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Monday, October 08, 2007

Mondae sings Malaysian blues:(

The Malaysian stage today is dark, dank and mainly like Mondae blues
For more lifting colours, wait for evening showers to welcome the occasional rainbow hues
Desi planned a HI-atus in Hait or jest Hi-Tea
But soon disrupted by myGOoDfriend DIN MERICAN's sirprise PKR's entry

He said he is fedup with the Barisan Nasional all-talk-and-no-action policy
He's also confused by the leaders' claims we're OK, but the common folks don't agree
Now it's the time for All Goode Men To Rise, says Din
If NegaraKu is to survive the sleepy-eyed, premier BN's dream
Big mouth Nazri maketh Malaysia a laughing stock with his Got Eyes No See
2,000 lwayers in B&W suits march to PM's Department, and he 'hole-ars'ed:
Is there a crisis with our Judiciary?
Where got crisis?
You Opposition guys are all a-miss!

Empty vessels make the most noise, an English saw goes
But a half-baked lawyer's brain proveth he's got more holes
Tonight Malaysians better sleep with both eyes closed
Tomorrow you may wake up to more MPs and Ministers
Shooting off their mouths either ether- or dada'-overdosed?

Since I'm withdrawing to Half-HI-atus because of bread and butter
I'm doing a Cut&Paste from maverickysm.BC and my verse you no long-er suffer

______________ Thanks Dr Yeoh SM matey, in return for thiefing my Pome! ______________

What has become of Malaysia?

A Nation decomposing. A Nation treading disaster?

It's damn scary...

When a good citizen gave information of a crime, the alleged criminal is holidaying with the investigators and the system administrators. And the source of the complain was investigated and possibly castigated.

When a child was murdered, the murderer could not be found, and the crimebusters' solutions is to indict the parents for the crime of negligence.

When a girl is raped, the lawmakers blamed her for having a sexy look or being scantily dressed which invites crime.

When the bloggers exposed corruption, they were arrested for some other reasons other than that exposure and the corruptors smiled.

It is far safer and luxurious to be the corrupt, the crime and the perpetrator than to be a good, honest citizen. This land is or has become the land for the Vikings and Tartans.

They can sent man to the Moon or Mars. We are more concerned on how to play batu sembilan, eat roti canai, and make teh tarik while in the space. they are not in the space for any other reason.

They are more interested to debate the women's dress in the parliament. They are more interested in debating about women comes once a month. They are more interested in debating monkeys and calling bloggers monkeys.

Now we are debating whether Rasa Sayang is Malaysian folk song or is it Indonesian. It looks like the government is prepared to forego a relationship in order to claim the rights to sing the song during the Merdeka parade.

We don't catch thieves, for we can't. We don't catch corruptors, for we are friends and partners. We do what the Auditor-general said we do, for we had being doing that all the time and all the years; so why are you complaining? There is nothing wrong, isn't it? So, what's wrong?


Maverick SM said...

Hello Desi,

Thanks for the publication. You make me femus liao!

Where is the new poem? Give some love story poem.... veri sad malaysians need love poem!!!

"V" said...

That foolish Nazi (oooops spelling error- neVer mind it is quite a suitable name for the dictatorial disgraceful excuse for a de facto law minister), he has been talking cock yet again, this time about a non-extant act, which he is reported in the mainstream = censored = media as calling the "Witness Protection Act" What a Very big embarrassment to Malaysia this Nazri the Nazi is. VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVote for Change!!

desiderata said...

Hello Mave Dr SM
Femes eh, like Michelle O Yeoh!:)

Desi's fatigued with all these funny goings-on of comings-con,
Awe you need is love,Patience ehPerhaps Love
will arrivedesi Sundae Inter-nude?
brudder howsy can spare Mimi or Royale
Mave remember da Song of September
Nicole is mine, ah, such swet slumber
Wake me knot til sext May maybe
Meanw'ile, let's linger in ecstasy
Barefoot in the Park
Sleeping on da bench?
Happy as doe-eyed lark?
Imagine Mavericky-ed and his wench!

desiderata said...

Ah,mGf "V" on anOTHER midnight Visit
Now that Nazi guy is on his HI-list
V for Vendetta
V for Vindication
Yeah, if Anak Merdeka anOther FurongKnight hears US
VVV for Veni, Vidi,Vici!:):):)

Collect thy Autogiraffed kopi of Poems at Lingam's Curry Mouse,AM?
PM also cun and I'll bring along "V"
Another PKR Visionary...
Like Din Merican joining OUR ship
SoAM and the Musketdeers answering this Whip?
Let's awe sing Desi,Daisy, Tehsee? Veni, Vidi,Vici!!!