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Monday, October 22, 2007

mGf Howsy, Fare Thee. Well.

mGf wilde hoRst has an aversion to the MSM -- and I believe he coined this term to define Mainstream Media like the New Straits Times, The Star and theSun (I'm restricting to only the English medium) -- just as Desi coined mGf, which if late blommers must know, stands for myGOoDfriend, which is a general term I address my ER (EsteemedReaders hear!) of loner rterm engagement. No, the ceremony does not ivolve the exchange of RM1million rings as I'm neither Datuk K nor Zak, who built a RM7million "small" house, forgot o'lady, ah?

Howsy aka Dr Say Yee How is leaving Malaysian shores again, this time for the Land of Dreams -- in his own words, the "New England") -- today, and this Post is to Fare Thee mGf. Well.

If thou doeth not achieve thy dream/s, just follow our mutual GOoD friend's advice, from another Doc "Quek", hoRst at maverickysm.BC, "Bring back an angmohpoh!"

"Quek" rimes with "quack" and I used the term as an endearment to these two buddies because at my time of need -- a victim of shingles and appendicitis, they both abandoned Desi at the Furong Hospitality to suffer in s lence. "GO PLACIDLY amid the noise and the haste..."

Somehow, the three of us clicked pretty well in blogosphere the past two years plus, and we have met and hugged and embraced and engaged. But there is a missing "jigsaw" in the Three Musketters puzzle -- Anak Merdeka keeps hydeing somewhere in mazy, hazy and crasy Furong. I tried to entice her with flee kopi at Men Kee Korner with autogiraffed kopi of my Anthology of Midnight Voices, she didn't show. And despite Mave's and Howsy's constant nagging, this shy-shy "Maskedidtoe" -- Desi was roped in on late arrival as The D*art -- steal goes MIA in the night:(

Okay, being lazy, hazy and daisy -- whatever that lust byte means! -- DEsi does another Cut&Paste to "fare thee.wella.myRAMBLINGboi!"

Banter Around The Dinner Table

GK Chesterton inspires
My heart's desires
At dinner time

Some close buddies
Serving up mirth laughter
To spice up the meat
To add ale to water

Veggies taste sweeter
When downed with plain talk
and giggle

It's of comradeship
Sharing some trade gossip
Catching up on a mate's latest
of pain in his heartbeat

Chong Yen Long

Copyright ©2007

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