My Anthem

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I didn'tknow whether to laugh or cry...

***Ours is not to question why
Ours is but to do

Or die.

I hear two PCs were shot to die
Their lives were short cos bulletproof vests were in in short supply
The crime rate in NegaraKu keeps rising
The Gomen BIGshots are still shaking their BIG dickheads wondering
Why the hilltops were still declining and balding
The MB told the PM "I told them not to cut down those damn'd trees!"
I beli've all of damn'd leaders, they cared so much
for you's and me's

Meanwhile Petronas keesp reporting profits galore
Ain't you people jumping with jOy, oh bOy!, at the windfall?
Net profits rising from RM35.5billion
To RM43.6bil and now RM45.4bil
Here's national fortune climbing, here's your climbing toll bill
Leave it to the leaders, another petrol price rise soon
You call 'em daylight robber
or just goon?

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry
Citizen Nades also keeps wondering why

State assemblymen and councillors could build small houses 4 storeys high
But small traders caught selling small nick-nacks can kiss their wares goodbye
MB and the Zak who built such a mansion
Rockybru said the House was unmansionable
But one-eyed Jacks went around scolding the ferrymen
For carrying not enough life jackets which could save the VIPS from drowning
And the ferrymen thought allow'd: But why should I?
I'd rather that they drowned instead of clowning...
God would have done us a favour on the SA's early departure
That my community finally could get, after a decade, the community centre

So the Rakyat didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
Desi this knotty Sundae will tell you don't
Pray that these generous, kindhearted SA and MPswould sit down with us
And we'll all sing as The Titanic goes down the famous chorus
"Oh t was sad, oh it was sad
It was sad the great ship went down..."

Most law-abiding citizens didn't know whether to laugh with da Clown
Or cry with the poor women and children wailing, dying
As the ferry caught fire
The Kepten and crew were to jumpship first
If they stayed -- they would die of thirst
And it's not goode for the national news wire
Not to get their stories live from the horse's small mouth
Rather than quoting lowly passengers all with litlle money
And even littler clout

So today being a holy Sunday
You know what to do
Put some money for the special collection
To help ev'ry mata-mata don a bulletproof vest
From thy generous donation
So in peace we will awe rest

I know what I'll do
I'll say a small prayer for you if thou be goode
Write me that blardy 20million cheque will you?
So that I'll stop writing such nonsensical verse
The situation is bad enuf, "You" make it blardy worse
Yes, Mr Minister, MB and MP Yang Berkhidmat so generous
I hear your sweet-mouthed but piercing curse
I live in a "small" house only
Eighteen rooms and swimmin ppol Itali tiles
and Mongolian chandeliers gold-layered cakes with many tiers
"Small" reward for all my sacrifices
Building jetties and satay houses promoting tourism
Don't envy lah my small house you louse
"It's just small desserts and sweet charity
After all, I also entertain the orphans and my BIG family!"

So now is that 20mil cheque for mousey writHer Desi ready?
I'm sure moo_t has found a goode neighbour practising Hi-charity
Otherwise your conscience will not let thee rest
That Desi should wait so long w'ile the VIPS laugh and cry
The wait could render me stiff and bloodless
That's being a most unkindest cut of all -- you blardy creature heartless

Todie this writHer is in a fowl mood
That I'm struggling through life and you are goode
That you lowly b'st'rds have the option to laugh or cry
W'ile a noble prize winner had to beg or steal, or standing still
No option to laugh or cry
But to do as da Leaders says
Or standing still

W'ndering why

Don't jest laugh or cry

Better still

Go and Die!

And the Rakyat cuntinue to shake their heads
Cuntinue putting that cross against the Dacing symbol
Masochistic Malaysians mostly all
They exercise their Vote, still wanna complain -- they have such gall!
Now I know Life is jest a gamble
You roll the die
It always comes up a winner for BIG men who live in small houses

You blardy idiots and louses and losers
You only know how to laugh or cry
Or die
Still your children are w'ndering why

Todie the author of Sundae Inter:lude is in a fowl mood
That he's still struggling through life and you are goode
That you lowly b'st'rds have the option to laugh or cry
W'ile a noble prize winner had to beg or steal, or standing still
No option to laugh or cry
But to do as da Leaders says
Or standing still

W'ndering why

Don't jest laugh or cry

Better still

Go and Die!

***PS @1.05pm after CON SpecialBrunch:

Lest Desi be alleged to be guilty of Plagiarythm, these lines are Adapted from "Charge of the Light Brigade". By Lord Alfred Venision -- Oops, Tennyson! -- I was thinking ahead of next Sundae's CON BF -- lamp chop, beef steak and Oh dear, it tastes like deer meat, not bif stick!


"V" said...

Ready for the fireworks eVeryone?

Remember, remember,
the 5th of NoVember,
Gunpowder, treason and plot!

GoVernments should be afraid of their people.
The people should neVer be afraid of their GoVernments.

seefei said...

rakyat should be proud cos we are the first asean country to go to space. others (problems) can wait...

desiderata said...

dear "V" it's such a pleasure
to have thee keeping Desi company with leisure
We will plot, we will even quietly smile
and wait for our momemnt of V:
as those BN b'st'rds full of vile
Slowly or quickly become part of the funereal pyre

Of firworks and man's great Visdom
Veni, Vidi, Vici we'll claim the Rakyat's kingdom

desiderata said...

ah seefei:

The one from Ipoh whom I miss
cometh at Midnight like a sage
shalt heee light the first flame please
Send these BN tikus on wan-way tix into outer space

PS: Prioity given to those whose nama rime with Zak, Nazi and Fireruse:(:(:(
Add in "All The Prez Men" as Captain and Crew
That the Rakya no longer get the screw!