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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

We have oft heard "Beware the Ides of March!", now Desi's

warning: BEWARE THE 211212!

Take me seriously OR take it with a grain of NaCl, it's your choice. If life has been treating you fair and square thus far, be thankful and ENJOY your life. IF you feel shortchanged thus far, you don't have to worry for too long, for soon Life doesn't hand us down any choices. Many have seen the movie "2012", and others have read of the Mayan calendar predicting the end of this "world" as we know it in a month's time.

YESTERDAY, my hometown I fondly call Furong (Seremban, you nincompoop/ ignoramus -- you haven't been reading my blog or SMS izzit!:( Wella, making hay while the sun shines, I'm gonna write a short SMS 4Community Service Message, addressed to Furongknights, but it applies to all Malaysans, even world citizens OK!

Today I SMS-ed some mateys and my sunnies:)~~~~~~~

"Dear mGf and buddies of Furong: THE TREMEDOUS THUNDER AND LIGHTNING that struck last night from 8 to 9PM looks like a rehearsal of Armageddon. I wonder if Dec 21 would WITNESS complete darkness as predictd by some scientists as they said NUCLEAR STRENGTH SOLAR FLARES MAY DISABLEALL POWER SYSTEMS WORLDWIDE, ie PLANES MAY HV ENGINES GOING DEAD, so don't flydec 21 to 26! Well, mygood friends, i m 'resuming' my curries and meaty delights, THINKG OF CHUKIOKsin! 4i ve nothin to lose:)! YL, Desi"

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