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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Plagiarism and wolves baying for blood

Desi has been a li'l playfool in advising some Young&Articulates, especially those feminine ones from some Oz bundocks or Jinjang Croc Dundee Village, to be XXtra carrefol when venturing into B'g, B'd Koala Lumpu because an unwitting Red Riding Hood may just become food for Da Wolf in Branded Attire.

Likewise, in Blogosphere nowadays, some wolves are baying for blood whenever the slighest opportunity arises to fell a fellow ascribe, whether online or in print.

For the Record, I reproduced from The Star this hot issue which throws up some mighty good examples of whtt's hinted in my Intro. But don't mind Desi if you rule me Our Of Ordere, okay, but WTF***s, this is MY Blog.

But before that, just to tell you why desi's in battle-weary gear this afternoon, I do a Cut&Paste about wolves in blogosphere who do a Hit&Run under the cloak of Anonymity. I smell blood. I can't draw but I give these scoundrels gore. Some Awe.
Peace to the Rest!


Anonymous said...
i was draw in to your blog when i read rojak blog, you know what, there always people like you, who make comments like this - is speaking chinese lower your staus quo ? bark bark bark, while actually deep down inside, it is you yourself who felt shameful to be chinese, the whole blog show nothing but a materialistic, western kow tou sarong party girl who will migate the first chance she ever have or the country is in chaos.

3:33 AM

silverstar said...
dear anonymous

there will also be ppl like you who post his/her own shit only because he/she has nothing better to say (but i believe you're a guy)

oh you seem to have special power eh cos only by reading this blog, you already knew how to read the blogger's mind or charater, well if i can read yours, i'd say you seem to have serious problem, maybe tokking from your own experience eh, maybe a gal dumped a jerk like you for someone better (who just happened to be a westerner?)

and by the way if you've got balls, don't just use anonymous

8:58 AM **"

I added my piece of mind to Anon which I reprised from Helen's -- Will this amount to Plagiarism?

"desiderata said...

Can I lend you my sledgehammer to pound the Anonymous summore until he shows his blardy face. I agree it's 99% a He; the other 1% is for allowance for the in-between. Your theory about being illtreated by SPG who left him for a gwailo is also about 99% right; being a leftist myself, such Anon I've met many times lah inblogsworld. They are NOT even proud of the name their Mama/Papa went through great labour of at least nine months to give him, so let's give him a decent burial here with "R.I.H.P." (Rest in Hell Permanently)

PS: Sorry dear hoRst Helen, I just had to put in 3sen more for a shining star!:)
(Cos I had suffered similar fate like you before from BlogsCowards...)

8:49 PM "

For Desi's take on Brendan Pereira's much maligned Plagiarism alleged offence, I may serve up as Inter:Lude if I sirvive the sext 24. Otherwise, please say some kind words in thy good heart for me, will you?
I don't need to hear from you. For those ER with whom I connect, I can feel you.

Saturday November 4, 2006

BBC defends report on editor

KUALA LUMPUR: The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said its report on the controversy surrounding the departure of New Straits Times Group Editor Brendan Pereira is “entirely legitimate.”

“We are aware of the New Straits Times’ feelings regarding our report on their editor and his planned departure. We feel it was entirely legitimate to report on the controversy surrounding the departure of their aforementioned editor.

“We are currently considering our formal response to the New Straits Times
,” a BBC spokesperson said yesterday in an e-mail response from London.

The NSTP on Friday demanded that the BBC immediately retract an online story on Pereira ending his term of service.

It threatened to sue the BBC if the story on Pereira was not retracted. It claimed that the BBC journalist had made no attempt to contact the NSTP to check the “veracity of his story.”

The BBC journalist, Jonathan Kent, in an online article on the BBC website entitled Malaysia Editor in Plagiarism Row, had written that Pereira was stepping down amidst allegations that he plagiarised the work of an American journalist.

The journalist said the similarities between Pereira’s recent article and that of the American journalist were “striking.”

He wrote that Pereira had told the BBC that his departure had been agreed with the paper two weeks before the publication of the controversial article.

The NSTP chief executive officer Datuk Syed Faisal Albar said in an article carried by the newspaper on Friday that Pereira’s article was clearly not plagiarism.

DESI: The highllights (italised or Bolded thus) are Desi's. More blood and gore will be shed, and Bloggers are now entrenched among the protagonists or as bit players. I'm still ass=piring for Max Ehrmann's status, and more enriching if possible, on Hollywood's Trail. But if some of my poems show similar strains to Max's songs, would thou please not label me a Plagiatist. Copycat will do as I say, sometimes I venture out into Seremban's dark alleys and see a Chelshire cat chasing some rats ... Oh, sister Helen cometh to the rescue by adding the ending para, Cun?


Robin Goodfellow said...

Desidedata. Sorry to deviate from the your blog topic. Hmm, actually, I am coming close to plagiarism here!!!

"Do not make personal attacks or mock any particular individual. This is the advice of Umno deputy president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to members.

"Other than that,the delegates are allowed to bring up issues or matters close to their hearts at the discretion of their respective divisions.""

Excerpt lifted from The Star 5 November 2006.

Based on DPM's past words and deeds, I would not be surprised if a certain ethnic group or a defunct political ideology is cast as the cause of all of UMNO's self-inflicted woes this coming November. Which, incidentally reminds of a Story.....

Once a Tiger cub strayed away and ventured into a herd of Elephants. Unfortunately, the cub being small and all, was trampled in a stampede. Soon after a Jackal found the body of cub and immediately informed the parents.

"I have terrible news. Your son is lying dead in the field." the Jackal said.

"How did it happen? Who did this? I will never rest until I have my revenge!" roared the father Tiger.

"The Elephants did it." answered the Jackal. Quite startled by the Jackal's reply, the Tiger paced back and forth for a few minutes, growling and shaking his head.

"No! you are wrong," the Tiger said at last. "It was the Goats who murdered my Boy!"

And, at once the Tiger bounded down the hill and sprang upon a herd of Goats gazing in the valley below, and in a violent rage killed as many as he could in revenge.

(Freely adapted from a retelling by William J. Bennett)

desiderata said...

Hi robin goodfellow:

I think this is thy visit to Desi's, so welcome with a tehtarik kurang manis, if thou be mail, to keep healthy; add Miss sunthi if thou be of fair gender (Hesitate to use sex...) os that thy complexion becomes even fairer, UI don;t know about just.

I've engaged thee at brudder Mave's, I think, and I had indeed asked that thou reveal an ID we can link to, so I repaet this request here as I would kie to know, or see, more of thee. Like to pull your kaki too, be they smooth and silky, or roiugh but still milky.

For the rest of conversation, please GO TO FRONTPAGE for the Inter:Lude. Dare I soso serve Wolf or Tiger's meat as main course. Thanks to your visit in da steal of da nightie!:)

desiderata said...

PS: L\I left out "maiden" someowhere -- yur job is to determine the place. No prize for getting it Right; no punishment for getting it Left eeither, ayether:(

PLay It Again, SamMY?!