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Friday, March 31, 2006

Peeping into a fellow blogger's Window...

MORE on that "IT" Desiderata hinted at and was my sharing at last Sundae's INTER:LUDE.

~~~"I am rejuvenated now in a new way that highlights my already enthusiastic aptitude to life. Gone is the tiredness and weariness. And all it took was to fix up a few links on this amateur blog. Just having to go through the webpages of those who were themselves up and running for all kinds of things uplifted me subtly in a way that I hadn't realised. These were individuals whose own industrious joy at accomplishments and general excitement splashed out from their pages to rope me without a word of protest into their colourful worlds. "~~~~(QUOTED)

Also peruse, which is Queen's English for reading with some attention, definitely not Desispeak! the journalist-second-WRITER-first's "MY OLD LINKS AND THE COURAGE TO LET GO" (March 29, 2006).

The quoted paragraph above was the pull factor that impressed on Desiderata spending a half-hour exploring a fellow Blogger's landscape yesterday evening. Boy, oh boy, it's a Godsend sojourn because my trail to Hollywood has been blessed by several detours from mainstream bloggers to out-of-the-highway into the byways and alleys to be surprised by some King's entertainment. To be fair, some Queen's or Princess's servings which delight, setting Desi on that hi-way to Heaven. Hopefully, Hollywood is round the bend/s.

By coincidence, yesterday's featured word at Desi's Place was ENTHUISIASM. This rare but much valued quality appeared right there is the writer's first sentence. So her case is the walking definition (No 'a' here, remember the spelling!) of that word.

I am also ENTHUSIASTIC to share my discovery with you about the new vista. Buy me steak -- I'll bring the tehtarik barrel from Fu Rong -- for that?

Yes, my EsteemedReaders, today pay a visit to OUTSIDE MY WINDOW (OF WRITING), especially all you ADULTS -- more so the cynical, pessimistic and resigned ones -- to ponder at lesiure, with a piping that glass of tehsi next to you, and the strains of Emi Fujita's First of May, and Once in a Very Blue Moon, playing/praying as background music. A dose of suzanabrams.blogspot is no susanspeak. It's Queen's English she promises, and IMHO, she truly walks the line -- her works will more than work the magic of Springtime in The Valley or that doc's "An Apple A Day ..."...


The Pursuit of Happiness is fundamental to the civilisation of Man on his sojourn -- long, short or so-so -- on this transient planet called Earth.
As an individual, Home Sapiens will fade, deteriorate and die pretty quickly.
With a parner, the story is different. Now you understand why I pushed so hard (allofhelen, forgift me, will thee?) for someone to get on board that Addventure to Hollywood.

Hence, for those who call themselves Christian, God created Adam first, then a Woman, from out of his rib, I wonder why God did that -- to keep him company as equal partner.
Those who believe in the "Greatest Bang of All" Theory must still eventually settle that at one stage or another, a Man must copulate with a female companion, Woman, in order to perpetuate the human race. Offspring, an English word I find so full of humour,maybe, and contradiction, perhaps, and Irony, mayhaps.

So Christians or non-, it does not really matter really; we can't run away from the fundamental fact that in the history of the human race, it's telescoped into the story of Man, Woman and their interactions with Other Men and Women.The love, the hates, the loyalty, the betrayal, the trysts, the meanness and sometimes, the saintliness of MAN. And the two constants in Life, Change and Death. And new cycles of life and death that follow. Woven around their stories (history and herstory) would be one common quest -- The Pursuit Of Happiness.

PS: This post could have been schedule for Sunday's INTER:LUDE,
but it's an occasion calling for departure from the rule.
As I advised some of my readers, Going Up The One-Way Street Is More Inter-Arresting!:)



SOMEHOW peeping into Susan's Window yesterday, he was greeted by childhood picturegrams that transfer one into Dreamtime. The world of birthday joy, cakes and icecream, Hans Christian Andersen, yes, Famous Five and Biggles, Secret Seven and Ulysses, and all the wonderful heroes from out of ou childhood dreams. Where Heroes will always triumph over the Villains. When Chilvary was a gentlemasn's code of hoinour. Yes, when Ladies -- and Damsels in Distress -- come first. And gentelemn -- and knight -- wait in the wings.

Desi (mayhaps some of you too? report back?) was reminded of last Decembner's blockbuster. Being that lazy bum some times, I fall back now on Cut&Paste,can? I'll pay for the second round of tehtarik!:):)

Source: HOWDY's:

One of the great names for Jesus in the Bible is the "Lion of the
Tribe of Judah." When noted author, C. S. Lewis, created a character to be his Christ-figure in his "Chronicles of Narnia" fantasies, he introduced us to Aslan, the lion-king of Narnia.

In Lewis' enchanting books, Narnia is a land where the animals speak, where the forces of evil are strong, and where Aslan, though only seen on rare occasions, is the dominant figure. Lucy is one of the children who is transported to Narnia. In one of the later booksin the Chronicles, Lucy is finally reunited with the Lion-King, Aslan. I'll let C. S. Lewis take it from here:

"'Welcome child,' he said.
Lucy said, 'Aslan, you're bigger.'

And He answered, 'That is because you are older, little one.'
'Oh, not because you are?' Lucy said.
'Oh, I am not. But every year you grow, you will find Me bigger.'"

Thursday, March 30, 2006


This morning Desi is in both a hi-and-lo mood.

Because he's on a high, he again promises not to speak in tongue-in-chic from the third sentence onwards -- which, to some or most, of my EsteemedReaders, is a bonus! -- lest he be misundersood.

And he cannot afford to be misunderstood, or he can land up being pursued, or/and sued.
And my unknown name is not Sue, though I count the Man in Black as my teenage idol, and I have Walked The Line with him many times.
Up hill, down dale, chasing butterflies, winged and unwinged.

If you don't catch Desi so far, it's because you have NOT followed my Sunday's desiderata.english faithfully, as some Borneo Post readers and Young&Articulate (Y&A) at have had for some privileged eight months since First of May, 2005.
So remain thee an Ignoramus, it's not my loss. It's no living body's loss. It's just Shakespeare's loss, for he has one less "potential" mentee.

The First of May is significant to Desi for three prime reasons, viz:

* I am a declared Socialist, and if you don't know by now that this date is universally acknowledged as LABOUR DAY, then you're not yet (Desispeak would have combined the two preceding words as 'nyet'...ah, I digress, which does not fall under Da Desi Code, but a blardy Blogger's luxury or indulgence...and some 'swear' words are allowed too.)

** I started my love affair with The Borneo Post on that date. It's been productive, fertile, and in some ways, IMHO, has contributed to many scoring "A" in the English language paper at Sec 3 and 5 levels. That's my guess (I didn't leave it as gues' as that would have been a breach, quite distinctive from a digression).

*** The date is significant to one Other. Without his/her/in-between permission, this piece of vital information may not be divulged, at risk of Desi being put to the guillotine. I don't wish that you say an "Ave Maria" for Desi before Mary Antoinette catches up with me.
I'll leave IT for another day -- for a ChallengiA,mayhaps, when I have the PRIZES ready.

NOTE: 'Mayhaps' has been defined by Desi in an entry before -- meaning an entry previous, prior, precedent, old, foregoing OR None of the Above. Feel free to pick any one, as in an Objective English test at university level at 'present' time in Malaysia. No wonder a whole class could score straight As in public exams at some residential college in Fu Rong I know -- some kind of a towering achievement. But to teachers of the old school well versed in Elementary mathematics, in such Objective testing, even if you throw a dice (with 6 options), you can be assured of at least 16.6 recurring% success of getting IT Right!, by Probability Theory, with "6" as a None of the Above option.)

I scratched my head last night after exchanging some email with another Y&A @yvonnefoong about her upcoming CAMPUS NOTES column at the prompting of sisdar Yan ('sisdar' is blogspeak, not Desispeak!) from nigh-Catsville or Kuching, Sarawak -- about promoting her initiative. Marketing is a skill I have learnt a little from Yan, and I'm using it now.

So I am appealling to all The YoungOnes (age range un-defined but I presume all who believe in lifelong learning and feel young@heart do qualify, unless yvonne rules otherWISE!) to respond to WRITE FOR BORNEO POST to get your own 15 minutes of fame, and get paid some moola too. (I did not get any reference when I hit Heritage Dictionary for the word 'moola', but I have sighted its use in mainstream media, so I assumed it's okay to use and not be guilty of ...'yadda, yadda', the last repeat is a first timer use here, definitely falls under blogspeak, as even my London blogger-mate, Howsy, uses IT.)




After much beating about the garden of the American president, Desi emerges with this Short Story.

~~~~~~~~Little John was se7en years old when he came home one day, all excited, and even before putting down his schoolbag, yelled out to Mom dearest: "I've been chosen to act in our end-of-year Graduation Play!"

"WoW, you're My Hero!" Mum was all smiles and jumping too.
"Now let's sit down to lunch and if you tell me the 'hole story well, I'd reward thee with an ice-cream. Durian too!" Mum was always the child psychologist, better than those at Hospital Besar Fu Rong though she had not attended college.


The next se7en days saw JohnLi'l standing before the mirror in his exclusive room trying all the poses that would make an impact on the audience. Also repeating three little words -- "Yes, I did." in different decibels, and varying accents.

The story board has a Robber running past JohnLi'l with his loot, and moments later, a Policeman would come running, catching John by his shoulder and asking:
"Hey boy, did you see a man running past just now? He's a thief!"
JohnLi'l's part is to point in the direction of the robber, and excitingly reply: "Yes, I did!"


