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Monday, June 04, 2012

I agree with DPM's statement,BUT ONLY THE FIRST 2 SENTENCES

From the nst, Muhyyiddin finally admits the coming 13Th General Elections is the first realistic  unprecendented government-changer for the incumbent Barisan Nasional, and if the formidable alternative coalition Pakatan Rakyat avoids committing false steps like Nijar's recent statement on WWW1.. WHY do I say I for once agree with the Deputy PM? Well, read the rest of the report, my friend, and you will see from sentence 3 onwards, he's tokkingkok -- oops, mind my English -- Talking Cock!

Desi's comments in RED follow para by para, Okay? -- YL

Next polls will 'make or break BN'

CHALLENGING TIMES: Barisan Nasional has fulfilled people's heightened expectations, says Muhyiddin

Muhyiddin at BN election machinery launch

 KUALA LUMPUR: THE next general election will be the deciding factor that will either make or break the Barisan Nasional coalition.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said yesterday that the general election was a matter of "life and death" for BN, not just in the Federal Territory here, but throughout the nation.

YES, mostly likely "break" the BN-- it is the overdue kiss of death after 55years! --looking at the shenanigans and clownish acts -- CHIEFLY by PM NAJIB, DPM MOO'DIN and MCA CHIEF DR CHUA SOILED LEG -- the leaders have been committing, especially the past one year!
"Each parliamentary area in the Federal Territory is important. In previous times, people would readily support BN but times have changed, and so have expectations.

Times they-are-still-a-changing -- I believe the UMNO's solitary seat it won in GE-12 will also be lost to the PK, even if they field Moo'din dare!
"We have provided all that they want and needed in the last 55 years but they want more things like human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of the media and other demands which they want the government to fulfil," said Muhyiddin at the launch of the BN Federal Territory machinery at Stadium Titiwangsa.

Yeah, see how Moo'din buries his head like the ostrict in Lake Titiwangsa -- just one event Bersih3.0 rally on 428 alone demonstartes how OUT OF TOUCH the UMNO leaders are; instead of recognising the voices of 250,000 brave Malaysians, they played down the numbers to 25,000 (hey, quoting Bernama OK!), and instead "demonised" the peaceful demonstrators, and blamed them for the rioting which essentially was started by the Police! (I guess with instruction from DPM and Home Minister?)
Muhyiddin said the government and BN had taken steps to provide for the people, starting with transformation programmes and moving into other areas, such as improving the education system, combating crime and corruption, and easing the cost of living.

Transformation Mr DPM? It has been four long years of PRONOUNCEMENTS OF THIS and THAT PROGRAMMES -- KPA, and all the acronyms proximating JKR dan KSU, etc, ad nauseum which I can't, don't bother to, recall! Combating crime and corruption, Mr Moo'din? You can join the various stocks I created a few years ago at Bursaa Malaysiaa under a category called "LAUGHING STOCKS"!
"If the people want changes, there is no other government that can bring about big changes. We do not just walk and talk, we walk the talk."

Yeah, Moo'din, you walk thy UMNO dogs along thy walks up the garden path lined with fool's gold.....
He also touched on former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's blog posting that the Bersih demonstrations were preparations by the opposition to reject the results of the 13th general election should it fail to win it.
Dr Mahathir also mentioned the possibility of violent demonstrations by unhappy citizens if they lost the next elections.

This former PM actually should be held responsible for any chaos that should result from GE-13, he's again using FEAR and THREAT, in line with Najib's statement that BN will safeguard Putrajaya -- even over "crushed bodies"?



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