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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Midnight Voices Would NOT GO AWAY!

Some Midnight Voices are calling me again:
they cause restless sleep, fleeting pain
I know a friend across the se7en seas
Seems to be touching my heart now, yes, Desi's

Not speaking, yet heart felt
Like identical twins' beats into Oneness melt
Dearest One, do you feel my toucn tonight/morn and hours in-betwin
I do yours, fleeting but caressing, cool, sometimes warm, and feeling in-between

No words are exchanged, just you and me
Cos man speaks in more ways than the spoken word
What the heart feels, the mind sees
And it's foreword, body and happiness afterword

So my soul-mate, art thou hearin' me, sometimes touchin'
Yes, it's passion that I feel
Dearest one may soothe the longin' a byte
Sufficient, not enough, but love is not greedy
It's bated breaths, touchin' highs, relax, then excite

It's the most relaxing Rest&Recreation
During the Midnight hours
When writers writHe best,
and Poet-asSpirants strive a never ending quest

Desi's indeed at rest, best, conquest

(c) YL Chong, newsdog, Desi, poet-aSspring
3.50AM 12 May 2016 


 from page 11, 
Midnight Voices and Other Poems by 
Desiderata YL Chong

Midnight Voices

Familiar voices
With faint messages
Half communicated

They descend in my sleep
Beckoning welcome
To their bosomy fireplace

But I wasn't given directions
Just urges rising in my breast
And my restless soul striving to touch base

Will these authors of midnight voices
Please give me the complete signals
That I may truly hear and arrive?

I long to join your abode
And temporarily escape this insanity
As earthlings sleep
While my heart beats
In answer to half-perceived midnight voices

Chong Yen Long
Copyright ©2007 Chong Yen Long

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