John heard among the guests coming could be one big Hollywood Taiko back in Seremban to give a "large" (teacher said 'humongous' but John could not recall that funny word!) donation to the school as it was his -- the Taiko's, also John's -- Alma Mater.

Day by day JohLi'l practised, again and again, in front of the mirror, ending with the climactic: "Yes, I did!"

Even in his sleep, Mum smiled as she heard Sonny Boy murmur: "Yes, I did...I did..."

And the big day arrived
Mum was among the audience in the school hall, all decked up with flowers and streamers, multi-designed and coloured, and lights, multi-sized and hued. The decking was on the hall, not on John's mother, of course.

The woman was proud as any mother would be, and had hoped her husband could attend, but like most men, he preferred the Pub. "He wouldn't sacrifice the pinta even when our Sonny Boy is making his stage debut," she sighed. She prayed hard for her apple's eye, as she had often heard of the frightening words -- stage fright.

There was a loud commotion on the stage. One burly-looking fellow clutching a lady's hangbag raced past a bewildered-looking JohnLi'l.

Then a man in blue uniform arrived, and shaking JohnLi'l, asked in a raised voice: "Boy, did you see a man running past? ... He's a thief!"

But the cop was a little rough on Little John.
Shaken, the young boy looked at the burly cop, and in an excited voice, replied: "Did I?"


So my YoungOnes, learn one new word today: ENTHUSIASM.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.

SYLLABICATION: en·thu·si·asm
NOUN: 1. Great excitement for or interest in a subject or cause. 2. A source or cause of great excitement or interest. 3. Archaic a. Ecstasy arising from supposed possession by a god. b. Religious fanaticism.

ETYMOLOGY: Late Latin enthsiasmus, from Greek enthousiasmos, from enthousiazein, to be inspired by a god, from entheos, possessed : en-, in; see en–2 + theos, god; see dhs- in Appendix I.

WORD HISTORY: Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm,” said the very quotable Ralph Waldo Emerson, who also said, “Everywhere the history of religion betrays a tendency to enthusiasm.”

These two uses of the word enthusiasm — one positive and one negative — both derive from its source in Greek. Enthusiasm first appeared in English in 1603 with the meaning “possession by a god.” The source of the word is the Greek enthousiasmos, which ultimately comes from the adjective entheos, “having the god within,” formed from en, “in, within,” and theos, “god.”

Over time the meaning of enthusiasm became extended to “rapturous inspiration like that caused by a god” to “an overly confident or delusory belief that one is inspired by God,” to “ill-regulated religious fervor, religious extremism,” and eventually to the familiar sense “craze, excitement, strong liking for something.” Now one can have an enthusiasm for almost anything, from water skiing to fast food, without religion entering into it at all.

ATTRIBUTION: I have copied frpm The American Heritage Dick and hereby record full appreciation for its generosity not expresed but perceived by a discerning YLChong.

DESIDERATA: This post is dedicated to yvonnefoong, whom I had the privilege and pleasure to meet at a recent GSE'EN Meeting hoRsted by that luvly Malaysian across the South China Sea, @ And the hoRstspeak came from Yan, definitely NOT from Desi, so I'm innocent of committing any breach. I acknowledge as my most times Mentor, and some times, mentee because of her many initiatives to guide and advance the Youths in Malaysia.
"Steady as she goes!"My salute to a fine lady!

And a parting important shot, as some YoungOnes have not been particularly obedient or responsive, hence the story recollected to suggest a moral somewhere:
Please NOTE that the word before NOT is NOT spelt 'definAtely' when you send your script for THE BORNEO POST.


I Walk The Line

by Johnny Cash

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine
I keep my eyes wide open all the time
I keep the ends out for the tie that binds
Because you're mine, I walk the line

I find it very, very easy to be true
I find myself alone when each day is through
Yes, I'll admit that I'm a fool for you
Because you're mine, I walk the line

As sure as night is dark and day is light
I keep you on my mind both day and night
And happiness I've known proves that it's right
Because you're mine, I walk the line

You've got a way to keep me on your side
You give me cause for love that I can't hide
For you I know I'd even try to turn the tide
Because you're mine, I walk the line

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine
I keep my eyes wide open all the time
I keep the ends out for the tie that binds

Because you're mine, I walk the line

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Some Politicians' Nightmare

I picked up this news update while surfing JeffOoi's this afternoon; it's "stale" news by now,
but it's somehow threaded to my Nightmare story.

BN MP gets 'ultimatum' from Umno Youth

Mar 28, 2006

A MCA parliamentarian’s scathing speech on religion and history in the Dewan Rakyat two weeks ago has prompted an unannounced visit by Umno Youth members bearing a protest letter.
On March 15, Kelana Jaya MP Loh Seng Kok had complained in the House about the ‘imbalance’ in the history textbook syllabus, Muslim prayer recital guidelines and the problems faced by non-Muslims in relation to places of worship.

One of his peers had warned him then about the potential hazards of speaking his mind and about his choice of words.

It is learnt that, six days later, some 50 Umno Youth members, led by Kelana Jaya division chief Abdul Halim Samad, paid him a visit. Their sudden arrival at about 9.30pm took those at the office by surprise.

Loh was handed a protest letter. It is learnt that Abdul Halim told him, “We don’t want to hear any explanation now; this is our letter, you read and answer it.”

The MP was also purportedly told that Umno Youth would “take action” if he failed to respond to the letter within several days. Some in the group had brought along video cameras to record the brief meeting.

It is learnt that the Youth wing has rejected Loh’s proposal to set up a religious development department on the grounds that this would undermine the position of Islam as the official religion.

The Kelana Jaya division had apparently held a meeting to discuss the speech and concluded that Loh’s proposal had hurt the feelings of Malay Malaysians, who make up the majority of voters in the parliamentary constituency of the same name.

It is also learnt that a copy of the letter to Loh has been sent to Umno leaders at the national, state and divisional levels, as well as to Malay-based non-governmental organisations.

PS: I won't post the whole story as you are advised to read the whole drama at Screenshots, many links too.
Me, I have my own nightmare.


My view is that Malaysians should view such happenings with historical background knowledge, and know that the PLAYERS have their own agendas, and these politicians' interests most times do not coincide with the general JoePublic's interests.

I recall for the benefit of mainly the YoungOnes visiting here some history (I was then News Editor at one online newspaper...) that several hundred UMNO Youth members marched on the Chinese Assembly Hall Building downtown Kuala Lumpur some years ago threatening to burn down *SUQUI's office housed within.
The FRU stood by while the demonstrators shoulted warring slogans.

Was anyone arrested?

DID MCA or MCA YOUTH lodge any protests then on behalf of SUQUI?

* SUQUI had appropriately listed out some 100 Election Appeals -- in a very formal, civilised manner inthe form of an APPEAL to the Government -- the sort of activities Desiderata himself is trying to promote via this Blog. Hence, Desiderata.CivilSociety.

To Desi, some quarters willl only act when the barbarians stomp into their own premises, but kept their silence when a CIVIL GROUP like SUQUI was threatened by the Barbarian-type kith and kin within the Barisan Nasional camp, of which MCA ranks second after UMNO.

You think Desi has got any sympathy for Loh Seng Kok?

Nay, nay, it could be just another case of some Bomba men starting a fire for lack of anything to do under the hot Malaysian sun. (This example for comparision actually is based on a reallife incident in a Western country small town when a bored fireman deliberately set up some fires to see some action; maybe amuse themselves.

Likewise, obnce a while, UMNO Youth or MCA YOuth starts a fire, and MCA Youth/ UMNO Youth would come out to put out the falmes and emerge as HEROES among their respective community's ethnic lenses.

Their BN brothers come out to sound the trmpet, drum rolls, and everyone clapped!
Which spawns an ENCORE, and the wayang goes on, ad nauseum.

Especiially when a GE approaches, it's another Sandiwara or Chinese Opera Show. Among the Indian community, MIC may do an Indian rock&roll?
Dreanmtime to catch votes.

But it is a NIGHTMARE for some politicians now.

Because these bas....politicians don't act on PRINCIPLES.
They act like the roadside medicine men -- selling counterfeit medDEEcine.
I don't buy that!

Howsy: Let's Eat, Drink and Be Merry when I visit you in lundun, can?

OR mayhaps I'll train some Y&A mentee to become a Billionaire-by-27 before I set sail. Just thinking allowed.

The Night-Mare ...Prequel

Just woke up all wet ... the timer on the Handphone read 10:01.

ran down


from head


down the neck like a rivulet ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

across the hairy chest

(Is Desi revealing/unravelling too much?)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the salty H2O like li'l starlets paused at the hole.

