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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

From Other Press

After DaSien which gives you FICTION, let's get back to Reality.
NON-FICTION from theSun Letters column today; then followed by an editorial from Sin Chew Daily, as quoted/summmarised by TheStar. Desiderata-YLChong is doing It as a community service, just as my fave radio station -- Light&Easy -- often does promoting Laughter is the Best Medicine, then badgering Desi's ears with some Prescrition bad-engrish madIson!


The road not taken in Nanyang sale


Tuesday October 31, 2006

China’s business prospects attract investors

BUSINESSMEN from Malaysia had invested in China for a long time because of abundant opportunities there, said Sin Chew Daily.

In an editorial, the paper said Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, when he was the prime minister, had defended the businessmen who invested in China because he was aware of the better opportunities there.

This was because most businesses in Malaysia were given to bumiputras, the paper added.

It said China was an obvious choice for Malaysian Chinese when the Chinese government was opening up its economy.

The paper added that the Chinese from both sides shared similar language and culture.

“Initially, it was not smooth sailing for the Malaysians. They too suffered losses. Only after much perseverance were they later able to taste success,”
said the daily.

It stressed that the Malaysians remained loyal to their country despite investing in China, rebutting Dr Mahathir’s claim that local Chinese businessmen were unhappy and would not vote for the ruling Barisan Nasional at the next general election.

On another matter, all the major Chinese dailies continued to give prominent coverage to the Datuk Zakaria Md Deros saga.

In its commentary, Sin Chew Daily said the issue showed that politicians could misuse their power and that money politics was getting worse.

“If not for the Sultan of Selangor, the matter might have been swept under the carpet,” it reported.

It called on the Government to have a system to check such problems from recurring, and for state assemblymen and councillors to submit a report of their financial standing upon being elected or appointed.

“Assemblymen and councillors should also reveal how they had accumulated their wealth,” it said, adding that there were politicians who often used their political strength and connections to obtain contracts.


Anak Merdeka said...

I'd say that if not for the courage & persistence of theSUN's reporters like Citizen Nades and Terence, such stuff would not have seen the light of day.

It is theSUN reports that made everyone, including HRH Sultan sit up and take notice.

Helen said...
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desiderata said...

anak merdeka:

Yes, I agree with you that the Investigative Reporters at theSUN led by CCitizen Nades is something media shall be proud of and imho. surely it's an A-Team deemed worthy of emulation.

I think the Oriental Daily News is doing similar trail blazing.

Nanyang -- poor folks -- have paid a heavy price for some olde fool's experiment with the Chinese community's destiny for which his next and next generations will pay.
You reap what you sow, Eat Drink and Be Drunk Wans...Gostan summore and you fall over the Abyss.
Will we shed a tear?

I know some mates of mine will Yum Sing instead:(

Anak Merdeka said...

Talking about Oriental Daily News, it is really sad that hardly any newspaper vendor in town is allowed to deliver the paper if they wish to continue doing SinChew & Nanyang's business. My hubby always had to get his copy from 7-11. This is what monopoly does to free press.

Maverick SM said...

We are seeing an insidious pattern of political maneuvers in action and in view of the probability of the divide in UMNO, the historical strategy is to look for a common enemy.

An unhealthy trend is forthcoming...

See Fei said...

i read Sun for 5 days when i was in KL. no such expose leh! maybe not so much when i was there!

but really, trail blazing news reporting cause money & life, who want to do? some wretch life from the underclass?

it is a chicken & egg problem. guess ppl r too comfy to really want to hear the truth and realllly take action.

hence i salute desi the truth seeker for the good job in this blog.

syabas DESI!

desiderata said...

anak sm:

Yes, I know of the problems faced by Oriental Daily. That's the proble with so-called Chinese community leaders. Their public faces and private faces are 180degrees apart -- the main dilemma is that this TYPE prosepers in the (BN) political parties and Businesses requiring Govt connections.

Monopoly in ANY business is bad for the consumers. We hope this Tan Sri of Rimbunan Hijau has got a conscience-lah, as fromer Minister Chua Jui Meng reminds him as a Christian leader-businessman...

We must continue to say: ISA...

desiderata said...

mave sm:

I agree with your observation~~
Some bastards and cowards are indeed making " insidious pattern of political maneuvers " so highly dangerous to dear NegaraKu.

WE must be vigilant and as writers, be especially careful NOT to become their pawns i this dangerous game. The levels some Unscrupulous politikus would descend to are "unbelievable" except in Bolehland. Where greed knows no bounds...
God protect Us.
A: men

desiderata said...


Thanks for the Hi-praise.
I enjoyed It so much I reprised in in Frontpage today (Nov 2) -- nothing lifts the spirits like a trumpuet sound. Hehehe...Helen may whisper CheongHee!

Serriioouuus, TRUTH that I write of is Jest as a WRITER, nothoing more, nothing less.

PS: Need to add that, Especially,
NO RELIGIOUS CONNOTATION (Cos that's one area I'm totally missqualified!:) in my Truth Seeking. It's for my personal peace.

PeAce to Awe:)