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Friday, June 08, 2012

WHO says there is no such thing as a 'Free Lunch'?

When any journalist worth his salt is working in the MSM, his/her interview subject -- usually a business tycoon who wants 'free' publicity -- always insists on paying for the reporter's lunch. For even luckier blokes, if you promise the far-sighted businessman a central spread in colour, he may throw in a fat Ang-pow! Now you know WHERE Najib Razaka learnt his BR1M idea from, don't you, for he has plenty of media advisers and crony millionaires. Ooops, I fail to mention a billionaire banker for a Bro!

Now WHY is Desi so cheong-hei todie? Well, because Fridae's that weak in the se7en-day cycle when most humas are filled/ffeeeeled or felled wit'/by love. If you are a new reaerr here/hear, and feel quite confused and wanna gift up, I don't blame ye, for I engage lots in DDC. Some don't like my wordplay/wordsmithry, you think I care? For when the bells toll, they toll for Thee, knot for Desi

OK, I have taken enought several long breaths, can continue PLACIDLY as advised by my sifool Max Ehrmann, this report inspireed by foregoing rant/rent/RON97 which is 10sen cheaper, and the BN gov't expects to win a few thousand more votes for GE-13. The more "free lunches" thy gift away, the more votes they will ose. Hey, you are just giving us back 10percent of WHAT YOU HAVE STOLEN FROM THE PUBLIC COFFERS!

From WHICH IS A FREE SERVICE forming the 'desserts/desert'' for my lunch, here I GENEROUSLY SHARE with thee, my EsteemedReaders!:) OR :(~~~~

Friday, 08 June 2012 08:00

Nothing is FREE, Liow Tiong Lai

Written by  Gavin Khoo
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Nothing is FREE, Liow Tiong Lai
MCA's Deputy President and Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai said that he got his favourite number plate "WWW 15" for free from the Road Transport Department.
This, however, contradicted a report by China Press today, which quoted the Federal Territory RTD spokesperson as saying that everyone who bids for the plate numbers needs to pay for them.
He said that ministers can request for number plates for free from the Transport Ministry, but this does not apply for ‘hot numbers’ like the one for which Liow had made a bid.
There is no free lunch in this world. When Liow refused to pay, the government via RTD has to pay through a lost of revenue through another successful bidder. This is what we called an opportunity cost.
Failed to set a good example
The fact is Liow has failed in his capacity to set a good example as a leader to discourage elitism and a waste of public resource on something as useless as an expensive car plate number. Liow should be grateful enough for being assigned an official car for his official use.
To make the matter worse, it is now crucial for Liow and the RTD Director General to explain why the minister is exempted from having to pay for a bid using his personal name? His supporters may say that it is a matter of taking from the right pocket and putting it into the left. It is a question about integrity, consistency and transparency.
Ironically the police was quick to launch an investigation against another politician, standing on the opposite side of the fence, for tweeting to say that it was a waste of public funds to pay RM520k for a number plate. He is now being investigated under the Sedition Act.
If the police continue to act inconsistently, the public may perceive them of harassing a politician not from their preferred camp.
It is best for Liow to stand up and own up to his inconsistency, correct his mistake and move on into the next battle. This is not the time for any members of the ruling regime to be unscrupulous with spending when the majority are suffering from the impending global economic crunch.
- Straight Talk

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