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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Thank God It's Sunday!

Desiderata.english will take a detour this Sunday with not much rumination on long essays or poems. Just welcoming GINGER again, from up north where the char-kuey-teow is best, entertains Readers with a spoofy one in Versetoyol&otherspirits:

Rah...rah...let's have fun
S'gor has beaten the gun
Toyo is great
S'gor is now a developed state
Doesn't matter what IMD-NPC just said.

The goat is in the pen
A knife glistening in the butcher's hand
Its a sacrificial lamb they say
Will there be more after today
The other goats shiver and pray

They say petrol will go up 10 sen
Pak Lah says that's not his plan
Meanwhile Petronas makes huge profits
The Rakyat does not get the benefits
Adoi, everything naik sikit-sikit

Sothi was suspended
Young Asrin brutally assaulted
A serial rapist goes on a spree
Parliament is like a cheap matinee
TGIS, I'll have my pull-tea.

DESIDERATA: Yes, I'm adjourning to Haridas for teh tarik with a dash of ginger -- joining me, anyone? I'd buy, bye-bye, just past midnite!

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