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Sunday, October 21, 2007

A BIG fat cat and a small Water-rat

Sundae Inter:lude

Please do some homework before proceeding because God only helps those who help themselves.

My Rumination is based on “The Devoted Friend” by Oscar Wilde, (see Top of Page!). Lust night, as I lay sleeping, some Funny, Familiar, Forgotten Feelings swept over me; and in case some of you should ask, I did not see any special angkong jie (4D-lah for the ignoramuses among tee!:( even with BOTH MY EYES OPEN!

If you should be a neighbout of that Jasin MP, his One Eye Closed sees more ringgit than your thousand pairs. And that Zakaria Mad Deros could have given each of the local councillors a few BIG sticks of satay before they pulled down the DZ Sate house, eh! Yes, in good fellowship, the councillors left poor Zak of many tricks -- Ooops, trades! -- to cramp his BIG family into only a mini, tiny, li’l house in the vast Klang Valley, part of the most developed state this part of the world where when world oil prices go up, our pump prices go up too when Petronas petroleum commands a premium price.

Wow, a long Intro indeed, and it's not even Inter:nude for the Doc, because Desi was just up and about from semi-hiatus. No, I didn’t go to Haiti – MAS did not respond to my SOS for flee tickets. They said if Desi were to head for Cuba, I could potentially get a one-way ticket on condition I showed them a political asylum status PR... Anyone hear knows Fidelis Castrate?

Okay, back to the Wilde one, whose Oscar winning quotes are right, or left, up my alley, where cats mate in great abundance and also abandon – it’s really a free world! – Desi cracked his head after Dr Yeoh SM –- yes, sireee, the ysm after maverick if his name in short, in “long” form have to ask his secretary who is tending to a brood of Bayi always singing in the ward.

Quoting his Thinking Aloud:

2 comment(s):

"I like the story but I didn't catch the insights.

Why not you too try Bayi's style jokes...hehehehehehehehehehehehehe

By Maverick SM, at 4:21 PM "

My Thinking Allowed that followed: “

"mave brudder:

Thou art not the only wan -- I read the Short Story a few times; still digesting it; still not foolly getting the "insights".
Wonder if the wilde wan won't spare us some time clarifying his message?:)

By desiderata, at 5:03 PM

As I was saying, when lust night as I lay sleeping, some FFFF (hey, it's not a dirty swear word!) came rushing into my small brain. Ah, that mighty generous Hari Raya Do/Did/Deed at the small house in the royal city of Klang. It provided the major “insight” – or is it small inside? – into that Wilde story with a “moral” which upset the Water-Rat.I guess rats get upset o’er all sorts of things not edible. So I wonder if like the orphans at that Zak do, did they ask for more?

If by now, half of my ER – hey, it’s not Emergency Room, it’s for EsteemedReaders, if you are stil in te adrk to date, you’reno friend of mine, go join the rats!—would be cursing beneath their breath, why is this Desi so longwinded and not get to the gist of the moral of the story. Folks, I am trying darn’d hard to cultivat the noble trait of Patience among Malaysians. Others get paid stipends and listed/listing companies' directorsheeps, badge of honours like Datuk and DanSi(Horst of allOFhelen says it means "Waiting to die" in Kantonis, ya ke?)for doing NS, Desi gets nothing but some requests for aMore tehtarik – jest watch the fine minute nanosecondthsized mobulae of arsenic, OK! (If you could find the word mobula in Da Dick, I just coined that word because it sounds right. In the exquisite company of Oscar writers, you are allowed some Leejeanswear.

Now where was I?
Okay, just to braek the long journey, I reprise from one of the more readable MSM columnists, SYED NADZRI,in the same league as Citizen Nades and Jacqueline Ann Surin(also our mutual buddy Howsy's faves!:) mayhaps?

SYED NADZRI on Tuesday:

The house that Zak built

The public must judge for themselves whether the mansion built by Datuk Zakaria Md Deros is merely a legal issue or one that has moral questions attached to it.

EXACTLY a year ago,
this column raised some questions about Port Klang state assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Md Deros and the luxurious bungalow he was building in Pandamaran, near Klang.

The house attracted a lot of attention as it was sticking out like a sore thumb in the midst of humble dwellings of the working class in Kampung Idaman -- very much like a scene of a palace in a feudal kingdom.

