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Friday, June 08, 2012

'Lending' a post from dotseng from that Little Dot!:)

Peter Lim the Great Singapore Lover?

June 8, 2012

When news first broke out a couple of months ago that two civil servants were romping around with an IT sales girl – I felt sorry for those buggers. Believe it or not, I had this image of my mind that these two monkeys were a couple of innocent scholars who simply did not have a lot of life experience. So when they came across a highly accomplished assassin like Cecilia the IT cobra sale girl, all they could do was be hypnotized by this perfect killing machine. I even remembered feeling really sorry for those scholars often saying to myself and others, “They know nothing in this world. Just a couple of really innocent people who just know how to study very hard. So they were really no match for the likes of Cecilia Cobra.” Now it seems my initial conclusions about Peter Lim and his policeman gangbang buddy is completely wrong. Peter Lim is very far from another another innocent blur sotong scholar that doesn’t know his dick from his bicycle handle bar, neither is he someone who has never fucked around before – he was in fact a very accomplished serial closet fucker cum sexual exploiters of MILF’s.
Darkness 2012

“These days to screw around, everyman should at least have a decency to buy a Mossad secret agents manual from Ebay and read it from cover to cover. It only cost $19.99. Besides it comes with a free mug, so it’s the best investment you could possibly make when undertaking dangerous enterprises. I highly recommend this as the risk associated with screwing around these days has gone up. So if you are like that Cinchai happy go lucky Peter Lim Casanova and think that you can just behave like Erol Flynn and get a quick nookie in any car park in Singapore that has to be incredibly dumb. The only thing this two time loser did right was not to get a frequent user card from Hotel 81. This fellow has got style, he even knows how to go to Paris for a dirty weekend – but the rest of his game plan failed big time. His back door was completely open and worst of all, he didn’t even have an exit strategy. If it was me, I think things will be very different, very different indeed gentlemen. But my lips are sealed. As I may have just incriminated myself with this silly post. I meant to say….”
Extracted from a dedicated Brotherhood thread in Primus known as SLF 16 – the Brotherhood Press 2012

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    On a hot Fridae afternoon — if thopu knoweth Matt Monro’s Wednesdae’s Childe, you knowq Friday’s Child if fool of love….So thanks for lighting up wit’ thy educational post — can I lend ah? (“lend” as in OhMyEnglish on Msian TV — maketh ye Singapooreans laff eh? — teaching juvenile stuff which we mastered in our standard 5 days LONG, LONG AGO! “ YL, Desi

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