That hole in biology is termed Da Navel.No, not Novel.

~~~~~~~~~If you were a Science-based student, like Howsy-in-lundun, and Desi-once-upon-A-time ~~~~~~~~~~~~

you'd know that


So I switched on the vacuum cleaner,
swiped the trapping-mouth
at the end of a long-gun


over my 'hole body, finally arrived at Da Navel


Need to pause here.
The electricity went off. Used to do that lately.
The Tenaga people have LOST a lot of power since piratisation.
Someone took the billions away -- left some millions in the kitty.

Then I heard that "meow! meaooww! MEEOOWW!" reverberate throughout the house.
It shook the blardy hell out of Desi.
That was when I woke up at 10.000AM.

DESIDERATA: I did leave word yesterday that my ER will know whether Miss NightMare descended on Desi -- to punish him for being naughty, acting like Combat of the olde TV series back when it was in B&W. Then they were not fond of coloured people.
So this posting at HIGH NOON means I'm still kicking and alive.

Yes, I'm. From the HORS'S MOUTH.

But that fifth



continues...The fifth durian, remember?

Somehow reading this poem last night did NOT work in preventing the night-mare, although it came courtsey of a horse wind from Land Of Oz.
Thanks, ssssssweeet, anyway, for the medDEEcine.

now reaching out for his TEH-C...about Noon, rite-ing the pre-quel because it's good practice for the Hollywood run. Healthy to exercise, daily!


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Pablo Neruda

I can write the saddest poem of all tonight.

Write, for instance: "The night is full of stars,
and the stars, blue, shiver in the distance."

The night wind whirls in the sky and sings.

I can write the saddest poem of all tonight.
I loved her, and sometimes she loved me too.

On nights like this, I held her in my arms.
I kissed her so many times under the infinite sky.

She loved me, sometimes I loved her.
How could I not have loved her large, still eyes?

I can write the saddest poem of all tonight.

To think I don't have her. To feel that I've lost her.

To hear the immense night, more immense without her.
And the poem falls to the soul as dew to grass.

What does it matter that my love couldn't keep her.
The night is full of stars and she is not with me.

That's all. Far away, someone sings. Far away.
My soul is lost without her.

As if to bring her near, my eyes search for her.
My heart searches for her and she is not with me.

The same night that whitens the same trees.
We, we who were, we are the same no longer.

I no longer love her, true, but how much I loved her.
My voice searched the wind to touch her ear.

Someone else's. She will be someone else's. As she once
belonged to my kisses.
Her voice, her light body. Her infinite eyes.

I no longer love her, true, but perhaps I love her.
Love is so short and oblivion so long.

Because on nights like this I held her in my arms,
my soul is lost without her.

Although this may be the last pain she causes me,
and this may be the last poem I write for her.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Apple and Durian Polishing

Lust nite I had a terrible nightmare, and on waking up pretty early jest now, I pledged to meself that today's post -- beyond this first paragraph, shall contain no desispeak, because my therapist says "too much speaking in tongue" is injurious to both the Speaker's and Listeners' hell!


I engage in small talk with my EsteemedReaders, to make us comfortable, to live up to the reputation that Hakkas are very good guests, and therefore, even better hosts. (Under desipeak, I would have used hoRsts, but that's another story for mGf Yan to tell...)

Sometimes I also use "sweet" talk when I have a motive,like on allofhelen recently, when I wanted her to use her mui-mui influence on her A-Loud Gang based in Ipoh (see, no eeeehkayPOH reference, which may border on Da Desi Code, which is not aloud beyond the inaugural paragraph. However, "BIG" words like 'inaugural', which means "initial", are allowed.

Back to the nightmare.
To de-mare -- which means to get rid of the effects of last night's nightmare, a word I believe Scrabble-ers use intelligently to score! -- I welcomed Y&A yvonne foong, the solitary visitor to my sorry post in the still of the night -- with the usual tehtarik this bright morning. And we talked about some "queer" poetic leanings. (Go visit Comments!)

BTW, Y&A doesn't fall under Da Desi Code -- it's short for Young&Articulate, a corner I wish to pursue in one Borneo Post to promote great writing. I believe EXQUISITE also qualifies, which was what Desi promoted for close to one year at the Post on Sundays under desiderata.english.

I suffered exhaustion, so I took a short hiatus, which extended to a long one, living up to my name.

I felt good this morn following Health Minister Dr Chua Soi Lek's adVICE -- do some exercise everyday; so I started mine just now. A meaningful journey must always start with the first springy step, I rdecall some Chinese philosopher saying it. Frankly, had I been born about seven thousand years ago, they could also credit Desi for first saying IT.

So desi felt good stretching, and bending, and letting out hot air.
Whikle looking at the orangish-silvery sun directly and my eyes could stand De Light without blinking. The blinking refers to both De Sun and my two eyes. I mentioned "two" because some of my readers need to be educated to the fact that each of us is bequeathed with a "third" eye. I claim ignorance where it's located, but my doctor friend who deserted me by migrating to Alice Springs said it's likely to be at the back of one's head. Test: press and press until you sense that you have touched the "most sensitive" part -- that's IT!

The third eye gives you that sensitivity to detect Danger, hence the special sensitivity. I think those two guys at THE X-FILE have IT. The truth is out there somewhere ...

mGf in lundun caals himself sensitrovert -- he explains it as a combo of "sensitive" + "introvert" because I once guessed it might be perceived as sensitive + "pervert".

It can't be "subvert" because this is a VERB, while "sensitive" is an adjective.

Back from digression -- which is this blardy Blogger's luxury, and like slight swaering, does not breach the Da Dsei Code rule this morn -- to the nightmare.

I think I know the reasons which caused the nightmare, which is a rare occasion. I always enjoy sweet -- not wet okay! -- dreams. Like making to Hollywood by 2010. Joining fishtail freeing ourselves from being tied to the poles at sin-harbour at 4PM when the Super Virgo slides out of view and both of us are on board!
Other more private approximate encounters with Paradise are best left for oral rendering, so that any miscalls won't and can't be used as evidence against the StoryTaeler. (I have defined 'taeler' in yesterday's Hollywood Quest post, so it's not desispeak.)


* I harangued sister Helen

* I was very combative in visiting other Bloggers' abodes

* I fell back on my work, leaving it to the last second when it was supposed to be the last 30 minutes. Yes, I said I am not modest when it comes to being proud of My English language mastery. I can deliver 1,000 words in 30 minutes. If any ER wishes to test me, Be Prepared like a Scout -- Desi was one once, Second Class! -- with a RM1million ang-pau. If I get 20 suckers -- as it's said One is born in this world every minutte -- my mission is then accomplished. HINT: OUR I-LAND quest.

Regarding Helen, I hounded her like a Dog -- I was not born in that year, but 2006 is one -- let me make IT clear here, the 'dog' refers to Desi, NOT Helen! -- and I hereby tender my tenderest APology for my MISbehaviour.
Ever so kind, she obliged with a Post on my Hollywood Quest, but wondered aloud about my funny poem dedicated to ALLOFTHEE.
I thanked her a million.
I commented she's now a lion. Lion rhymes with million.
PS: I also said something olde, sumthin' nu'e like:

A poem needs proper stanza
OtherVice, where got bonanza?
Din and dine on the Super Virgo
It's not that Impossible Dream
If flight of beauty from helenALLOFTHEE
Could launch a thousand ships
Hollywood script is jest words and whips

Like eating ice-cream.
(THis last line is just added to end the reprise-lah;
using what is termed POETIC LICENCE,
so that
"ice-cream" can rhyme with "Dream", yes!

I hear seefei whispering:
Desi has been yarning for quarter-an-hour and where's the Apple?

Don't you get IT?
I have been demonstrating what Apple-Polishing at work IS!
Desi polishes some apples, and just after one basket, he's delighted with
"durian runtuh".
the durian are beginning to fall.
(NOTE: When anglicising a Bahasa Malaysia word, don't add an "s" -- durians -- for the PLURAL FORM, sounds so jarring. Withdraw 'jarring' -- sounds so awful. Under desispeak which is not allowed, I would have said: awefool.:)

It's not the end of the durian runtuh though, but that's for another day -- while 4fei and our mui mui PONDER OVER THAT OFFER OF THE 15 MINUTES OF MEDIA FAME!

*About that "combative" call, I have to pay respects to my sifu, jeffooi, so extracting the following conversation snatches from screenshots yesterday:

"Kalimullah Hassan submit his essay to English teacher, he will get a "F" for talking nonsense without facts.

However, he will get a "A" from a political studies, on "shameless example of politikus apple polishing".

Posted by: moo_t | March 27, 2006 10:38 AM

Desiderata's 'combative' speak follows, typos, warts and gems &et all,just as I do at my own place in CONversations:

"moo_t: 100% agrement with thee.

Throughout the peice, it was using Ling to upgrade Pak Lah's standing and status...
that's NOT journalistic writing;
it's biographic durian polishing

Apple, oo_t, is already smooth and shiny; it's rough fruits with thorns one realy needs to chop&polish.
Did I recall another word: Hatchet jobbing?

You think Ling was that Good Man?
Recollect he had arrnged for Ling Jr to obtain RM1.2billion to take over several listed companies. The companies were listing, then got de-listed!
Same son is now waiting in the wiongs -- as MCA Youth no. 2-- to join Pak Lah's iKabinet!
I'll say a prayer tionight of the man's Eat, drink and Be Merry policy well self-guarded by a good son.
Maybe another Kali will do a similar piece of Ling Jr when he's FoolMnister?
Hatchet job anyone? The paycheque could be gooder than good!

Posted by: desiderata | March 27, 2006 12:48 PM

I normally would have stopped at about 1,000 words -- equivalent to 15 X 2 minutes of blogospheric fame, but this morning I'm blogging long-er as my THERAPIST -- note the spelling, it's NOT theraphist, as Howsy reminded his ER a few days ago when pointing out the spelling error by one news agency, and pulling Desi unnecessarily into the controversy -- says it's good for my health. Writing, or rite-ing, or writHing, is good for one's health, as they represent mental, cultural and physical exercises, respectively.

Now I'm into the Durian-Polishing embellishment tale.

Desi takes a break, can? For the news inter:lude.
Will be back after break-fast, around 11.00AM ...

Now see if you can discern any connection with the Durian story of survival with the currenty goings-on in Sarawak, where an Eastern Sun has just risen -- and soon it will be that MAD SEASON AGAIN.

