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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Writers worldwide share common dreams, and SO WE SOMETIMES TOUCH...

And yes, the Honesty is too mcuh
For some to bear:(, but it's profitable to share:)

Dear ER, this li'l ditty was inspired in the early hours post postig my previous post -- that Online Petition see? I know, teachers have taught you to follow an example of not repeating the same word eg post in the same sentence, a greater sin when you use it THREE times. But when a riter writes about a subject not so pleasant, he thinks BAD thoughts, so I momentarily lapse into making "ellors" -- a Chinaman's propensity for mixing up his Rs and Ls. Please don't get offended for my using Chinaman, it's only referring to knotty Desi. Thanks for the forebearance.

Chow, which can mean SeyaLater OR Come, Let's Makan!

An Accomplice-ship for Donald?

Each waking hour, even in our sleeping
We dream our individual dreams
But often our paths converge, cross each other's
Even momentarily
We exchange a Hi or Lo! maybe just a smile
We know what we are about
The individual pursuing the ideals
Drive by love for humanisty, the empathy for the race
Called the HUMAN RACE
WE don't need to battle for territory or money trails
Like businessmen ala Donald Trump do
We leave such species AL1
1 is for ONEself
Others can "Go to Hell!"

I'd rather go to hell but I try to get IT
Out of Here, my cyber home

For peace is one Ideal for writers
Empathy is another
We live with Respect for Each Other
Except for money-grubbers like Donald

We already know one very wellA at home
We are also onlining to Tapau the
Maybe Donald would want him as Apprentice/Accomplice?

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