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Desi's RUMInation for this WICKEDEND is not based in Haiti, I take flight to SpiriteDEStiNation I created during an affair wit' mGf -- Thou Knoweth Who Thou Art -- when IMAgenes overtake all the other genetic movers in our body, and if you don't mind, we exist in more than the normal THREE dimensions represented by the x, y and z axes in Maths.! 


I'd like to INVITE my ER who wish to run away from the stress of modern 3D life and seek a BREAKOUT inter(N/L)ude with Desi and some BUMmy/Bosomy mateys from around the globe -- yes, we are indeed a global village -- and let our spirits calm down, take a breather, then soar with similarly-minded 4D fRiends to explore and believe and BEHOLD EACH OTHER in a n(UD/E)w light. We lay bare our souls, we TOUCH EACH OTHER'S INNERSELVES, and WE FIND BOTH OF US ANEW, or if thou art no more shy, aNUDe.

Yes, that's the liberating power at spiritedestination, Come JOM, where Day can become Night, and Night is just THY imaGENES...

And since DANnyboy on the HIll wants to entertain us wit' a LOVE song, who are vv to disagree?

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Sometimes When We Touch Lyrics

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You ask me if I love you
And I choke on my reply
I'd rather hurt you honestly
Than mislead you with a lie
For who am I to judge you
In what you say or do
I'm only just beginning
To see the real you
And sometimes when we touch
The honesty's too much
And I have to close my eyes
And hide
I want to hold you till I die
Till we both break down and cry
I want to hold you till the fear in me subsides
Romance and all its strategy
Leaves me battling with my pride
But through the insecurity
Some tenderness survives

I'm just another writer
Still trapped within my truth
A hesitant prize-fighter
Still trapped within my youth
At times I'd like to break you
And drive you to your knees
At times I'd like to break through
And hold you endlessly
At times I understand you
And I know how hard you try
I've watched while love commands you
And I've watched love pass you by
At times I think we're drifters
Still searching for a friend
A brother or a sister
But then the passion flares again