State Elections.

Dear ER, Wait patiently for LAST as BreAkFast Dessert is
A Poem DedicAted to Sarawak Tribune Journalists
Blogger friends in the State where I always arsk one Oz-returnee blogger
Y&A always surropunded by dames who want to look at his balls
he'rsay of the size of DURIANS or COCO-nuts!:


Meanwhile, for some delightful aside, let's adjourn to OUR I-LAND akin to the blockbustier THE ISLAND, I hope my ER remember this is -- about a human clone colony where the inhabitants everyday try their luck at a lottery draw? The winners are then given a Dreanm Holiday supposed to enjoy at THE IDYLLIC ISLAND -- akin to Desi&G++ adventure on board the Super Virgo on the SE7EN SEAS.

But the TRUTH out there is they are clones who are being sent to the slaughter house -- where their "human" parts are harvested for use by their "masters/mistresses" who have ordered their birth as subsititute clones to expand and extend the live-spans of the humans...

It was reported at one blogger's site during the December tsunami disaster, one country's LEADERS WERE STRANDED ON AN ISLAND< and they were rounded up by the natives headed by huge, gigantic, humougous man-like creature named ADA VERMIN. Does the nama ring a bell?

The four leaders -- each representing the sizeable ethnic groups of their country which was completely wiped out but the four survived because they took the only ship available -- wre told they might survive if they excelled in a test. The Fruit Test.

One by one the leaders were to go hunt in the jungle and return with five units of any fruit they think would appeace or please ADA VERMIN.

Number 4, representing the smallest ethnic ciommunity, was sent off first. He came back from the jungle with some red berries the size of kacang putih which were shown to the native head alone.
Number 4 was escorted into a cell, and there was a smile on his face when he emerged five minutes later. He performed well in the test.

The second leader was apprehensive when he went into the jungle, wondering if he should pick a big or small fruit. To play safe, he selected a medium sized fruit, like our rambutan. He also survived though he spent twice the time -- 10 minutes, in the cell, and the smile on his face was less jubilant.

Leader 3 was then sent off on his mission. Shaking his head again and again, he settled on some ripe mangoes.
His meeting with Ada Vermin in the cell lasted longer -- 20 minutes, and there was a small scream audible by the sole comrade waiting anxiously his turn. The third leader was led looking a little beaten -- yet thankful he was still alive -- to join the other triumphant two.

Finally it came the tunr of Taiko who served as Prime Monster for two decades, and what the citizens could do to persuade him to step down, the Gods intervened in the form of the Tsunami. The Rakyat did not survive to tell this story. The blogger found out after interviewing Ada Vermin just before the I-LAND's STATED ERECTIONS where the man with the longest lasting cock-stand became Head. Of course ADA VERMIN won all the time as his fellow citizens were dwarded down there although they were pretty great UP THERE. Which doesn't count.

So the Number 1 set off confidently into the jungle.
"I must take care of his balls, and give him the best fruit we know -- The King Of Fruits."

He thus came back with five durians and was walked to the cell.

There were screams heard throughout the I-LAND
as ADA VERMIN shuffed the durian, one by one, into Number 1's hole

The four rounds of


lasted an hour,45 minues, 59 seconds -- still countING ...
One more round to go -- the 5th durian, remember?


So meanwhile, Ah, the local news item follows~~~~~~~~

Parties pledge all-round support for Taib's continued leadership

KUCHING: Political parties under the Barisan Nasional (BN) yesterday pledged their support and loyalty to Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, calling on him to continue to spearhead Sarawak for many more years to come.

Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu Sarawak (PBB) deputy president Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu said Taib's leadership quality was so outstanding that he wished he could "clone Taib for posterity".

"We'll work very hard for the coming state election so that we'll not fail your vision for the State and the people," he said at a thanksgiving dinner held to mark Taib's silver anniversary as the chief minister at the State Legislative Assembly banquet hall here.

The BN component parties, comprising PBB, Sarawak United People's Party (SUPP), Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) and Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS), jointly organised the anniversary bash.

Jabu who is Deputy Chief Minister described Taib as the State's development architect for having transformed Sarawak from one of the undeveloped states in Malaysia into the top three most developed in 25 years.

He said he was confident that Taib had every Sarawakian's support because they knew that the Chief Minister was sincere in serving them.

"They've seen your achievement with their own eyes," he said, adding that there were only a small number of individuals whom he termed as "political tourists consisting of political rejects" as they only appeared during election time.

SUPP president and Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan, meanwhile, said the party had never wavered from its staunch support for Taib.

"YAP Pehin Sri can be rest assured that when the chips are down, SUPP will be there," he said, stressing, "SUPP will always work very closely with all the BN component parties and is ever willing to do all it can to ensure that Sarawakians continue to live in unity, peace and happiness."

Dr Chan said Taib had always been very fair to all races in the State, placing strong emphasis on racial unity and harmony to ensure that peace would always prevail.

"It is his virtue in advocating a just and fair society that makes him the longest serving chief minister in this country," he pointed out.

With the state election drawing near, Dr Chan called on the people to reject opposition parties, saying that Peninsular-based opposition parties such as Parti Keadilan Rakyat and Democratic Action Party were out to introduce to Sarawak negative, destructive and provocative brand of politics which were unhealthy and detrimental to the State and its people.

Joining in the chorus of support for Taib, PRS president Dato Sri Dr James J Masing said Taib had brought unprecedented development, peace, stability and racial harmony second to none.

He said other states used to view Sarawak as a place full of jungles and animals, headhunters and even cannibals, a misperception that had changed "thanks to Taib's commitment in heightening the pace of development".

"Today we can hold our heads high as we walk among Malaysians," he said, adding, "PRS supports your leadership for many more years to come and we wish you the best of health."

Meanwhile, SPDP president Datuk William Mawan Ikom said leaders in the State looked up to Taib as a great leader, mentor, political father and friend whom they could always count on in good and bad times.

He pointed out that Taib's plural leadership and teamwork were hallmarks which had strengthened understanding and cooperation among leaders and members of the ruling coalition.

"To many of us, sir, you are a great friend indeed," he said, adding that Taib had guided and leaders of SPDP to become leaders with the courage and confidence ever ready to tread the path he had laid before them.

"Members of SPDP look forward to Pehin Sri's continued leadership," he added.


Fools rush in where Angels like mGf dare not roam
And All Good Men never want to contest
Because there is just one party-one voice-one room
If you don't apple polish, you're under arrest

There are some Bloggers who like to dsiturb the hornets' nest
Shuffling the durian up Where The Sun Don't Shine
But don't write too much as it's best
This State is mine, the estate is mine

And hey Rakyat: thy mind is also mine!


After another combative round, I am scared of going to bed tonight.
I don't know if Miss Nightmare will visit again.
You know the answer if Desi does not Post tomorrow, Right?
And that's a rhetiorical question!

"Chow!" :):):)~~~~~~~:):):):)

Monday, March 27, 2006

Important numbers ...

Hey, mGf, in an emergency, do you remember Desi's hotline?


Please record the following guide, as Desi discovered when detouring to Malaysian Medical Resources via Yan's entry ( A matter of Life and Death - and Life! on Sunday, March 26, 2006 and related posts
titled Irony of Life by Vagus. linked to the story from

A roundabout introduction to Desi's MONBluesday Post -- sumtimes Life is more interesting using the Roundabout; sometimes even more interesting Going against the One-Way street (methinks I adVICED one seefei this... Hope he did not get a saman RM300 through the Post!:(

I don't mind receiving the RM300 though, not the summons.

Hence, I am most times very law-abiding -- I don't drive against the one-weay street; I walk.

Desi would recommend my ER to spend some time reading Yanny's, including a DETOUR to the links. Even if it's roundabout. ENJOY the Merry-Go-Round. Butt Avoid the Roller-Coaster -- you don't want to reach "FinalDestination3" so soon! You haven't become a billionaire-at-27-nyet?!

I did. I am thankful I did.
I mean I did Visit nigh Catsville lad''s blog post. No, I did not become even a millionaire at 27 either!

As for the hair, it's turning white, and the lust count was nearing 999,999 when an emergency call interrupted my nightmare.

You would thank Desi too if you follow my adVICE.
Not a vice at all if you spend time garnering useful information.

Could mean a battle between Life and Death.

"Cheong hee one," I hear some1 murmur... most likely an IpohLang, who I have been socialising wit a lot in recent days. In nities2.

So let's cut to the chase ... Ambulan, Bomba, watever!

"The emergency number in Malaysia for police and ambulance is 999 and not 991 : see Malaysia Central:

Emergency Numbers

991 Civil Defence
994 Fire Brigade
995 Gas Emergency

999 Police / Ambulance
From any mobile phone

DESIDERATA is Xproductive today uploading TWO ENTRIES because Yan says she's away in Cat's City for two days -- and along the way doing some Promo for Desi, so now I'm returning the favour.

One roundabout deserves another!

Ooops on wlong turn of phrase, and following from the previous Post, Desi must be extra careful about speaking Good English in case Howsy refers me to the Queen's Court to protest -- noways, protesting is becoming a way of Life! --


Something olde, sumthin' nu'e

Survey finds many Brits dial N — for naked

We have no idea why this research was done, but it makes Desi laugh too

Updated: 1:26 p.m. ET March 23, 2006
LONDON - Up to a third of telephone users in the Britain make calls in the nude, with men more prone to do it without clothes than women, a survey revealed on Thursday.

Research commissioned by Britain’s Post Office, which offers a fledgling home phone service, revealed that 40 percent of men admitted to nattering naked compared with 27 percent of women. The results were based on a survey of 1,500 telephone users.

