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Monday, November 19, 2012

When I Again Read Muhyiddin's Concern for Malaysian Diapora...

in one of the mainstream papers++++ yesterday ( I only read the print copy at a kedai today!:( --The DPM was lamenting the loss of Malaysian talents abroad in the 1.2million diaspora overseas and urging them to come back because (paraphrasing here/hear!...) the "nation needs you and your expertise"! I DID NOT KNOW WHETHER TO LAUGH OR CRY.. ++++ I will track down an extract from one/wan OK! Be patient as Desi otten urges, for Ms Patience is also Mr, Miss Virtuous!:) OK working heART for my ER, updated from Star Online on its updated: Sunday November 18, 2012 MYT 2:21:42 PM


Malaysian experts abroad urged to return home

Muhyiddin at a press conference Muhyiddin at a press conference
GOLD COAST: Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin Sunday urged the Malaysian diaspora of experts abroad to return home and help Malaysia progress at even faster pace through their expertise.
The diaspora estimated to number some 1.2 million with most of them in Australia, he said their expertise and skills could be harnessed in the nation's interest.
Malaysian experts abroad were no longer limited to the fields of medicine, accountancy and law as before as the diaspora was now also involved in other fields like specific branches of science and were researchers at universities, he said.
"The Malaysian workforce needs more specialists. Malaysia needs you to come home, the country needs your expertise," he said at a dinner with students and Malaysians living in Queensland here Saturday night.
On Thursday, Muhyiddin had launched the Malaysian Scientific Diaspora Network (MSDN) to serve as a key platform to connect Malaysian scientists worldwide and promote collaborative research in their areas of expertise for the country's benefit.
Muhyiddin, who is also Education Minister, said the tranformation plans and programmes currently undertaken by the Malaysian Government opened vast opportunities for the diaspora.
He said if before they might ask what were the prospects if they returned home but this no longer was the case as they would be able to flourish in their careers.

******************************** I'm truncatng the report here BECAUSE I DON'T THINK THIS GUY IS ANY SINCERE  AT ALL -- he also stood by when Malay extremists eg Perkosa and its chief mischiefmaker ALI the chief froggie had regularly made inflammatory statements on the Chinese Malaysians, others were bold enough to tell "you balik TongSan jika tidak suka disini!"

Hey, Mr DPM, your lament reminds me of the saying: Bolting the stable door after the horses have bolted!

The DPM waiting-in-UMNO-wings to take over the clueless Najib as PM except Opposition Leader DS Anwar Ibrahim is growing MORE&MORE formidable with more clowning and play acting by the UMNO-centric wooden cabinet often caugfht LYING THROUGH THEIR TEETH and yet still hold on to their seats because their (onw and family's) livelihood depends on it!:.

I had once likened these UMNO leader's acts as those UMNOputra daylight robbers of shedding crocodile tears that we are seeing a constant migration of Malaysians -- mainly Chinese and other non-Malay, sorry I have to have an ethnic breakdown reference point  -- as the countries who accept them make THEM FEEL APPRECIATED AND ACCEPTED. Yes, back n NegaraKu they rttreat some foreigners who are ILLEGALLY STAYING ON in Malaysia BETTER than local born-and-bred! Similar efforts like what TalentCorp is now doing -- how BIG is your BUDGET ah, can Desi ask, or is this covered by OSA? -- a decade or so ago, some 100-plus Malaysians working overseas returned to their homeland to SERVE. BUT  WITHIN ONE YEAR, all these returnees EXCEPT for wan miserable ONE, remained in Malaysia.

Is the TalentCorp reprising aulti-million act here? Again, and again -- carrying out tokensim of their UMNOputra Ministers and Menteri Besar 2B before the crucial 13th General Elections.

I quote from one poem dedicated to this topic in my Midnight Voices & Other Poems:~~~~


A Reluctant Lament in May!
May 13, 1969 -- do we remember?
Countless Malaysians shed their blood
Life's fabric is oft strong, yet tender
Can withstand the elements even in a flood
But man's foul mood, tearing all asunder
I want to make this my motherland
Many of fellow Malaysians chorus in similar trend
But ill mouths and ill minds
They can't see our love 
Sight closeted within their racial blinds
Some slog to get by with two jobs
Others born into privilege behave like mobs
Ninety percent of us shed 
Blood, sweat and tears
So that the other 10 percent gallivant 
in wine, women and bed
They then question our loyalty
Meanwhile they reap the oil royalty
We dutifully pay our taxes
Meanwhile they squander in madness
Monuments are built to meet the sky
They see gods and goddeses on high
Wrapped around karaoke lasses' bosoms 
Behold, lo and hi
With our blood, sweat and tears
At the slightest sign of trouble
To safer havens they and lovers flee
Meanwhile they "yam seng!" in glee
They ask: Why art thou overseas?
Come back to serve your Motherland
Meanwhile, they who stay, they smother
Oh Mum's the Word
The majority lament
Why bother?

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