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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Peace H'll Holds Its Own Sandiwara

First UMNO entertained the nation full of woe to its Sandiwara on the PWTC Stage.
Some two years later, Peace Hill follows suit, and the fun has just begun.


Team A: PM, IGP and ACA chief
Team B: Deputy Internal Security Minister, CCID chief
Rulers Conference, Taiko, Saiko, Ah Longs and No-longers; Bloggers?

Act 2:
Main actor: Datuk Ramli Yusof

According to theSun onlne version~~

'RM27mil cop' speaks up

(Oct 30, 2007): "I am the RM27 million police officer mentioned by the media," declared Bukit Aman Commercial Crimes director Datuk Ramli Yusof today, but he was quick to add that the figure is inaccurate.

"Even before the investigations commenced, I was already in the news – being persecuted. It’s not fair to me."

Stating that he made an official declaration to the Anti-Corruption Agency, he said: "My income as a police officer of nearly 38 years’ service exceeds my assets.

If I had made a false declaration, it is an offence and is up to the ACA but to say I have such assets. The declaration I made is supposed to be between me and the ACA and the law requires it to be kept confidential but I do not know how such information was leaked to the media," he told a press conference in Bukit Perdana.

Ramli also said he was accused of being an "enforcer and Godfather" of a company in Sabah and was a director and shareholder.

Ramli, who said he was directed by deputy internal security minister Datuk Johari Baharom to investigate Ah Longs which led to the banishment of a gambling kingpin.

He made a scathing attack on the ACA, charging that their actions have resulted in danger to the intelligence gathering ability of the police force and its ability to protect its informants.

Saying that police informants, who provided valuable information on the activities of Ah Long and gambling syndicates have been compromised by these actions, Ramli alleged that his officers had been mistreated by the agency and are "yet to be protected by their own force".

"Two days ago, the PM has indicated that we have to protect the whistleblowers or the police informers. We the police force must protect our informers. That’s my stand," he added.

Over the past few weeks, several officers from the Commercial Crime Department have been charged with falsifying documents. Their cases are pending, but in a three-page statement, Ramli made a number of serious allegations, including:

the police force had failed to stand by him and his officers during the ACA investigation;
files containing confidential information were directed to be handed over to the Attorney-General’s Chamber;
the ACA tracked and recorded statements from police informants;
the informants’ cover had been blown with the ACA naming them in charges preferred against his officers;
the identities of the informants were obtained by circumventing the IGP’s Standing Orders; and
he and his officers were directed to prepare their own affidavits-in-reply to an application to set aside an order banishing one Goh Cheng Poh @ Tengku, which he claimed was unprecedented.

When asked about his relationship with the IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan, he said: "Very good, very cordial. I have no problem with him. I have been working with him for many years together. There is no question of having any problem with him. We respect each other."

Musa when met later declined comment saying that he was unaware of the press conference. When asked about Ramli’s claims, he said: "Don’t ask me. You have to ask the ACA."

Asked if there was a rift among the top brass in the force, Musa responded: "If there was a difference in opinion, could you consider that a rift? There is no rift."

DESIDERATA: Now howcome crazy Blogger starts off with Act 2?

Patience Miss is also Virtuous, eh?

Act 1, like a movie script sometimes, comes later as a Flashback, yes! Desi will hunt down the contents from's archives, can?

So Comments or Voice-overs will come with Act 1, Okay!:) SEMUANYA KO!:(

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