~~~~~~~~ Nu'es interupted, Caught in the Act! ~~~~~~~~~~
Click to vote
Live Vote: Do you phone in the nude?

Desi's answer:
YES, only when it's my birddae and I'm reading the prime nu'es on RTElm...
~~~~ It's the Department of Religious F-A, they thought World Cup started O'Lady!~~~~

The nu'es cuntinues...

The research also showed that people were so busy that one in 10 people admitted to wandering off and leaving the caller talking to themselves.

Copyright 2006 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved. Republication or redistribution of Reuters content is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Reuters.
Rate this story
Low High


I was caught naked when I highlighted to kopi to send to my Blog to educate my ER to chase away the MondaeBlues.

The warning raiises the Q whether Reuters will sue any Blogger for reproducing the item in its naked glory?
Any loyar buluk among my ER who can offer prim, proper and prime adVICE?
YLChong wanted to do Law in his younger daes, but Vitamin M said NO!
Now if Reuters were to give Desi a scholarship to do Law now, I'd take it up in a jiffy, and on graduation, chase after ALL THEE ikanYU BLOGGERS.

But you you decalre yourself a leftist like Desi, come out of the closet like haRrrm #CT Chin Peng,the KopiRight law won't apply on yu.
Furthermore, if I did not copy, how could I then give a prioper RATING of Hi to the item?

Then on the same page of the lifted nude item, I saw these headings, identified ~~~ -- no need to read, you'll know what they mean, right!
Butt now I'm not so sure because some Malaysians' ENGRUND is not too good***!

~~~• A kiss to die for

Desi: WTF! Is someone so stupid to sacrifice his life for just a few seconds of Paradise?

