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Friday, October 12, 2007

Indecent celebrations in two "Houses"

There is something rotten in the House of Denmark.
This Shakespeare's quote from Hamlet was brought into Malaysians' consciousness by former Prime Minister Tun DR Mahathir Mohamad at a recent dialogue at Putrajaya with Bloggers, and I was happy to have listened to a The Bard's fan. The good doctor substituted Denmark with Malaysia, and you who missed Desi's writeup can now guess what the occasion was all about.

BTW, which is Bloggers' acronym for "By the way", not wayside, Mahathir's erswhile deputy DS Anwar Ibrahim now like his former mentor is trying to replace Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's administration, is also an ardent Shakespeare's fan and often spiced his speeches with the most admired writer's quotes. I apologise for my digression/aggression to come, but's that's a spice I throw to get more Malaysians to borad the Bloggers' wago so they enjoy a privilege to abuse at whim, wit and fancy.

Okay, back to serious mode, which is really not Desi's habit in blogging as he believes a Blogger's journey is to be enjoyed -- I know some nutties would give up a night of bedroom ecstasy for s'x hours of Hi at the PC terminal. For elaboration, please visit maverickysm.BC and/or allofhelen.BC; BC stands for service provider for the cyber ignoramuses which are many in NegaraKu, hence my sharing this "indecent" post.
First, extract from a rival newspaper to the "celebrating parties" -- NST page 20

Zakaria moving into ‘palace’ soon

Assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Md Deros’ 16-bedroom, 21-bathroom home. —Picture courtesy of Sin Chew Daily
Desi's note: I feel it's indecent to show the "opulent" small house, whcih is a contracdiction of sorts, sp I exercised the right to censor it lest I be accused of being anaccessory to the "crime".

KLANG: Port Klang state assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Md Deros will be moving into his palatial mansion, which boasts 16 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms, after the Hari Raya celebrations.
The mansion is built on 43,000 sq feet of land in Kampung Idaman, while the size of his current home can only be described as an extensively renovated low-cost house.The 21/2-storey mansion has a large fish pond and swimming pool. The main hall's flooring is marble-tiled with many chandeliers. There is also a mini golf course and a large garage. The size of the master bedroom could only be compared to an apartment and its attached bathroom comes with a jacuzzi.In preparation for his move from his current home, which lies just a stone's throw away from the mansion, he hosted about 500 orphans to a prayer session and dinner on Tuesday night.
About 100 of them stayed at the mansion, dubbed "Istana Zakaria", for the night.When contacted yesterday, Zakaria said 30 orphans slept in the master bedroom and the rest in other rooms.He said he wanted to honour the children and also to allow them the opportunity to stay in luxury.

"When and where else will they get such a chance?" he said, adding that the children were from Baling, Kedah. He handed out duit Raya, kain pelikat and batik to the children.He said there would be a Hari Raya open house at the mansion on Nov 10 and he expected about 60,000 people.

About a year ago, Zakaria became a household name after it was reported that he was building the mansion without planning permission from the Klang Municipal Council (MPK).He had been a Klang councillor for 27 years and was slated for another two-year term when the issue was highlighted.

After a public outcry and intervention by the Sultan of Selangor, the state and the Umno supreme council, Zakaria declined his nomination as councillor.Only after this controversy did Zakaria submit the building plans for his mansion. It was subsequently approved.

It was also revealed then that he was running a popular satay shop opposite the mansion without a permit, occupying government land. It was later demolished by MPK.

DESIDERATA continues with commentary, can?

Now invest RM0.60 on a second-hand copy of The Star (it must surely go for 1/2 price at 4.11pm yes!) to enjoy to your heart's delight the heart-warming coverage with rich pictures that leave no room for imagination about Zakaria's exquisite tastes, -- small marbles, small chandeliers, small masterbedroom -- I hear a loud voice whisper that among the 60,000 people expected to attend the Zakaria's bighearted open house will be some DanSi, Latuk and Latin dancers. Desi will try bring you some pix if I can gain entranz. But this mousey writHer doesn't even own a handphone with camera function. Will Zakaria borrow me wan?

There is indeed indecency in two Houses -- Starhub and Zakaria's 'palace' -- when the newspaper instead of chastising a law-breaker deemed it "fit" and proper (while others like me are getting the fits reading it) to celebrate Zakaria's elevation to being a "King" of the small house towering only 2-1/2-storeys in the Royal city of Klang. (I thought it was supposed to be 4 or 4-1/2 storeys, HOWsy?)

Indecent may not be the right word -- something incestuous is going on mayhaps because in the early days when the story broke about Zakaria having broken the buildings bylaws,, the People's Paper headed by a Datuk even great to great length to call on its Indian feng shui expert to write a PR shit -- oops, mind your language, sheet! -- about Zakaria's misfortune as being due to his mansion's locational bad fengshui. So it's not improbable that one Datuk is rubbing the other Datuk's back and each getting a high in their orifices where the sun don't shine, Yes/NO/Maybe... your democratic objective test, my EsteenmedReaders.

You missed that one? Oh, how about Zakaria and wife going great guns about promoting healthy environment -- planting flowering plants amidst the rubble and bubble that is Klang well served by a subservient local council who obliged with post-erection "approval' as the NST duly reported "It was subsequently approved." (The highlights, thus BOLDED, are all knotty Desi's.)

Wrt "...Zakaria said 30 orphans slept in the master bedroom and the rest in other rooms.He said he wanted to honour the children and also to allow them the opportunity to stay in luxury." -- Mayhaps the now law-abiding and charitable State Assemblyman should give these orphans permanent residence in the 'palace'? Anyway, it's only a "small" house what!

So my dear ER, if you have a terraced house and need more kitchen space with erecting an awning lengthening the fire place, and more concrete to put more stoves to make more kuih for Raya or New Year, please relocate your house to Klang. The considerate local council will approve your building/extension plans post-erection. Make sure you have the recpomendation from a Datuk, preferable from strongarm UMNO! Also, please don't show your DAP or PKR or PAS membership card unless you are Din Merican or YL Chong or Kim Quek.


' said...

What a despicable apology for a man Zakaria Md Deros is, he wife cannot be praised either. This Vulgar erection in the midst of humble but legal low cost residences near Klang is an example of the depths corrupt, greedy, uneducated low life will go to, in order to flaunt their ill gotten gains. How the neighbours must detest the presence of this ugly scar in the their home village. It is in a word, DISGRACEFUL

agnos said...

this is the type of report that makes the rakyat angry at the government - glorifying the law breakers who are connected.

has the ACA investigated where this dude got his money from?

why wasnt his house demolish in the first place when it was discovered he does not have approval?

i think the star report is purposely done to thumb their noses at the people who reports them to the authority.

it is a way to get back by saying - so what can you do about it?

well, i am telling u now - the law abiding rakyat cant do much except to grieve in silent for having a government that is outright arrogance but wait till god call you guys home.

your sandiwara just make me puke.

"V" said...

Vulgar Verruca, Venereal Vulgarity, Veritable Vexation Violating Voting Villagers Vital Visual Vista.
That is the house of shame Zakaria aka 'Happy Cock' has built.
Vernacular Verbs Vilifying Vermin such as Zakaria Md.Deros et al., will forever condemn them.
The time of reckoning will soon come, such foul stinking excreta will be flushed away, and the true Malaysia will be reVealed and will thrive and flourish for the benefit of each and every citizen.'V' for Vendetta. 'V' for Victory, 'V' for Vote Wisely!

The Ancient Mariner said...
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The Ancient Mariner said...

I blogged about this Zakaria fellow some time ago. Read my blog "Rich politician, poor politician".