My Anthem

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Where hath my Muse gone?

Midnight normally finds Desi's thoughts flowing 
like running water down a mountain stream
Smooth, treading over pebbles and bending around the rocks
The heart sings

But tonight I can only stumble
knocking into the rocks and falling back
Not smooth at all
And the heart's melody is muted

I think tonight I will take a rest
While I go find my Muse
Art thou around the next bend?

If not tonight
It's alright

Or perhaps 48,

Or mayhaps very much later
We creative writHers are patient

My heart can do with some respite
So when the right time cometh
The melody will rise and ebb again
Like running water in a brook
and my heart sings again...

PS @12.51PM: Wit' WORDS, ala-Bee Gees, "...and words are all I have To take your heart away"

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