I'd take THE KISS if it's an OZ lad' like Nicole Kidman 'COS "to die" actually means TODAY!
Don't B-live Desi, Arsk sssssspirit!

~~~• Study: Online News Popular on Broadband

Desi: Do you need to cuntduck a study to cuntfirm this?

• 100-year-old decides it’s time to retire

At what age do you -- my 'steAmedReaders -- want to retire?

Desi won't retire -- only to bed -- COS he has got a set of four GOoD tyres on his jalopi.
"Seya in Paradise -- that's to Hollywood we go,
then adjourn to Supergo Virgo.
Butt I steal haven't hurt from Helen,
Nor fishtael, should I call it a die, mGf?

***I have chatted with the eminent Malaysian to whom this report is attributed: Professor KKK -- not ku klux khan OK! I salute KHOO KYAY KIM, whom I have the privilege of engaging in conversation a couple of times, and family -- they have three sons very dynamic in their own right. One is a classical dancer, and two are in media/arts. I know one, EDDIN KHOO, pretty wella.

"Wella" means I was a colleague of his at a mainstream press at one time, and we said "Hi" and HELL-o! when we pass the lay-bys and -by-byes of life along narrow corridors and the corridoors of power then.

Hey, a journalist is indeed damned powerful, if he does not allow his dam of foolery and folly show.

Eddin, if you read me: How is the artsy-fartsy worlde treating you?
I miss your 'ritings,; maybe you can one die become Desi's GUEST BLOGGER?
Come Merdeka Day 2006?

Okay, back to the wisdom of senior Khoo. Extract from a nu'es report from lust Saturdae's NST ~~~

Experts: Go back to drawing board

KUALA LUMPUR: They are undergraduates but cannot write letters, debate or understand footnoting.

Prof Datuk Khoo Kay Kim
of Universiti Malaya is appalled by their low literacy level, saying, "I don’t know how to talk to university students any more".

"They don’t understand what I am saying, it is that bad. I cannot communicate with them," he said.

Others quoted in the news report included the Education Ministry officials or ex-, but Desi does not have a love affair -- they normally use the word, penchant, but I'm not too sure how IT is pronounced, so I won't use IT COS on RTMElm, it can sound so jarring! ... like screaming the third day of the weak as wedNURSEdae!

Ooops, is Jaring.Net hearing this?
I don't want to be sued TWICE in one die!


4 in some Chinoserie dialect is SEE.
yu is a type of fish people in some industry call JAWS!
Gorek me if I am wlong!


(On the recent media focus on SPM students scoring a string of As ... like Two with 15 A1s beating another with 15 A1s and 1 A2 ... how does this add up? I dunno... can the good Professor help? Sorry for the aggession/digression! But now, mayhaps, which is an Engrish word only kopilefted to Desi&Co! -- you understand my lack of penchant for quoting Ministry officials...)

"Khoo,... said the ministry and media’s focus on the number of As was perpetuating the (school children's) problem. "The ministry should look at the results of the last 10 years, pick out those who scored 10As and above and find out what happened to them.

The leaders in our societies today are not people with all those As.

"Before 1957, school heroes were not those with 8As or 9As, they were the great debaters, those good in drama, in sport, and those leading the Scouts and Girl Guides," he said.


PS: Lasy bums like Desi, pleAse spend RM0.60 buy that back-copy from your neighbour ...OR Olde nu'espaper-man, to learn to spiak goode Engrund-lah, like Howsy and Desi!

Lastly, but not any lustily, another dynamic ex-journo whom desi also knows-lah (that's why can describe him as dynamic...)AMIR MUHAMMAD is Kissin' Lips with a Commie!

In fact, Malaysian leaders, including ex-PMs, have gone on to China and embraced those Commies, nyet Chin Peng is not welcomed back to Malaysia where he wants to pay some respects to his kith&kin departed.

I see lots of CONtradiction here -- butt that's the way of life in Malaysia, if you still treasure one. I do-do, like Cheng of The Man In The Net. Helen2!


The Star, Monday March 27, 2006

Nod for ‘Last Communist’

The semi-musical documentary Lelaki Komunis Terakhir (The Last Communist) has received the nod from the Film Censorship Board and will be in theatres this May.

The 90-minute documentary showcases the life journey of Chin Peng, the exiled leader of the banned Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) from his younger days until now.

It also includes a 20-minute interview with several former CPM guerillas at their village in southern Thailand.

OVERJOYED: Picture removed by Desi, censored at desi's Place COS it's too joyfool, not appropriate when in a CT environ...

Amir is happy that his semi-musical documentary has been approved without any censorship.

The documentary, directed by Amir Muhammad, was approved early this month without any censorship and will be shown at the Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) in Mid Valley Megamall and One Utama in Klang Valley, and at Gurney Plaza in Penang at the end of May.

“I’m happy that it has been approved without any censorship. This is the first time that a local documentary will be shown in theatres,” the 34-year-old Amir told mStar Online on Saturday.

A year ago, it was reported that Umno Youth had opposed any efforts to film “Chin Peng’s struggles,” which was considered as a “crime towards the people and Government of Malaysia.”

Its information chief Datuk Azimi Daim was quoted as saying: “The murders, cruelty and mercilessness of Chin Peng and other CPM members towards the people of Gerik, Bentong, Gua Musang and near the Thailand border, are still fresh in the minds of Malaysians including the Chinese and Indians.”

The documentary itself, did not include any interviews with its main character, Chin Peng, although more than 80 people were met during the process of making the documentary.

Among the issues mentioned by former CPM guerillas in the interviews was the Government’s obstruction in allowing them to return home, their experiences and the ideological turbulence they went through.

“I expected (if there is censorship), a few dialogues (in the interview) would be cut off,” Amir said, explaining that a few parts of the documentary were expected to be seen as “problematic” by the authorities in the early stages.


Steal, lustly, from
Letters to the Editor column,
which ALL PARENTS should take more than a Bo-a-peep:

Set guides on types
of actuivities permuitted

I AM WRITING to express my concern about
the extra curicular activities that our
chldren participate in.

About a month ago, my 13-year-old son
went to an "International Understanding
Day" organised by the interact club
(Desi: IC should be in caps-lah!) of a
school in Ipoh.

I was told there would be Rotarians supervising
the students, which was why I allowed my son to go.

Imagine my shock when my son told me there was
a French-kissing competition.
I was told that boys and girls, as young as 13,
were encourage- (sic: should be with a -d-lah!) to kiss a partner
as passionately as they could.



DESIDERATA: I've contacted mGf I based in lundun to educate us Ignoramuses
(Desi has decided to stop using IgnorantCowws COS some YoungOnes and one mGf-Counsellor protesteth I look down on the animal named LEMBU already much semi-valued!) on what is French kissing all about (he is purportedly reported to have a madamemoseille across the channel, or chunnel, Chanel, or Comel, watever...

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Hollywood Quest - Any StoryTaeler Game?

The IT I promise to reveal refers to Desiderata's vision of PARADISE ON EARTH.

I caught some some glimpses of what Paradise is, since running that post on "I've Never Been To Me" (March 05, 2006) . I also saw some descriptions of its Opposite or Antithesis -- for we discern Light through its contrast with Darkness -- collected over the course of engaging several Bloggers recently.

In between the poles, where we mostly dwell in our everyday living, is the real world -- neither Paradise nor Hell. In the metaphor of light, this region is Chiaroscuro, where lie the different shades of grey with white light and total darkness bounding their extremities.

AllOfHelen says:

"Nice new look..... Your Blue Heaven.
....OK....understatement..... Very Nice.

Understanding wat you're reading is indeed Heavenly. :-)

By Helen, at 1:41 PM "

"Wow, that's going to be a difficult question to answer. There are varying answers as to what Paradise mean to individuals. It can be a place for some, some delicious food tasted for others, it can be err...having an orgasmic experience (if you know what I mean)...hmmm...
By Primrose, at 5:07 PM "

"JOE.PSC of sin-land recalls:

The thing that came closest to "Paradise" was when me and my Japanese guest were flying back from Jakarta on a Garuda plane, during one sunset, and the view of the clear white clouds hanging ouside the plane for hundreds of miles, the golden ray of the sun piercing through them, and the soft keroncong music of the cabin, all happening in harmony, certainly was blissful and heavenly; so blissful that my guest told me repeatedly he would not mind dying there and then !"

A fishtaeler laments:

"The worst thing that can happen to me is to be tied to a post at 4 pm on a Sunday at the Singapore harbour and watch the 16 storey beauty slide out to sea."

Sad refrain from "I Need a Cabin-Mate" on March 16, 2006 (

mGf Yan says:

""Life is short. Death is inevitable. But death is not eternal good-bye. Oneday, we shall meet in heaven!
Yan at 7:35 PM "

Yan has also writ earlier:

"In Verse 7 of the same chapter, Paul made it clear that it happened to him. Here is verse 7:

To keep me from becoming conceited because of these surpassingly great relevations, there was given me a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me.

See, the ecstasy and agony? The ecstasy of being in paradise and the agony of a thorn in the flesh!

Paul pleaded the Lord to take away the thorn, but the Lord said,

"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." (v. 9)

Back to paradise, the "third heaven" was a reference to the Jewish belief about the structure of the universe. There were three heavens, they believed. The first was the atmosphere around the earth, the clouds, etc. Then beyond that they could see a second heaven where the stars, the sun and moon were. The third heaven was the invisible realm where God's throne was, therefore, it was called Paradise.

By Yan, at 1:33 PM "

whispers: Besides visualising and hopefully realising My Blue Heaven, There Will Come a Day, Faith Hill promises, when Desi sees at the end of a Hollywood movie on the big screen -- come 2010 -- the CREDITS slowly run down and suddenly, the name appears, desiderata-ylchong, as that script-writer.

I intimated to helenALLOFTHEE that this Sunday's rumination would target some STORY-TAELERS -- tael because their tales are worth several taels of gold, or platinum! -- and of course, my EsteemedReaders at this humble abode. But one must not be humble when seeking out your Paradise. I told HelenOfTroy she has a group of warm, cosy and close-knit, or isit knut? friends, they call themselves kayIpoh(en)cik, who are all, IMHO, fascinating cock&bull&dogs&cats story-tellers.

I wish from out of this group could arise that one, or two, breakthrough StoryTaeler, to take us to Hollywood. Then fishtail, yan and desi and other members of GSE7EN could realise our Paradise by the Seaboard Lights where Bloggers G++ can sail away and have that "Din and Dine (and D....) on the SE7EN SEAS" on the Super Virgo that sails our from sin-land harbour at 4PM bringing some adventuristfellow&fellas from Ipoh-Koala Lumpur-Fu Rong for our Paradise on Earth voyage. Once a year.

Paradise does not fall from out of the blue. Its antithesis, Death, yes.
Paradise awaits thy bidding and tasting through your own hard work, and using that unique brain that God gave each and everyone of us.

To help any StoryTaeler out there,
Desi invites you to join him in progressing
Like Pilgrims mayhaps?
On The Trail to Hollywood.
Make it my quest, make it your quest.
Better still, maketh IT Our Quest.

You must equip yourself with the knowledge, and tools, and network,for No Man Is an Lisland, is such a noble, and challenging quest, hence, my sharing this bright, bonny and gay morn, after a double take of CON BF, ala-see fei with his capitalistic styloform of Golf, Tennis and eeeehPOH Fish&CheapBalls:

What are the deep structures of screenwriting that make a film truly human, truly universal?

How do we design and craft a screenplay that will be a magnet to attract producers and financiers?

How do we think local industry and at the same time be able to break the boundaries of country, community and culture?

You will find answers to these and many more questions in the upcoming workshop on April 22-23.
The workshop is presented by ScreenAsia Narratives. The presenter is ScreenAsia's Managing Director, Daniel Chan, who is an advocate of media democracy, which simply asserts that every community has the right to produce stories about themselves. He has been presenting courses and workshops like this one for over 10 years to community groups, professional associations and educational institutions. In 2000 he founded the Screenwriters Association (Singapore), served as its first President and in 2003 brought to Singapore, for the first time in Asia, Hollywood's most-sought screenwriting guru, Robert McKee.

He is a Research Associate with the Media Asia Research Group at Curtin University, a Script Reader for the Singapore Film Commission, and is published in several academic journals and magazines.

Workshop Details
