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Monday, November 19, 2012

The Publishing Experience, or Lack of...II

No, I did NOT suffer a near-death experience the past few days although a fictional character Mac Taylor did.SIRvived because a million-$ character can not be allowed/aloud to die off quietly, TOO MANY OTHER PARTIES' LIVELIHOODS DEPEND ON "big" MAC.

I just want to continue my PR on my REPRINT of "Midnight Voices & Other Poems..." to continue from last Saturdie's post. YES, I promised an understanding of what DDC is about... so here/hear goes:~~~

Examples of DDC -- a sort of word game I play under Blogspeak licence self copyrightedORlefted:) -- are words in foregoing introduction italicised.

Extracting from page7 of my REPRINT, hey, now be an obedient student, go place an ORDER!:)

"My writing horizon expanded over the last two years after I started my weblog -- -- on the Ides of March 2005, and the chief benefit flowing from this joyful  journey still in progress are the many new people I have become acquainted with. The section of poems sub-headed Blogosphere -- Beauty and the Beast -- is culled mainly from My Blue Haven. At this blogospheric abode, I indulged a lot in wordsmithry, and myGOoDfriend (mGf) from Ipoh, host of, termed it my DDC(Da Desi Code). Should you not catch on this special licence of Blogspeak, don't be afraid for you are not alone! Helen initially said she could understand only 30 percent of what Desi wrote. Curio cat that she is -- or is she an Olivia (sister of Oliver Twist)? -- she keeps coming back for more. I was tempted to say aMore but I refrained. I felt pretty proud when Helen intimated that I had won her over with some poetry, and she repays with some Note the words in italics are some examples of DDC, hope you do see, even with one eye closed!" 


MORE on my publishing experience noteworthy of sharing relates to my adding some value in my updated copy, so I stole THREE quotable quotes -- I learnt from early school days reading Reader's Digest always works. From Albert Einstein some more, on the reverse of frontpage cover.

But horror of horrors when I took delivery of the books last week, staring at Desi with some beads of perspiration showing already on his shining forehead, WERE UNCORRECTED HOWLERS WHICH I HAD SPOTTED IN THE PROOF two weeks earlier. I personally saw the personable PRINTER -- whom I shan't name because I don't wish to see his cheeks turn lobster red! -- make the changes to the mistakes as shown in the proof. BUT WHAT HE OMITTED TO DO WAS HE DID NOT ERASE THE ORIGINAL COPY WHILE SAVING THE IMPROVED COPY IN HIS COMPUTER!

When he sent the copy for plate-making, he pulled up the ORIGINAL FILE with the TYPOS beautifully and nakedly intact to tease us! So after sweating our eye-brows and cooling down with teh-iced limau -- the princely Printer even buttered Desi down with three-layered-peanut-buttered-toast! -- we conceived with a sext-best solution. We re[laced the third Einstein quote with "stick-on" reprint. No, the Printer and Desi can assure buyers that they did not use their tongue to wet the glue, only fingers' DNA in taggingon the sticker. If they don't really make out an exact rectangle, put that down as a piece of modern art variant OK!:)

As I say, eve this "mistake" may enahnce the value of an autographed copy post writer's death, jest be patient. Did I mention Vincent van Gogh's SUNFLOWER sold for several hundred AUD million? Mine, I hope to be s-MILING fom sex foot underground if my Midnight Voices... could fetch 20million. Even in Rupiahs, oso cun-lah! LOL! ~~~~~~~~~~

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