My Anthem

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Daytime noise and midnight's decibels

noise in the day
neighbours quarreling over money -- yeah, lack of it
lovers in a tiff over each other's dalliance
and a dad's laments that the daughter is impossible
running out with a ruffianly-looking lad
he's 21, and she's 12-looking-17

noise in the afternoon
neighbours playing mahjong
and lovers still fighting o'er mutual infidelities
now it's a mum's lament that he's to blame
for allowing their girl too much freedom
and too much allowance in lieu of family time
and he counters in a booming voice:
like mother like daughter
wild as the wind in her younger days
well, she rebutted:
and you were riding me as a buck on heat
night and day

as night falls
and the midnight bells chime
every body and soul calls a truce
to noise, noise, noise

it's time to sink daytime laments into the pillows
it's time to bury life's endless woes in dreamtime
but the mind does not obey human's wishes
and a nightmare rides into one's landscape

the bank has foreclosed on the mortgage
the daughter is six-months pregnant
and it's now the neighbourhood's dogs fighting
and barking to get a share of the bitch in heat

inescapable is the human condition
from noise and the midnight
intruding voice
still in torturing decibels

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