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Friday, May 20, 2016

Today Is a Lovely FRIDay, BUTt Desi dedicates RUMInation to two Wednesday's Child of Dictators, One African, and the OTHER...

You GUESS'd it, from homec'untry I renamed as MalSia because the CLUELESS CEO has turned the "Lucky Country" that is our beloved NEGARAKU to an almost THIRD WORLD WAN, so.on! We again finally DESERVE the governemnt we get, so when the NEXT General Elections cometh around, Desi won't forgive the 48percent MalSians who voted BN/UMNO in GE13...yet continue to lament&complain about the state of affairs, especially about CORRUPT&GREEDY leaders. I lament for SDR ANWAR IBRAHIM for his UNJUST IMPRISONMEMT ON TRUMPED UP SODOMY II CHARGES. Sdr Anwar, that's how who likes fRiends and PKR mateys to address him, is the MALAYSIAN who sacrificed for Country, for YOU, and for Me, comparable to South Africa's iconic Nelson Mandela, who also likewise sacrificed for his nation who finally claimed VICTORY -- doing JUSTICE for the long-term prisoner who walked to freedom after decades of incarceration.

So I urge fellow Malaysians to "Think twice", especially to Sarawakians and Sabahans, before you cast your VOTES at GE14 -- no more excuse not to VOTE4CHANGE because Civil Society leaders from BERSIH2.0,  and Opposition leaders, and lastly, BUMmers like SteadyAku47 and Desi keep reminding you, dear EsteemedReaders, who is the CHIEF IBLIS (Devil) leading MCA, MIC and the other insignificant smaller brothers to UM-Oh-No. Yes, you clueless BN compoents who are secondary to IBLIStaiko, YOU ARE BEING LED BY THE NOSE -- down that slippery road till you tilt over into the ABYSS! "Please GOSTAN" before it's too late to escape OBLIVION that's a surety under UMNO!~~ YL, Desi

Courtesy again of: SteadyAku47:~~~~~

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

What has Najib & Rosmah in common with Theodorin Nguema Obiang (son of the Dictator Teodoro Obiang, President of Equatorial Guinea? The Tatoosh and lots of other people's Money!

 Najib and Rosmah on board the TATOOSH

Teodoro Obiang seized power through a bloody coup in 1979 and for the past 32 years has presided over a despotic government notorious for its flagrant disregard for human rights, oppression of journalists and extreme levels of corruption. The bulk of the country’s wealth is sourced primarily from its oil revenues generated by multinational oil companies like ExxonMobil, but is unevenly distributed among the President, his family and close associates. The rest of the population suffers in silence.
As president of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang Nguema under his country's 1982 constitution, has extensive powers - including naming and dismissing members of the cabinet, making laws by decree, dissolving the Chamber of Representatives, negotiating and ratifying treaties and serving as commander in chief of the armed forces.
During the three decades of his rule, Obiang has shown little tolerance for opposition. Elections have generally been considered a sham.

