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Monday, June 11, 2012

Let me revive an olde issue but not as ancient as what RPK di

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Monday, 11 June 2012 13:32

WHOSE RM3 billion! Let me revive an olde issue, BUT not as ancient as what RPK did...

Written by  YL Chong
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WHOSE RM3 billion! Let me revive an olde issue, BUT not as ancient as what RPK did...
Now that DPM Muhyddin Yassin has challenged Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim to account for that RM3billion held in EIGHT ACCOUNTS, and Anwar had thrown the gauntlet down challenging Muhyiddin to also open his bank accounts for public scrutiny, it's OPEN SEASON for us to dig into the archives to see if there is any valid case to answer by Barisan Nasional leaders, past or present.
Just for the record, Muhyiddin had quoted a former assistant governor in Bank Negara, Abdul Murad Khalid, in reviving an old issue; this source later recanted that he had been forced to make the allegations against then deputy prime minster, OR ELSE!
From fellow blogger, I copied the following:
Wednesday, November 11, 2009 
DSAI ada RM3Billion!!... sah fitnah dari pencacai UMNO..
Kah.. kah.. kah.. nampaknya pencacai-pencacai UMNO kena cipta fitnah baru pulak la...
ACA had cleared Anwar of 'RM3 bil bank account''
Former ACA director of investigations Abdul Razak Idris told the High Court today he had cleared Anwar Ibrahim of allegations of stashing RM3 billion in foreign accounts and having foreign links to Western interests. 
Abdul Razak, 60, who is now retired but a director of several companies, said ACA had investigated the matter following allegations made in a statutory declaration by former assistant governor of Bank Negara Abdul Murad Khalid. 
He said a team of ACA officers went to Singapore and United Kingdom to probe the allegations.
"We went to meet Murad and several British witnesses. But the investigations resulted in 'No case' against Anwar pertaining to allegations made in Murad's statutory declaration." 
"Further, I concluded that the allegations contained in the SD (statutory declaration) were baseless and unsustainable, and I consequently ordered that the investigations be closed." - Malaysiakini
Wala! So funny of Muhyiddin to forget that!
Furthermore, you all know the Prime Minister then was Dr Mahathir Mohamad, so all the ministerial "misconduct" would only be exposed when he wanted it to, just like the alleged "Sodomy I", don't we all know that?
Desi combed the cobwebs off at his Midnight Voices' abode, and since he's not of the self-exiled blogger rank to be able to hide overseas, I am writing on "home soil" and be prepared for any repercussions. But the royal one in London challenged the former DPM Anwar to "debate" with him -- I'm sure you remember the wikileaks forum?
Humble me, unlike you know who...
I shall not exalt myself to challenge Muhyiddin for a debate.
I nevertheless like RPK also "retrieved" an old issue to ask MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek, a former Health Minister (turned Hel minster following the sex tape leak more like sabotage from within his party?), and his current deputy-cum-Health minister Liow Tiong Lai, to answer. Maybe Liow would be grateful to Desi to divert attention from the WWW15 shenanigan lurching from one lie to cover a smaller lie followed by a BIGGER LIOW-- oops, BIGGER LIE!
Just for backgrounding, THAT POST which the news portal freemalaysiatoday closely associated with m2day has cooked into a news item -- or is it history? -- here's just reproducing the headline and first para, for I ain't going to publicise RPK and his associated press, don't you dare ask why!
Anwar covered up Bank Negara losses, says RPK
Tuesday, 05 June 2012 Super Admin
The influential blogger said the former deputy prime minister had absolved Bank Negara of any wrong-doing in 1994, which prompted Lim Kit Siang to accuse Anwar Ibrahim of lying.
(FMT) - Former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim was involved in covering up the multi-billion ringgit losses by Bank Negara some 20 years ago, blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin claimed.
OKAY, after a not so "cheong hei" intro, I then turned to my archives to reprise the following post with only the RELEVANT EXTRACTS:
Is someone talking crap?
There is more than meets the eye nowadays when you listen to government leaders speaking, especially when overseas and addressing only certain targeted groups...
When I read the following, my reaction is whispering to myself:  Is he talking crap?
From The Star,
Wednesday May 3, 2006
