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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Two Hearts Beating as One

Sundae Inter:Nude
This pome is writ specually for a maverick
Because mGf ala doctor yeoh sm dared ars’ for wit!

There was once a wonderland called MesraIland
Where honey grew on hibiscus plants and peanut-butter on flies

This love poem is brought for thee like a magik wand
Desi dreamt a lAsty dreAm lUst night
I saw everything clear and bright

Two thousand and SE7EN years ago
When your great grandpa and grandma
To the power of 7 were so productive and bold
They made l’ve so many times the children came in droves
Hence they brought forth thee after untold solicited and unsolicited moves
I am the knotty one who kiss’d and told
Becos I need to spin a story4-1/2storeys high
To earn B&B and sometimes some kaya thrown for no reason why
But to reach ecstasy and
To make my tummy dizzy and my head crazee
So I can spin a tail to enthrall thee

There once was a lovely gal small and sprite
Roaming the Furong hills and valleys Lo and Hi

But at aged 17 she caught a bad flu not so bright
The docs couldn’t cure her you may wonder why

I know -- One was a Dr Mave, blardy hell he specialized in Management
The Other was a Dr Say, in biology he holds sway
So Seremban Hospitality was no cure for cough, sorethroat and other ailment
I shoo-ed all these doctor Queks – not related to Kim BTW! – away
‘Cos this lovely damsel was a darling of Peyton Place
Her smile could even erase that smirk on the monkey’s face

She dwelleth in a “small” chalet which is aweways an open house
Be it Raya – Melayy, Chinosiree or Indianno – the Rakyatt make merry
‘cluding Toughies and Meanies and Happies all would tarry
And hold their peace, even the dog, cat and mouse.

So when Darlin’Gal fell sick and pale and blue
People streamed in one by one to plant a last kiss on one they love' and 'new
They brought her pears, apples, bananas and oranges to try nurse her back to health
But it was her heart that grew weak and could not be restored by the greatest wealth

The Seremban General sounded a clarion call
"Awe ye young men BIG and small
Come test your heart and see if we can get a match!"

The gallant boys all lined up through dae and nite
But a matching heart is hard to catch
Not, it’s sad, it’s not alrite

Suddenly from out of the Valley of Death
Came a gallan’ FurongKnight

The docs – yes, of famed medical halls – jumped with delight

An artist came wit' palette and paints of many hues
He wanted to drive away Darlin’Gal’s Raya blues
First He painted up the ward with rainbow colours
Brought back the smiles to Darlin’Gal’s paling mien and 'art
Last of all, the painter painted a most exquisite Magik Heart
With Mona Lizasque smile, and Da Vinci's Veni, Vini, Vici smart

That restoreth the natue’s colours to Darlin’Gal’s contours
Believe me when I say she's back on her feet in se7en daes
The 'hole town roared with joy and aMore
The FurongKnight was treated, yes, as a Wira Hero

On the eight she was up and about in play
Planted wan kiss on the FurongKnight’s cheek
Transformin’ him into a gallopin’ knight not at all meek
He painted a Magik Heart where he caressed oh so tight
He planted yet another kiss with greAt might

He -- the chic' of them awe! -- asked boldly:
Can I make thee my Wifey
She lept with Joy and said mickeyly:
Ayam Back and so Vely AP!

Yes, when an artist paints with all his heart
He giveth of himself to his loved one
Don't under-estimate a touching 'Art of gold
Its Magik Colours
Can conquer the hardest ailment Lo and Behold!

So it's no surprise that from this Love Story
As Darlin'Gal's heart beats with FurongKnight's as One
That's how the famous phrase
"Two Hearts Beating as One"
's Begun.

Hari Raya INVITE:
Come trace Desi down in Petton Place mazey hazey
You need a daily dose of my colours you see
And Furong celebrated a new Raya wit' best delicacy
Tehtarik, rut bir lced wit' an 'arty song dan poesi
-- Wit' L'Ve from knotty Desi not so usual
Steal, the attire is aweways ezy and casual

PS: Maybe when and if and after Dr Yeoh SM -- horseying around -- buyeth Desi that Roast lamb and something cozy and tight like Nicole, Mimi or Royale, leftist or right
Desi may cometh up with Chapter Too as and when Inspirasi strikes in the Steel of FurongKnight.



JOEPSC said...

Good mood Desi letting go all his energy in a compo nice and witty!..your going looks fine, hi!

Maverick SM said...

Great piece, Desi. But I'm not buying you a roast lamb...lamb chop boleh?

desiderata said...


hi buddy poet south of da border/bother...

Long dime no 'ear, got a poet's eyes truly see
And where have you been?
To London to walk the streets at knight?
Did you spy "V" by chance of was he rescuing the 'ueen...
I see thee sext Ondae mornin'
In the s lence of Furong Peyton Place of dayes gone by
I hear people chatterin' but they don't speak,
Most people are hearin', but not list'ning.

desiderata said...


Desi's a man of simple tastes
Lamb chop also cun, karate or karaoke!:)