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Monday, November 19, 2012


Yes, it's from my fave TV series,THE CSI. The particular episode was aired this MIDNIGHT when the spiritual or after daeth realm is best felt or narrated by the adventurer/narrator lucky to live TO TELL THE TALE.!  Actually, thanks to AXN's repeats, tonight I saw this episode the second time around. SEE HOW COINCIDENTAL WITH the reprint of my "MIDNIGHT VOICES and OTHER POEMS"...?

To make my telling easier, I just googled CSI NY 8: Mack Taypor, NEAR DEATH, and presto, my job of narration is made like squezzzing orange to make squassssh (words in italics are Amore examples of DDC which I will write about in the next post, K! InsyaAllah!~~~~~~~~~

CSI NY 8.18 “Near Death” Review

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The penultimate episode was titled ‘Near Death’ and it started with death in a pharmacy. Among the victims lying about was Mac Taylor; the head of New York Crime Lab. Now it would be almost impossible to believe that Mac would be killed off the show unless some issues have taken place without any body knowing. Besides, it was the beginning of the show and they won’t just kill him, will they?
CSI: NY Season 8 Episode 18
But it was a near death experience as he laid down there dreaming of those people he is involved in. The very first person he got to talk with was his dead wife Claire. And then the whole team had a role call as he talked with everyone of them.
In the real world, Flack and Jo were the first to reach the hospital but his girlfriend was not far behind. It was Christine that helped Jo out to fill the form because she just realized that she really did not know that much about Mac. She knew his middle name and probably filled her own name as the next of kin.
Fans got to know in this episode some things that had been left hanging. The reason behind Lucy and Mac seemingly let Flack off the hook after his girlfriend was killed. But Jo’s case that she swore that she would solve remained unresolved. But there was a case Mac was on before the shooting incident occurred. Just the day before he and Flack were on the heels of a robbery suspect that had killed someone in his last robbery.
But Luke Sheldon swears to being innocent and claims that the sunglasses that ties him to the place had been missing for a while now. They did not have much time with him before his grandfather showed up with a lawyer.
Lindsay said it would be conclusive if they mapped his veins with that of the robber on the CCTV. They took up the advise and the results came out negative. He wasn’t the one but the shocking reveal that later came out was it was his grandfather with a couple of his friends that did it! They did not want to pay for home care and wanted to avoid being sent to a home.
Mac got shot in the pharmacy because he walked in on a robbery when he went to get Luke’s grandfather’s prescription. Flack track down and arrests the girl. At the end of the show, the flash forward six months ahead and Mac is alive and kicking.

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