An African Dictator's Son And His Very Lavish Toys

Teodorin Obiang and a Female Friend.
Teodorin Nguema Obiang, is the 41 year-old son of the country’s President. Global Witness did a report on how the eccentric playboy splashed $20 million of suspect funds to purchase art from the estate of the late Yves Saint Laurent. Global Witness had already reported on his high spending ways: back in 2006, it detailed how the dictator’s son spent over $30 million to acquire a mansion in California. The story can be found here:
Teodorin, who serves as Equitorial Guinea’s minister of Forestry and Agriculture (even though he spends very little time in the country), is one of Africa’s most lavish spenders. Over time there’s been plenty of evidence of his outrageous spending from various sources. In 2006, a journalist from the Sunday Times of London reported that Teodorin, during a weekend in South Africa spent nearly $1.5 million on two Bentleys — an Arnage T and a Mulliner — and a Lamborghini Murcielago as well as two luxury houses.
So, while his official salary as a minister stands at a modest $6,500 a month, he is apparently able to afford:
  • Two lavish homes in Capetown, South-Africa
  • Homes in Buenos Aires, Argentina, London and the wealthy 16th arrondissement of Paris
  • A mansion in Malibu, California that reportedly cost over $30 million 
  • A car collection that includes a Bugatti Veyron, a Lamborghinis Murcielago, 2 Bentleys- an Arnage T and a Mulliner and an Aston Martin Vanquish
  • A Gulfstream V Jet that reportedly cost $35 million
  • An art collection purchased from the estate of the late Yves Saint Laurent, which sources say is worth $20 million
Teodorin loves the finer things in life. In 2006 he staged a Christmas party for his girlfriend at the time, Grammy award-winning Hip-hop act, Eve, aboard Tatoosh, the 300-foot yacht owned by Microsoft billionaire, Paul Allen, spending over $400,000 to rent the boat.
Teodorin is currently being groomed to replace his father as Equatorial Guinea’s next president. 

11 Supercars of Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo Seized by French Police

Today 11 Supercars that belonged to Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, president of Equatorial Guinea, have been seized in Paris by the French National Police. Among the cars seized by the French police were two Bugatti Veyrons, a Maserati MC12, a Porsche Carrera GT, a Ferrari Enzo and a Ferrari 599 GTO. The supercars were seized at Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo’s Parisian residence at 42 Avenue Foch, just a stones throw away from the Arc de Triomphe.
The reason why the 11 cars including two Bugattis, Ferraris and Bentleys with a total value of over 5 million dollars were seized by the French National Police are unclear but it could have something to do with wide spread investigations into the Equatorial Guinean president and in particular the use of state funds to buy private property in France.
The Supreme Court of France accepted the appointment of an investigating judge and the opening of a judicial inquiry into claims that the President has used state funds to purchase private property in France. Equatorial Guinea is rich in oil but despite its rising revenues from oil, poverty in the country is still widespread and credible allegations of high-level corruption, including by Obiang and his eldest son, are the subject of judiciary investigations around the world. His son is the owner of one of the most expensive houses in Malibu, California at 3620 Sweetwater Road.

steadyaku47 comment : Sounds familiar? This Equatorial Guinea Dictator has only one country, France, going after him. Najib Razak has seven countries going after him! Enough said!

 DESIDERATA: PLease read the previous post, especially that part headed:

WSJ : Najib Razak : Step Son buys London House for $34 million with 1MDB Funds.

And of course, his FAMOUS step-son lives it up in the United States, even making a movie (described by ex-PM DR Mahathir Mohamad as PORN!...) costing USD155million; IF YOU BELIEVE HIS ****MOM, the money came from all her hard earned SAVINGS; if you believe the WSJ, it came from the 1MDB.

This woeman****(four stars because four in Kantonis is SEI! which means DIE-la...) once told suffering Malaysians to "TIGHTEN YOUR BELTS" as she put on a smiling face buying cheap handbags and shoes at PETALING STREET, famous for its "imitation" BRANDED GOoDs. If you prefer the MEDIA reprots, this SAME WOEman would spend millions on her overseas sojourns on BRANDED Goods, yes, watches, handbags and clothes. Desi did tighten his belt made-in-China as it really made me look five years younger as the pouch went from 4to3months pregnant looking state. CONTRAST: Yes, she also tightened her GOLD belt to also look slimmer lah, more LAWA lah! If you add a "K" to the beautiful word, "LAWAK" >> it is a HILARIOUS JOKE!

Can you guys laugh out loud so Desi can hear/here you in Lobal, Furong? WoW! Ihear you -- stand in line when Desi maketh that 20million movie SO.ON. I need lots of XXXXXXXtras, especially prettygals dan hensem&hamsup men like >>
Teodorin Obiang (seen above wit' a Female Friend, from Hollywood?).
>>Aziz la!


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