough respect from within UMNO to ward off "the enemies from within" who are keen to do a Pak Lah on him. If thou know not what this is all about, please read the post preceding this I borrowed without paying kopileft or right to fellow BUMmer DonPlayPuks:).

So I am in seventh heaven (7 is my fave number, remember?), and it would be double bliss (Shuang Xi in Mandarin, as every GOoD thing comes with a twin!) when Tan Sri ABDUL KHALID IBRAHIM is appointed Menteri Besar for a second term. He deserves the post as it'sTHE RAKYAT WHO CAST THEIR VOTES OF CONFIDENCE in him over his five-year record of achievements, and some drawbacks mainly created by UMNO putting a spanner into his cogs of PR wheel he tried his best to ride. I PRAY THE PR LEADERSHIP WILL TAKE OF THE PEOPLE'S?VOTERS' WISHES.

WRT Predication #2, Desi like many reform-minded Malaysians wanted to see a CHANGE OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT in PUTRAJAYA, after 55 years, it's about time the Rakyat saw a potental coalition replacement which is GOoD for a maturing parliamentary democracy moving towards a TWO-PART/COAL:ITION SYSTEM.

Ah, in the wee hours of May 6, 2013 at about 1.00AM, we heaved a HUGE SIGHT OF DISMAY when the Election Commission announced that the Barisan Nasional had retained its grip on power with winning 112 Parliament seats. Current status is that Barisan Nasional is still going to form the federal Government, but two states were taken back by them, namely Perak and Kedah (as compared with GE12 the day after, although along the way BN"bought" over THREE Perak ADUNs to rule Perak for four years.
So it is Barisan Nasional who had won 133 parliamentary seats out of the 222 at stake in the 13th general election on Sunday to form the government with a simple majority, while Pakatan Rakyat took 89. Contrasting with GE12's immediate outcomes of BN: 140 and PR: 82, it can be said PR did make some progress by increasing their number of Parliament seats by seven (Hey, Desi's lucky number!) I guess Sabah and Sarawak did a CATCHUP GAME with a "minor BELATED tsunami" in tandem with that occurring in the peninisula's Opposition FIVE YEARS earlier, so over-all Najib Tun Razak today has grounds to be worried. And Anwar Ibrahim today has grounds to remain CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC.

Many questions did come to mind, cheifly: 

*(a) Did the BN win the GE13 fighting a CLEAN and FAIR ELECTIONS. There was doubt cast by the failure of the indelible ink working as it was touted by the EC that it should; also the many reports of "dubious voters" being flown in from Sabah and Sarawak in the week before May 5 polling Day in CHARTED FLIGHTS, numbering by the tens of thousands, with figures ranging from 40,000 to 60,000.

*(b) Did the EC officers/staff collaborate with BN by making some LIGHTS GOING OUT AT SOME COUNTING CENTRES at key momemnts, especially when RECOUNTS WERE REQUESTED BY THE BN (having lost narrowly on first count) and the FINAL OUTCOMES WERE ALWAYS IN BN's FAVOUR.

Desi must admit he's summarising on points he read at "reliable" websites -- online news or blogger mateys' -- so the true picture would only emerge IF A PROPER INDEPENDENT INQUIRY IS HELD ON SUCH "CONTROVERSIAL" INCIENTS!

So, finally Desi expresses full sympathy with DS Anwar Ibrahim that he has not been succesful in claiming victory at Putrajaya. I believe in the dictum that:


Let's pray Malaysians have learnt from this once-in-five-years exercise in democracy. We must urge our leaders to adopt a HUMBLE STANCE in VICTORY and a GRACEFUL STANCE in DEFEAT. After all, I believe that BN and PR leaders and supporters all wish to work towards -
HOPE still lingers at Midnight V, OK!:


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