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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Another Antz' Tail

It waz a dark and stormy night. The wind howled, the cats meowed, the cowz moo-ed and the nightingales galed, and Someone woo-ed, and another One awe the way from Ipoh coo-ed.
Densudly the lightning ninglighted and the thunder derthuned, and the purr Antz slipped from the toppe of the century-olde museum roof all the way down, but luckily, landed on a cold and hard surface. This storey-taeler thinks it's on top of a knight's armour, cold and dank.
As Desi is still away on HI-atus, and you people steal LO-tus, hear's Cut&Paste&Dry from with her message Have a GOoD Weekend post Sept 28, 2007.)

desiderata said...

helen, you mean WICKEDend, didnt you. Hey, cowgal, say what you mean lah instead of being suggestive!

I enjoy Chris Christoffersen's version -- witch one were you humming to your Sig Other? It's a Rhetorical Q!:)

Now I tell you an anecdote, from Peacnuts I think!

An hungry ant crept into the chink one night, cold and dank.
It crawled and crawled and was wondering why it didnt meet any "potential" titbits it could byte into, as the long journey wore on.

After feeling the dank dark and cold surface, it dawned on the litle ant it had entered into an armour via the noseand now heading downwards assisted by gravity!

It started to hum: "Help me get through the Knight!"

11:43 PM

DESI: When one mispronounced HI-atus, it means this writHer speaks from a High=Status point of view, like King Solomon speaketh to all his slaves and haram/harem maids.

Sig Other refers to "Spouse".Actually Sig is short for Significant, not "sick". Just share with you when you say something orally, it can mislead your listeners. Compared when it's writen down lie this. In Kantonis when you wanted to eat crabs: "Hey, yau hai-moh ah?" to the auntie who stares at you in the I-I! you wanna drop dead or alive:)

I think for past se7en years -- not the past wan as docs warned me it would take another tail off my Cat's nine tales -- I ate too much/many crabs, so muzh so I not only walk sideways, but also talk sideways.

For someone on HI-atus, I think I rode two mush o'lady!

Because I heard the Ipoh lady sing and the Antz hum-ming steal with no sign of arriving at its morsel, let's do the choruz togather!

Take the ribbon from your hair,
Shake it loose and let it fall,
Layin' soft upon my skin.
Like the shadows on the wall.

Come and lay down by my side
'till the early morning light
All I'm takin' is your time.
Help me make it through the night.

I don't care what's right or wrong,
I don't try to understand.
Let the devil take tomorrow.
Lord, tonight I need a friend.

Yesterday is dead and gone
And tomorrow's out of sight
And tonight I'll be alone
Help me get it through the (K)night.

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