Money is not everything students told
KUALA LUMPUR: Money is not everything, Malaysian medical students in Britain have been told.
Higher Education Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamedsaid the students must have a strong sense of nationalism and patriotism, and should return home to serve the country after completing their studies,
He said that despite the lower financial reward in the government service, the students should be proud to serve the Government, just like many other doctors who continued to be in the civil service although they could have opted for private practice.
“As a developing country, it is impossible for Malaysia to match the salaries of doctors in Britain. We don’t have such deep pockets.
“Money should not be everything,” he told about 100 Malaysian students at a dialogue organised by the Malaysian Students Department in London yesterday.
Mustapa was responding to a student’s query on last month’s survey by the UK Executive Council for Malaysian Students which found that low pay and long working hours in government service were among the reasons Malaysian medical students were reluctant to return home after completing their studies in Britain.
The post continued with:
"From the frontpage of NEW SUNDAY TIMES November 6, 2005 (Bravo! for a news scoop, the SundayStar never had a word...)
RM100million down the drain It's a tale of money down the drain. Malaysian students, on public scholarships who studied in Ireland at a cost of between RM60million  and RM100million to become doctors, have turned their backs on the country.
'They have also become a bad influence on otrher Malaysians pursuing medical degress overseas'
The report had quoted Dr Chua Soi Lek, Health Minister, talking about Malaysians on scholarships studying in Ireland who NEVER RETURNED TO SERVE THEIR BONDS!
Now Desi's Q -- which I think many fellow Malaysians would like YB DATUK MUSTAPA MOHAMED to enlioghten us, the taxpapers:
What has the Government done/ will the Government do to punish these ungrateful, delinquent Malaysians who broke their bonds?
I know had these scholarships gone to other Malaysians who studied under FAM scholarhsips (FAM: Father and Mother, not any Government or sports body, you dumbasses!), everyone of them would have been so grateful to have saved RM750,000 to RM1million (Yes, that's what's spent on a Medical/DEntal/Pharmacy Course overseas!), they would have gladly returned to NegaraKU to serve out the BOND, never mind the pur[pported "low pay". As I said in my earlier post, IT"S NOT ABOUT THE "LOW PAY" -- IT"S MAINLY ABOUT THE RACED-BASED POLITICS!
I know of many parents selling or mortgaging their second house, even their only house, to enable a child to study medicine/dentistry/pharmacy in Australia, New Zealand, where the exchange rate is already lower thah in UK/ IUSA, and they have top spend some RM750,000. Some have had to borrow from the banks.
So Mr Minister, STOP TALKING CRAP ABOUT HAVING "a strong sense of nationalism and patriotism" ... who would put the food on the table if these graduates with RM500,000 debts to service to serve in NegaraKu with a starting pay of about RM2,000-RM2,500 which is not even enough to pay for the bank's interest?
Meanwhile, can you go after those "unpatriotic" bond-breakers?!
DESIDERATA: I guess I must honour the two UMNO bigwig ministers (make it THREE if Muhyiddin wanna join the funD!) too by asking them -- Mustapa and current Higher Education Minister Khaled Nordin -- to also join the exalted position of Dr Chua, and minister Liow to give straight answers to the following questions:
1. What is the status of those 70-odd (that number is based on my memory recall okay, so I stand corrected! I regret I couldn't retrieve the full NST report because my laptop kaputed recently!) students who, as described by Dr Chua, refused to come back to Malaysia to serve their bond?
2. Subsequent to that "batch" of scholarship students sent overseas for medical studies referred to by Chua, how many more Malaysians benefited from similar government or government-linkedf scholarships BUT FAIL TO RETURN HOME TO SERVE THE BONDS IF GOVERNED BY THE SCHOLARSHIPS?
3. Would the BN government which flags itself as a "caring government looking after the people's interest" consider a proposal from Desi? -- THAT the government consider reimbursing all family-funded medicate graduates, whether from local or overseas universities, who are now in Malaysia serving fellow Malaysians (YES, THEY ARE MORE PATRIOTIC THAN THOSE BOND-BREAKING IDIOTS ANYTIME, IMHO!) at least HALF OF THEIR STUDY EXPENSES, like a ballpark figure of RM250,000.

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