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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Has April 1, 2008 arrived early?

When I read this Bernama item, I did not know whether to laugh or cry.
There is a famous English saying about the worst of enemies being your own so-called friends betraying you -- "With friends like these (named so and so), who needs enemies?" -- now Desi tried his best to adapt it to read: With such a nincompoop for commander-in-chief, why go to war at all?

Malaysian National News Agency

Abdullah Disappointed With Police Ambush Strategy

October 26, 2007 17:00 PM

Oct 26 (Bernama) -- Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has expressed regret over the shooting in Sungai Buloh, Selangor, last night which took the lives of two policemen, saying that the incident could have been avoided if police had used the correct strategy.

The prime minister said that information provided by Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan showed that the police team carrying out the drug raid should have informed other units of their intention.

"What Musa had told me was that before conducting the operation, they should have liaised with other police units to come up with the proper strategy to avoid untoward incidents.

"But the approach (used last night) was not right. If they had done it differently, including asking other squads to provide back-up, then they could have surrounded the suspects properly and used loud-hailers to instruct them to come out. Then only the police could say that they were prepared (for the operation)," he told reporters after opening the Kepala Batas Hospital here Friday.

In the 7.30pm incident at a house in Kampung Desa Aman, Sungai Buloh, two policemen from the Selangor police contingent were shot dead while two others were seriously injured.

The team comprising four plainclothed policemen was about to raid the house whose occupants were believed to be members of an international drug syndicate.

Several men in two cars arrived outside the house and fired at the policemen before making their escape.

Abdullah, who is also Internal Security Minister, said the suspects were prepared to do anything to avoid capture as they would face the death penalty if convicted of serious criminal offences.

The house was said to have been used as a drug-processing laboratory.


PS: like what that Nazi sounding guy in the PM's Department on using The Witness Protection Act to protect informers or whistleblowers (wrt Video Tape exposed by ex-DPM Anwar Ibrahim), will Malaysians be surprised that they then come out with a statement saying "The press misquoted me," or "I informed my press aide to amedn my remarks but they failed to carry out their duties."

For oce I support that Bung guy who said wods to the effect that we don't need Malaysian ministers to commmit hara-kiri -- just resign will do for creating scandal aftaer scandal such that Malaysians have become "immune" to be surprised or outraged. But Desi would still prefer that they jump from the top of Petronas Twin Towers. With the right Malaysia Boleh spirit, these incredible ministers may jest sturvive to get another entry into that famous/notorious Malayisian Buku Rekod-Rekod dimainkan again and again:(

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