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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I never heard of Anifah -- I know the FloM aka RM is de facto FM!


From the Malaysia Chronicle ~~ which started Desi thinking, canORknot? Malaysia is steal a FREE/FLEE COUNTRY, NO? ~~ YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual:~~~

Tuesday, 12 June 2012 13:24

Scorpenes: Who's NOT SERIOUS - Anifah or French court?

Written by  Gobind Singh Deo
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Scorpenes: Who's NOT SERIOUS - Anifah or French court?
Foreign Minister Dato Seri Anifah Aman is walking on thin ice when he says the Scorpene probe is "not a serious matter that we need to follow".
Firstly, he should tell us how much he knows about the probe and how he has come to know those details given the fact that Malaysia is not currently participating in the probe in France.
It is refreshing to hear that the Minister seems to know the issues in the probe. But his remarks don't add up.
On the one hand he says its not a serious matter that we need to follow. On the other hand, he says Malaysia will "make the necessary preparations to face the trial when they are needed"
With respect, the Minister must make up his mind. If Malaysia will participate, why are we not there to assist to begin with?
Perhaps the Minister should, and I call upon him to brief Parliament in detail over what the probe has revealed to date and to what extent evidence has been obtained and whether it reflects any wrongdoing on part of our officials in the said transaction.
Tell the rakyat WHY
The Minister must tell us why it is he thinks this is not a serious matter. It is a matter of public concern. He must give us reasons in full.
The Minister is also quoted as saying "so far we have not received any information from the French Embassy. But if necessary, we are ready to defend ourselves".
This defies logic. There is a probe which is on going which involves the nation. Surely we cannot just sit back and wait for the French Embassy to brief us?
A-G must intervene
The Attorney General should, as first legal officer, intervene. He should and must advise the Minister that the proper approach to take especially in a case like this where the country's reputation is at stake, is to take from the very outset, stock of the situation.
We should and must participate and have our own representatives defending us and regularly updating us as to the findings of the inquiry. We should be on top of things.
Anything short of this would appear to be an obviously negligent handling of the matter for which the government must in the end be fully prepared to account for.
Gobind Singh Deo is the DAP MP for Puchong
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  • Comment LinkylchongWednesday, 13 June 2012 00:24 posted by ylchong
    Anifah who? The de facto Foreign Minister as far as I know is RM -- Rosmah Mansor, not the Ringgit Malaysia-lah, though the ForMer always arms herself with lots of the latter! Zunar also depicted it -- when the Scorpene subs soon after being conmissiioned refused to dive, RM went onto it and the weight of her weighed down by British punds, Francs and USD, and RM off course, made the subs sumerge. What Anifah who can't deliver, FLOM can du-lah!
  • Comment LinkYou are the Foreign Minister, are you kidding ?Tuesday, 12 June 2012 23:40 posted by You are the Foreign Minister, are you kidding ?
    Is he The Foreign Affairs Minister of Malaysia or just a public relation personnel in a kampong commitee ? I believe any person with basic pr knowledge can provide a much appropriate statement on this than this man. Another national level gaji buta Minister.
  • Comment LinkrickyGTuesday, 12 June 2012 23:25 posted by rickyG
    Why not let the French legal team brief us Malaysians in the country and not from Thailand? And, telecast live in all media & broadcast. If Scopene is not serious, what about the circumstances in taking of Altantuya and her unborn child lives.


Lokman said...

Why should SUARAM be the spokeperson for the french court? Why are there no actual stories from the ongoing investigation by the french court? What we are hearing is only from suaram.

desiderata said...

Sdr Lokman: Thanks for visiting -- if virginal call, let Desi offer ye a cyber tehtarik! Tradition at Midnight Voices' abode, K!

As for Suaram being spokesman, I understand it was Suaram who initiated the official complaint TO THE FRENCH AUTHORITIES. So now the court is conducting an enquiry (I believe it's similar to our RCI excepot the French means business, Msia is for sandiwara-lah--You know, I know-lah, butt the mat Salleh/Sally may knot, so it's our duty as BUMmers to educate them, K! ~~ YL, Desi