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Monday, May 02, 2016

It's Supposed to be a CELEBRATORY DAY today, but for Malaysians...? :Part II

The Bee Gees- 'First of May' - YouTube

Join me to list'n to my fave version:~~~ 

Image result for bee gees first of may album cover pic

This is mGf Yan's fave version by Emi Fujita:

Emi Fujita 藤田惠美- First of May - YouTube
Jan 28, 2012 - Uploaded by Da-yu Chen
First of May」from Emi Fujita's album「Camomile Blend」 「First of May」選自藤田 ...This is for OLDE TIMES' happy recall, and when NOstalgia strikes, it's a MIX of Melancholy&Exhilaration

REPRISE, definitely knot Reprisal!: My 1st (or Inaugural) First of May blogspost:~~~

Sunday, May 01, 2005

First of May

Today is a Special Day for desiderata -- a day of celebration, coinciding with MyDayofR&R this year. Though I spent time this morning (to be chronologically correct, the hour just before entering this auspicious day as young Christoper, of the DOGgone book, remember?, would have wanted to record it, I was working from 11.00pm last night (Saturday -- no, there was no Boston Public episode) so that I could uplink the Epilogue at 12.01am.

As I often quoted, in variations, that "work" that is a labour of love to share with fellowmen and fellwowomen, it gives tremendous joy, it is no more work, but a journey of delight and joy. And I find indescriable joy and delight in writing on Sundays, normally for desiderata.english, with this Labour Day entry an exception.

On a personal level, I have long adopted as my anthem, touchingly recalled by the following:

When I was small

And Christmas trees were tall

We used to love while others used to play

Don't ask me why the time has passed us by

Someone else moved in from far away

Now we are tall
And Christmas trees are small
And you don't ask the time of day
But you and I, our love will never die
Guess who'll cry come First of May
The apple tree that grew for you and me
I watch the apples fallig one by one
And I recll the moment of them all
The day I kissed your cheek and you were gone

I grew up on the BeeGees' rendition, maybe many of you do; recently my horizon expanded to an equally nostalgic version by Emi Fujita, introduced by a friend of just six weeks, but it seems so long ago ... When Christmas trees were still tall?, thanks to that someone special of

On the universal level, I have stated (in various ways) the belief that when we do work that brings us joy and delight, it doesn't become "work" anymore. It's then an activity of the body and mind that helps us grow. It gives us dignity; it gives us love; it gives us an identification of Self.

This self is unique. It is important for our journey in Life. We find dignity in self-realisation that we are worthy to oneself, one's family, one's community, one's country, and the world, for it comprises a community of all humankind.

So on this auspicious day, to all parents, growups-to-be, here's Desiderata wishing you Happy Labour Day. May we find, and give, Dignity in Labour, always.


Yan said...
Yes, "May" is beautiful ..

It's a name for girl
It's about mother's day
It's about labour's day

Seems we can't get away with it.

In my Girls' Brigade Asia Fellowship, we have one partner coming from Brunei, our neighbouring country. She has to rush back home this evening because in Brunei May 1st is not a holiday.

Representative from Hong Kong said this -

There is no labour in Brunei, all of them are bosses.

How nice too... We are all bosses too, on this labour day.

Happy Bosses' Day, in other words. Why not?

mwt said...
Labour of Love…….

If you are the natural self that you are, you use your abilities out of joy. When you use your abilities out of responsibility you distort them. You help because you think you should, not because it is a joyful part of your being. And you begin to question, "Who needs my help most?

Can you imagine the sun thinking, "Who needs my help most? Should I send forth my rays upon this flower, or that one? Which flower needs my help the most?” or the rain saying, "Which blade of grass should I bless with myself?"
desiderata said...
Hi Yan:

I read elsewhere that the month of May earns the most dedications from writers, esp poets. I believe in the Musical Magic of May too; but the Truth is, I wonder why?

To Bruneian bros and sis, love thy labour, 365 days a yaer, and we all become bosses, for we are in control of our own destinies, whether at the office, at home, or in faraway places.

To MWT, thanks for the reminder of what should drive our Labour of Love always... you're a Gem of a Reader I'll always welcome, and Treasure, as a workmate.

Looking at it holistically, all humans work for each other, and also the boss of eeach other. We follow, we also lead, and we hold hands to face what's ahead, sharing the highs and lows.
Anonymous said...
l like this this song as well - first of May. but i am not grew up in Bee Gee time... it is really a nice song...and the perfect voice by Emi Fujita...

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