Dates: 22 – 23 April 2006 (Sat & Sun) Time: 9am – 5pm
Venue: The Copthorne King's Hotel, Singapore

Workshop Fee (Regular): S$438
Block Booking rate: S$368 per participant (for groups of 5 or more, rate expires 2pm, 11 Apr 2006)

Registration Online at

For enquiries about the workshop, email

Did I also mention today's INTER:LUDE is also an EPIC?
Well, here's the EPIC ePost.



The Sound of Silence

- Lyrics by Paul Simon -

Hello darkness, my old friend,
I've come to talk with you again,
Because a vision softly creeping,
Left its seeds while I was sleeping,
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence.

In restless dreams I walked alone
Narrow streets of cobblestone,
'Neath the halo of a street lamp,
I turned my collar to the cold and damp
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
That split the night
And touched the sound of silence.

And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more.
People talking without speaking,
People hearing without listening,
People writing songs that voices never shared
And no one dared
Disturb the sound of silence.......

Just in the last SE&EN days, I have been recalling some memorable lyrics from THE GRADUATE -- first Scarborough Fair, and now,in the stealthy hours of just past midnight on Monday morn, I tread slowly to break the Sound of Silence so that I can see through my mind:

People, faces
Scenes, places
Laughter, tears
that sometimes dare to disturb
the transquility that echoes within
Sound of Silence

I want to be able to capture all these images one day in a written form, and hopefully followed by visual medium too, and that desire led me to a trail to learn from some willing experts who dedicated themselves to lead some I.Cows up the Hollywood garden-lined-with-silver-lilies pavement. Well if it finally turns out to be "narrow streets of cobblestone" so what, at least we can savour the sound of silence, yet there were people writing songs that voices never shared, no one dared ...
At least some 20 Malaysians DARED TO DISTRUB The Sound of Silence echoing in Hollywood.

That explains why last Saturday Desi joined a group of about 20 souls -- in bravery or bravado -- who dared to set their eyes beyond the shores of Malaysia towards HOLLYWOOD, hoping to make it the final destination of their creative efforts. We must and can dreAm, can't we?

I did intimate to my XsteamedReaders a li'l I'll be penning some thoughts on film-scripting -- hence this first post spelling out his pre-adventure on which he invested eight enjoyable hours from 0900hrs October 29, 2005 at Colonade Hotel in Jalan Walter Grenier hidden behind Salem's Lot (10) downtown the big bad wolfish city lights of koala lumpuh.

ScreenAsia provided the call.
Several like-minded ambitious, maybe foolhardy, but with a devil-may-care attitude, Malaysians answered ScreenAsia's Call to Adventure.

Each of us invested RM268 each for a full-day interaction with some film practitioners led by Australian film school-trained DANIEL CHAN, with a Film Producer named ANTHONY FU, trained in Hollywood with many international film credits up his sleeves, to learn:


"****Malaysia imported over 2,000 films and television programs from North America in 2001, against the 14 films produced locally (according to data from FINAS). The naked truth is, we prefer to watch Hollywood movies than locally produced films. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that writing scripts for Hollywood has a higher chance of the public seeing your story, and getting paid at lucrative Hollywood’s rates too.

Out of 100 scripts written locally, 99 are never produced simply because there are limited opportunities in the local film industry. In addition, poor scriptwriting skills and story telling skills hamper the enthusiasm of any potential producers. Frankly, there aren’t that many producers locally to start with. The obvious solution is to write for Hollywood.

ScreenAsia's Exposition:

“Human beings have traditionally used stories to describe or explain things they could not explain otherwise.”

"The myriad experiences of ordinary individuals are instruments to understanding the human condition. These describe the identity and culture of a people, and should therefore be suitably packaged in some medium if we were to engage in dialogue amongst ourselves and the rest of the world.

ScreenAsia aims to lead this enterprise in the creation of Asian content at the level of writing stories for film and television. All other activity of production follows.

The Singapore-based company, avows in its website ( this Vision:

To give birth to a new breed of Asian storytellers and establish them as a team of ScreenAsia Associates to bring their stories to screens in the world.

Its Mission:

To develop, coach and mentor 300 writers from the Asian region by end of 2006.
To provide a safe space for writers to focus completely on their craft by looking after their intellectual property and other business issues.
To represent ScreenAsia Associates in a global market, as well as create opportunities for future creative works.***"

DESIDERATA has always been a movie fan, also a gobbler of well-scripted humour TV serious, outstanding and favourite of which was MOONLIGHTING, that dishes out lots of humour, sexual innuendoes, yet elegant and tasteful, with some thriller-detection work woven into its story plots.

The star attractions of beautiful, intelligent and curvaseous CYBILL SHEPHERD, and an engaging heart-stealer in BRUCE WILLIS portraying the MADDIE HAYES-DAVID ADDISON madcap A team of detectives gives the motivation for Desi to want to one-day make a li'l mark on the same hallowed halls as the celluloid world that Cybill and Bruce tread.

A typical scene in Moonlighting contains funny and fast remarks, sexual innuendos between Maddie and David who definitely have feelings for each other, yet there is tension, and sometimes like sibling rivalry, no, more akin to romance between two highly individualistic professionals sold to their calling. Hence the "love" in the air is suggestive, and doesn't overwhelm the show's storyline to diminish the entertaining value.

The success of the show is anchored on every episode's script being of exquisite quality and standard -- and a convincing and thriller-ending of the detection. Of course it's fairy-tale that does not occur in a run-of-the-mill detective agency, but the chemistry and riveting acting on the two protagonists carry the show effortlessly, every time. Behind the success of the series, always remember there is the WRITER! And Desi learns that each script can garner the author several hundred thousand dollars! Desi could do with that sort of moolah-lah, remember I still want to transfer to spiritedestination if Hollywood is beyong the horizon. Well,with ScreenAsia's help, Desi would be proud to be able, ONE DAY SOON, Insya-Allah, to be able to produce just one episode of a story of that league.

Well, if I can't achieve the equivalent of a Moonlighting script, I'd settle for the one that won young DUSTIN HOFFMAN an Oscar nomination, and this movie essentially launched him into Hollywood stardom. May even fantasise about reprising Dustin's role with a contemporary virginal maiden to Anne Bancroft, eh?

Hence, do you think the RM268 investment was value for money? Worth every 2 sen (about SG1 sen-lah!) of it, in Desi's laughing opinion.He's not laffing his way to the bank -- to 'ollywood.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~the end ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Saturday, March 25, 2006

A rojak serving on Satur-die

~First off an ingredient for today's ROJAK is an item up Desi's alley -- another mGf journo2! -- as we get our B&B scrummaging here (reminds me of a rugger term, but ne'er mind, you guys are into playing footsie...)

Saturday March 25, 2006

Eastern Times hits the stands

PETALING JAYA: As the “new kid on the block,” Eastern Times being launched today will stand for many things. Produced as a junior broadsheet, it will be manned by almost an entirely new crew at its helm.
After a 44-day hiatus, Eastern Times will provide Sarawak readers with an alternative English newspaper. To readers, it is the “heir” to the 61-year-old Sarawak Tribune.
Much of the reporting and editorial support staff will remain the same.
Many Sarawakians expect the new newspaper to be closely associated to Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud and to be friendly to his views.
When the Sarawak Tribune voluntarily stopped printing on Feb 9, it was said that Taib was left without an avenue to reach his English-speaking electorate.
Sarawak has two local English dailies, which also have a Bahasa sister newspaper each.
There are five Chinese dailies.

Despite Sarawak’s multi-lingual population, English remains the mark of the educated man.
The Eastern Times’ political colour depends largely on its incoming editor, James Ritchie.
Ritchie is an old Sarawak hand having gone to Kuching as a journalist for the New Straits Times in the 1980s and stayed on to write no less than 23 books on matters Sarawak, including several on Taib. He is also a regular contributor to The Star.

The new major shareholders of the paper are three Melanaus from Naim Cendera Holdings Bhd, a large developer with links to Taib.
But some Sarawakians also pointed out Sarawak Tribune’s own declining popularity, where its leaning towards Taib had allowed its rival The Borneo Post to outstrip its readership.
The Post is run by the KTS group from Sibu, a giant timber concern owned by Datuk Seri Lau Hui Ding.

The Eastern Times received its publishing licence only on March 2, and Ritchie now has the unenviable task of producing a newspaper within three weeks.
The date chosen for the launch is no coincidence. It marks Taib’s 25th year at the state’s helm.


Being trained as a Journalist, any media hAPpenings of some import would enjoy a Desi's report. I was informed of a Ritchie's APpearance in town by a sister always In Touch ( from nigh Catsville way before The Star took the hint :( and it took the wrong trail to that F1 track.

Without an AP in hand, Desi could not file a first-person report on that gala non-event witch would cost thee a bomb (RM1,550-a-plate is a bomber, rite?) compared with my CON BF tomorrow (damage is about RM7.00 in Fu Rong...), where another Richie -- a lion or tiger or koolcat, or sumthin? -- was leading some privileged Malaysians in a song&dance lusting ALaL NIGHT LONG!

Being wella trained in reportage, Desi got on to yan expressing curiousity that won't kill a cat from B'g, B'd ...., posing the leading cue : "So do you think the Eastern Times would pose any competition to Borneo Post?"

Her cool, calm and confident reply:"Sap, sap sui!"
Translation by one UNtrained at the UN, understudy only to Nicole Kidman (Interpreter, ''member, anyone?)~~

"Chicken feed-lah!"
Or "Wet, wet smithereens!"
Or "In golfing terms, BPost has a handicap of aTiger in the woods, while the eSun has got a handycup of Teh-C in a clay-pot..."

I have received feedback that several of my EsteemedReaders -- esp newbies like seefei, who plays tennis but not golf, and helen "who had launched a thousand ships but not a single sheet..." I was tempted to use a four-letter word on Helen, but I don't want to transform her to a .....of desTROY! -- find Desi's language usage "queer". 4fei was direct saying he couldn't understand a single word I 'rote/wrathed/wrought,; Helen, being a fair lady, was more diplomatic (hey, did you do a stint at the French Embassy?) coining "Da Desi Code" (C) for desispeak.

Wella, I do admit Desi upon some days, is bonnie, bright, and gay.

Footnote: BTW, the news writer Suhaini is a lady, fe-mail, like Yan and helen and kyels - this is to "correct" several references in some bloggers' sites to Suhaini as a "he", like Desi and Howsy, which in journalese, is a HOWLER of the highest (lowest2?) order.

Butt be carefool, mGf Howsy: if you visit a certain doctor in Quake Street, next to Downing Street, lundun, for a quikkie, you might jest land up with bloated breasts and shrunk balls... and I might have to address thee as .... ne'er mind/e, I don't want to lose some fan/nies.


Beware of ‘doctors’ performing plastic surgery

KUALA LUMPUR: Beware of the so-called doctors who perform plastic surgery on your breasts. They could be injecting cooking oil into your body.

In some cases the damage caused by these quacks are so severe that when the patients seek professional help for damage control, it is too late.

Among the surgeries offered by these untrained surgeons are eyelid surgery, liposuction, and nose and breast augmentation.

The complications that patients could suffer from the sub-standard surgeries include severe infection, shifted implants, sinus discharge, sagging eyelids and eyes that could not shut.

Plastic surgeon Dr Kim K. Tan alleged that many non-doctors, in performing plastic surgery, are injecting silicone and different types of oil as well as other “funny” substances into their patients.

Although these substances can enlarge one's breasts, there can be complications which will have long-term effects on the patients – as long as 20 years,” he said on the sidelines of the 8th annual scientific and general meeting of the Malaysian Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Craniomaxillofacial Surgeons (MAPACS) yesterday.
Dr Tan is the organising chairman of the three-day conference that was opened by Deputy Health Minister Dr Abdul Latiff Ahmad.

“The patients will normally come to us when they feel pain and when their breasts become hard,” he said.