It was a hot subject then because it was said that the big house was being built without proper approval under the local council's building and planning regulations.

In that column, I wrote that the whole issue would be very much simpler if it was all merely about a legal issue.

"But," I continued, "quite obviously, it is not.
"There are moral questions. And political consequences. Which is why it is likely that the whole controversy is going to become more complex even after the legal point has been well and truly settled."

That was on Oct 16 last year.

True enough. The legal point has been settled because planning permission has since been obtained. Zakaria is in the clear under the law.

But ironically, the story about "the house that Zak built" was given a new lease of life when newspapers carried the latest reports and pictures about it on Friday.

The New Straits Times story on this, among others, says the celestial mansion has 16 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms, is 21/2 storeys high, and has a large fish pond and swimming pool.

"The flooring in the main hall is marble-tiled with many chandeliers above. There is also a mini golf course and a large garage. The size of the master bedroom could only be compared to a whole apartment and its attached bathroom comes with a jacuzzi."

At a house-warming do last Tuesday, Zakaria hosted about 500 orphans to dinner, prayer session and a sleepover. Oh, how thoughtful.

Going back to where I left off last year, I now leave it to readers to judge on the poser as to whether the above is just a legal issue or one that has moral questions in it. With political consequences.

________________ Ends Syed Nadzri's art __________________

DESIDERATA, being lazy as his CON BF has not arrived nyet, Cut&Paste from his own thoughts the day the story broke showing the lavish, ravishing "small" house that that Water-Rat -- Ooops, Zak -- built. The lardy Miller broke my concentration and Oscar in is winding ways did not help at awe!:(

There is indeed indecency in two Houses -- Starhub and Zakaria's 'palace' -- when the newspaper instead of chastising a law-breaker deemed it "fit" and proper (while others like me are getting the fits reading it) to celebrate Zakaria's elevation to being a "King" of the small house towering only 2-1/2-storeys in the Royal city of Klang. (I thought it was supposed to be 4 or 4-1/2 storeys, HOWsy?)

Indecent may not be the right word -- something incestuous is going on mayhaps because in the early days when the story broke about Zakaria having broken the buildings bylaws,, the People's Paper headed by a Datuk even great to great length to call on its Indian feng shui expert to write a PR shit -- oops, mind your language, sheet! -- about Zakaria's misfortune as being due to his mansion's locational bad fengshui. So it's not improbable that one Datuk is rubbing the other Datuk's back and each getting a high in their orifices where the sun don't shine, Yes/NO/Maybe... your democratic objective test, my EsteenmedReaders.


Wrt "...Zakaria said 30 orphans slept in the master bedroom and the rest in other rooms.He said he wanted to honour the children and also to allow them the opportunity to stay in luxury." -- Mayhaps the now law-abiding and charitable State Assemblyman should give these orphans permanent residence in the 'palace'? Anyway, it's only a "small" house what!

As for the major "insight/inside" that Desi wishes to share with Mave
is that
like the Miller, Zakaria the state assemblyman, is indeed a kindhearted and generous man. He shared with the orphans -- he promised another group of orphans many happy returns of the day the next Hari Raya Aidilfitri cometh2008! By then he would have added more bathrooms, more chandeliers, and ah,mayhaps, at lust, aMore Mistress Medroom adjoining the Master Bedroom. I qquote from Nadzri's quoted report: --
"The flooring in the main hall is marble-tiled with many chandeliers above. There is also a mini golf course and a large garage. The size of the master bedroom could only be compared to a whole apartment and its attached bathroom comes with a jacuzzi." --

Now if only Pak Lah could be as kind and generous as the Miller and Zakaria, all Malaysians who have a BIG family would be gifted a "small" house by next Hari Raya Aidilfitri. And every recipient would ensure the 'hole keluarga mesra's "V"OTES FOR BN. Long Live, Pak Lah, Long Live Zakara, Long Live the Water-rats!

"The flooring in the main hall is marble-tiled with many chandeliers above. There is also a mini golf course and a large garage. The size of the master bedroom could only be compared to a whole apartment and its attached bathroom comes with a jacuzzi."

"V" for Vendetta.
I hear a small voice from Furong valley smiling at Desi at Men Kee food court where there gather many BIG FAT CATS for CON BF like Desi. I hate Water-Rats! Give me a Miller's daughter anytime!

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