My Anthem

Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday blues and cheap screws

Monday is always full of blues
My country is always Hi on cheap screws
We buy some Russain jets from Russia
They threw in a free ride on its Soyuz as a bonanza

An astronut riding passenger is played up
Entering space age league is like opening more 7ELEVEN and drinking 7UP
But can we have brains to undersatnd the Theory of Relativity
Or just build a gas-fuelled car from our own ingenuity?
The more one trumpets one's achievement the less the glory be
Mr DPM you don't walk a few inches taller and get ecstasy
Becos that first astronut took a ride into infinity
One can achieve that by donning a pair of Jimy Choo's shoes
But Malaysia will still cuntinue to get its mundane screws
We can still afford many more billion-dollar add-ventures into inner and outer space
We want gaya, we get face
With more Selling forward of Petronas oil, and yes, Signing more IOUs.

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