DESIDERATA: Item surger-ised at this point. Go pay RM1.20 to read it in fool! Despite the fuel price rise, I'm sure you can change a li'l lifestyle to steal invest on knowledge, man/me'm. Cut donw on thy cholesterol and raise thy cholesteron, or whatever -ronny that runs funnies through our blardy body by minus-ing the nazi lemak! This adVICE does not apply to Desi tho.
Yan, Helen2, kyels3
: Who was it who first said that

"Woman, thy name is vanity!", and then ran away to do plastic surgery?

And finally, but not any less lustily

Besides the Oz, who I'm pretty fond of -- besides Nicole, there's Rachel Ward, Bee Gees and Seekers, New Seekers, Nu'e Seekers (coming!), and of course, there's sssssspirit inspiring Desi always, very few cuntries have that blardy sense of humour.

Desi has. Three sen's worth here.

WEB EDITION from theSUN, shining bright here and Down Under, not so in Can-ORcannot-ada:: International News

Have a beer on Australia? No thanks, says Canada

CANBERRA: First it was banned by Britain for its use of the word "bloody" and now Canada has vetoed a scene in a controversial Australian tourism campaign where a character lures visitors by saying "We've poured you a beer!"

Just days after Britain's television advertising regulator lifted its ban on the ad, which centres on the slightly risque phrase "bloody hell", Australian Tourism Minister Fran Bailey said Canadian regulators had now lost their sense of humour.

"Buying a mate a beer is about as Australian as you can get. But the Canadian regulator has banned the shot because implied unbranded alcohol consumption (a part-empty beer glass) is unacceptable," Bailey said in a statement.

While Canada doesn't appear to have a problem with the word "bloody", it has also prevented the ad from being broadcast during two family programmes because of the word "hell".

The ads begin with characters saying: "We've poured you a beer and we've had the camels shampooed, we've saved you a spot on the beach ... and we've got the sharks out of the pool". They end with a bikini-clad woman on a beach asking "so where the bloody hell are you?"

The furore over the British TV ban provided an unexpected windfall of free publicity for Tourism Australia, which said it had created "an on-line traffic jam" around the A$180 million ($129 million) campaign. Bailey hopes the "astonishing" Canadian decision to ban part of the ad would earn Australia more free publicity.

"What this decision shows is that Canada lags behind Americans, Brits and even Germans in the sense of humour stakes," Bailey said. The campaign is already running in the United States and New Zealand as well as Britain and will also target China, Japan, India and Germany. The full advertisement can be seen at - Reuters

DESIDERATA: Explains part of Desi's predilection -- yeah, B'g, B'd words are aloud at D'Place! (and D' is not for Dirty!) -- for desispeak or Da Desi Code. Or DDCoke. Or DDCock, watever.

Let's have some humour/rumour going, rite, matey.
For tomorrow is another 24 for to-die

Malaysia and Australia, as I wrote in my maiden article promoting bilateral ties between my NegaraKu and a fond cuntry where I earned a lot of fun-d, or moola-lah!, are two blardy Lucky Countries. Laid back, fair dinkum, a land of thousand s-miles to be seen from miles away, I hope we do not lose IT!
Tourism Australia really knows how to get mileage with humour! The free reportage they receive for their AD is worth at least SE7EN times that from paid ADvertising. mGf yan is one of those marketeers whose sevrices Tourism Malaysia should seeek to obtain similar mileage from Malaysians' sen-se of rumour; maybe Desi will pitch to 'em for RM20million job eh?

I think they have some knottty Max Ehrrring mentees are working Down Under. Likely Toursin Malaysia will ask me the first Q at Da Pitch: Who's Max Errrr....ah?
Desiderata? Is that the nama of lust year's finalist at Malaysian Idolavatry3...ah?

Hell, A greAt part of IT is our sen-se of humour/rumour.

IT is many things to many people. My IT will be further defined tomorrow. Like in the movies -- sEXT CHANGE!

OtherWISE, with those half-human, half-animal mankeys doing the circus acts at Parlia-men?House, you would not have enough psychiatry wards in Malaysia to house normal, sane and healthy Malaysians like You and Me, or MeMe, or MiMi, yes? And that's definitely (no a or A, OK!) not a rhetorical Q, cos I'd like to 'ear from thee, Deer!

Friday, March 24, 2006

When death cometh out of the blue

DEATH is an unkind visitor
No, no,
we don't know when it strikes next
In town or cityscape calm or sinister
Nah, even a kampong or villagescape
There's no escape
Yes, yes
it doesn't discrimnate, its anyone's gues'

Sister, girlfriend, fiancee, wife
A false step, a wrong time
or dime
It's the end of the world,
It's the end of an inncoent's life.

Friday to Desiderata is norm to speak of Love,
For Fridae's Childe, according to that nurse'y rhyme,
The Child Wins at Love.
May settle for Perhaps, Love.

But March 24, 2006 the sky is dark and threatening
I was in half a mind not to go to work
But with the economy hald dead and the prices rising
The mood of the Rakyat is nigh to wanting an uprising
I quicken to satisfy my hunger pangs
For food, and work
For the First in a necessity
The Second a necessary evil.

From the not so bright theSUN, for which my office pays 3osen, which is definitely (watcha the sperring, no 'A', although it sounds like the Ace!:), page 4 :( -- value for Money:

Fri, 24 Mar 2006

Life 'snatched'
in three minutes

KUALA LUMPUR : He loved her so much and concerned over her safety, that he drove her almost everywhere she wanted to go.

Yesterday (March 23, 2006), he was late by just three minutes as he rushed to fetch his girlfriend from her workplace in Taman Cheras.

For the brief delay, he lost her forever, as she was stabbed to death by a robber who had tried to snatch her handbag after work about 2.20am.

The 31-year-old man who wished to be known as Jackie said his girlfriend, Lew Wuan Nie, 30, from Ipoh who worked as a cashier in a pub on Jalan 21/101C near the Cheras Business Centre had spoken to him three minutes before the fatal incident.

She was was stabbed in the chest by a robber.

He said he told her that he was just a stone's throw away on learning that she was waiting for him outside her workplace.

However, when he arrived he saw a large crowd had gathered around Lew, who was lying semi-concious on the ground.

He rushed her to a private hospital nearby but she died minutes later.

Police learnt Lew was waiting for Jackie outside the pub when two men on a motorcycle pulled alongside her.
The pillion rider got off and snatched her handbag.
Lew apparently put up a struggle with the robber who then whipped out a knife and stabbed her on the left side of her chest.
She released her grip on her bag before collapsing to the ground.

Several passers-by who were at a mamak stall nearby, on seeing the robbers escape, jumped into their cars and motorcycles and gave chase.

One of them managed to knock the robbers off their motorcycle in Taman Desa Aman but the robbers got up, flung the stolen handbag and fled on foot.

The pursuers also alighted from their vehicles and motorcycles and went after the robbers but lost them after they split up in Taman Tynton View.

A post mortem conducted in Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia revealed that Lew died from a stab wound to her chest which penetrated her heart.

While combing the crime scene for clues, police were baffled to discover that the motorcycle left behind by the robbers was missing.

When met at the HUKM mortuary, Jackie who has been courting Lew for the past three years said they were making plans to get married later this year (2006).
He said Lew last met her family during the Chinese New Year.

He said although he was against her working in the pub due to the late working hours, she had been adamant. -- ends the tragic story...

The saddest part is that the above reported incident was close to "replays" of past death snatch theft incidents, with many victims thrown onto the road, who then fell into a coma due to the injuries sustained, and a few days later, passed on.
It's the end of the world.
The Unkind Visitor has claimed another Innocent.

But the real culprit is that fucking bastard, in the singular or plural, good-for-nothing lout/louts who is/are able-bodied but does/do not want to work for his living.
These are the leeches of society.
They leech on the Young&Innocent -- who could have been like one's sister or girlfriend -- of the weaker sex usually.

mGf kyels related in a recent post about her "traumatic" experience of being a snatch-thief victim (Read her AC-lah at . She fought back those fucker bastards!
Of course Desi even today does not know whether it was wise or not ... I mean fighting back. What say thee, my EsteemedReaders?...)

As for those swearing words, I turned mentee and learnt sum from the YoungOnes!
X-cuse, XXcuse!!

The important things is 19-year-old Y&A kyels -- now enmeshed within a RobinHood-ish campus lush with greenery, bows&arrows (Cupid's!) -- did not suffer any serious injury. Hey, mGf, take care, rite!

an Xception
to Da Rule of

Desi hereby APologises (like one 4fei yesterday) to those readers with less sensitive receptor cells.
To Other ER, now you understand why I always describe KUALA LUMPUR ('lthough other towns are catching up!) as that
B'g, B'd, Wolfish City


Li'l Red Riding Hoods like sisdar kyels and and that soon-2B dentist in LOTR escapade(
must always venture out,
especially at night,
with a bloodycard Romeo like brother Imran,
OR a Poet-almost-Xpired (gas 'ho!)
OR a Fishtail -- Fishhead also-can!

PS: Y&A johnleemk, you're OUTA,
being below that Age of Non-Dissent
It's besta you stay indoors at night,
OtherWISE, the 'owling may get you!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Another dedicAtion to ...

A New Born Child.

DESIDERATA in his blogging journey has had many surprise visitors whose conversations -- followed by emails, incluing from femail-lah, as I am no gender discriminator! -- provide fodder for the morning after's breakfast and ponder.

Thursday's morn was brightened by emails from an obliging helen, ( an eeePOHlang like Howsy, ( and an APologetic 4fei (hey, send me an AP, willya?)

And thirdly, something I'd like to share with my ER -- esp those who ENJOY POETRY! like Daisy on a bicycle built for two! -- gfood things are to be shared.

This guy (I presume he's a guy, like Howsy, though somethimes in blogosphere, there's nothing to say One Cannot Be a Phantom...)
Anyways, back from digression, which is my second or third nama, he arrived modestly at Desi's Costume Ball dress'd like a Dreamer Idiot.
I call him DreamerI because aren't we all an idiot at one time or two other?

Extracting from his email, like a breeze because he had gone MIA for some weeks and his blog ( has seen some weeds and lallang overgrown through a nth's neglect, is this pleasant surprise:

"... remember the poetry thing I have been talking about many, many months back? Sharon Bakar, Leon Wing and myself are giving it a shot, and I just did the first post. Next week, Sharon will be putting something up. I have written some stuff about what we are trying to do with this blog, the goals and objectives, and hope you would take a look, and consider whether you would like to join in. : )

Yes, Desi will definitely (note the sperring OK, NOT definately!) join in the versifying. Poet-aspirants all, please have a date with Miss/Mr puisipoesy, depending on your sexual orientation, yes -- this blogsworld is truly a democratic uni-verse. Tri-sexual butt. If you don't believe me, ask one song-writer I used to wor-ship. Sir Johnny and his/her furnishing Other.

I downgraded the 'worship' to Hol' in Hi-Esteem, but I pick from his many achievements the following song to dedicAte to dreamerI's NEW BORN BABE, and wish him "Bon Voyage, and Smooth Sailing Across the SE7EN SEAS!"

Your Song

Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin

It's a little bit funny this feeling inside
I'm not one of those who can easily hide
I don't have much money but boy if I did
I'd buy a big house where we both could live

If I was a sculptor, but then again, no
Or a man who makes potions in a travelling show
I know it's not much but it's the best I can do
My gift is my song and this one's for you

And you can tell everybody this is your song
It may be quite simple but now that it's done
I hope you don't mind I hope you don't mind that I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you're in the world

I sat on the roof and kicked off the moss
Well a few of the verses well they've got me quite cross
But the sun's been quite kind while I wrote this song
It's for people like you that keep it turned on

So excuse me forgetting but these things I do
You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue
Anyway the thing is what I really mean
Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen

© 1969 Dick James Music, Inc

A Mystery DedicAtion

Our Song

Celebration of life
With a lass like no other by my side
With a perennial smile on your face
Like the morning sun lighting up our space
You sing me an old Chinese song
I respond with the First of May
Childhood innocence envelops a pair
Banded by youthful exuberance
Your smile always ringin' our domain
Sweet refrain, lifting lyrics
Binding me to the depths of your soul
I wish the night doesn't go away
Even a heavenly parting kiss is not enough
To compensate the flying hours
Holding hands, squeezing 'em in understanding
I wish to stay f'ever list'ning to your song
Drinking in the smile
Always playing around your tender lips
Sincerity defined

YLChong (copyleft)