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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"May Day, May Day!" a poem composed today 11YEARS AGO recalled...

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From January to April
A writer can scribe on whim and fancy
But when May comes around
The Muse and Inspiration abound.

I sauntered from civil to political sojourns
Often it sinks the spirit amid woes and mourns
The politicians preach but do not walk the talk
Expecting the Citizens to swallow all their poppy-cock

This month of smooching the magic of May
I try to write of happier and optimistic days
Still I meet more and growing dismay
Yet I try best, crafting my poems  in  positive ways

But the past 30 days or so
Did not instil in me much besides sorrow
Fellow Malaysians question what's in for the morrow
To survive now -- need to beg, steal or borrow?

NOTE: Cyber interruptus:
my PC "de-nuded", is the SpBrunch at work here/hear?
Will continue later, OK! -- YL, Desi

(Ctd June 1, 12.15PM:)

DearFriends, don't ever fall into any Illusion
That our troubles will be over through wishing and patience
We need a GamePlan, we need a Leader with Vision
SomeOne prescribed V2020, yet the Rakyat stagger
on false medicine.

World petrol prices go up, logically it's good cheer for Malaysia
We earn    more from our oil resources
but They make our petrol costlier.
Pak Lah promised a cleaner, more accountable administration
But after a year and six months of honeymoon, it's
growing frustration.

So it's not happy days in May
It's more like May Day, May Day!
The only option now is for People's Power
For grassroot democracy to once again flower

So dear one, somewhere find time to ponder
Don't leave the Quest to others, and just wonder.
On this significant date of May the thirty-first
SomeOneSpecial in Port Dickson is quenching some thirst.

YL Chong, Desiderata (c)
May 31, 2005

DESIDERATA: Quiz Challenge -- IF first THREE readers come in with the right answer via Comments for naming the SomeOneSpecial,
Desi will gift a kopi of his forthcoming book (hint::*** ), signed by The One him/her/itself!
ONCE I MANAGED TO GET IT OUT before Merdeka Day, 2016, OK? InsyaAllah! ~~YL, Desi 

DESIDERATA: Updated 2 June 2016:

I will provide the ANSWER to the Quiz one WEEK from now as I travel onto Haiti to become a Foreign Affairs expert -- well, after 13years of work experience at a DIPLOMATIC MISSION at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng -- or izzit Sin'?  for there are lots of Bars around catering to loaded Diplomats and expatriates! -- about AFFAIRS IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES! You can also call me a kaypohnewsdod, or bitch, of nit, you think Desi careth? Hey, you don't like it here/hear? -- Get the here out of Hell! But I still/steal  like you, knot love OK! ~~ YL, Desi

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