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Friday, June 08, 2012

Latest research agrees Einstein was right on c...

And here/hear c is NOT part of De si; it's that symbol for the speed of light. Remember the equatiuon:

E equals m c squared? 

where E stands for Enegry, m for mass and c ...OK-lah, now you know! I won't treat you like thou art from kindie like what most of our political leaders treat the Rakyat, NO?!


Einstein was right, neutrino researchers admit

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TOKYO (AFP) - A team of scientists who last year suggested neutrinos could travel faster than light conceded on Friday that Einstein was right and the sub-atomic particles are - like everything else - bound by the universe's speed limit.
Researchers working at the European Centre for Nuclear Research (Cern) caused a storm when they published experimental results showing the particles could out-pace light by some 6km a second.
The findings threatened to upend modern physics and smash a hole in Albert Einstein's 1905 theory of special relativity, which described the velocity of light as the maximum speed in the cosmos.
The neutrinos were timed on the journey from Cern's giant underground lab near Geneva to the Gran Sasso Laboratory in Italy, after travelling 732km through the Earth's crust.

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