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Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Publishing Experience, or Lack Of...

YL CHONG-- aka Desiderata when he first used publicly as a creative writer to earn pocket money -- has been living in a semi state of retirement since BUM2011. I believe some of you know I landed up in the 5-star Seremban General that faeful die day in July, 2012, and well treated for a weAk:). Okay, be warned that DDC is again used in this post -- ****DDC is Da Desi Code, gifted me by an Ipohlang I nick AweOfHelen.

I will reprise a section to help ye understand what DDC is**** from my inaugural Anthology (see-lah at the TOP, Midnight Voices & Other Poems, Now rush to email me and place an order of 10copies or more, which will enjoy a 15percent discount OK! Wella, it's surmised that after I move on from this gOod Earth, a copy autographed by YL, Desi, would be worth something like 1,500 -- remember Vincent van Gogh's SUNFLOWER? He died a pauper, his works fetch many millions post Death, how sad, I'm glad I'm not dead. Nyet.

My Email:

Handphone: 012-9702285

SomeEsteemedReaders who have not met Desi but emailed would address me as a Ms -- I don't blame them because I think they fell in love with some of my "beguiling" poems, right? Leftist or Centrist?

Hence, I started off flagging the marketing of my First Print i 2007 with INTIMATIONS. Writers by nature do not speak to your face, they converse, and if your are physically around, they may reach of point of "holding thy hands", my dear!


My book was SELF-PUBLISHED and the first edition was limited 1,000copies. I sold 900copies and gifted the remaining 99, keeping ONE kopi with penned-over TYPOS spotted after the fact!

Then about "six" months ago (I was tempted to say "sex", but shall refrain in case some below-age-of-16 gals from Malaka visit Midnight Voices -- hey,, now kids grow up pretty fast,and my friends from abroad infrom Desi they even have started to "do it" in secondary school! Please don't ask-lah what "do it" means OK, I'm not a qualified sex-educationist; and there is a Chinese saying: "When painting a portrait, don't need to paint even the intestines!" (something to this effect-lah!:)

Back from digression, which is a BUMmer's privilege to abuse -- that's WHY I urge my readers to get o board the Bloggers' bandwagon! -- I had wanted to publish my second book consisting my Best Socio-Political Essays; No, I was not modest to it by myself. I approached a publisher I had acquainted with through my Blogging and Political activities, sent him samples of the writings I had in mind; for reaons not to be disclosed -- hey publisher-writer relationship is akin to a doctor-patient one/wan OK -- the project did not take off.

I then approached another publisher nj KL, the initial talks did NOT even take off. He cited the case of mGf/myGOoDfriend KimQ -- March to Putrajaya, does that ring some DESIbelles? -- where Bukit Aman called up both parties for some sweetheart talks, and confiscated their books for safekeeping as sweeteners. See, Malaysian's PDRM boasts of keeping "threats to national security" of their own nationals at bay, BUT THERE IS ON RECORD GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS STATING THAT INDONESIAN ILLEGALS IN MALAYSIA TOTALLED SOME TWO MILLION!

Heeding the advice of former Singapore Prime Minister LKY that someone reaching 65 must not retire, for once he/she gives up an active mind-based activity on a regulat basis, he/she will head for that tombstone much earlier, Desi had to think of a way to keep bee-sy.

The past few years, when I became acquainted with some new contacts with whom I wished to get-to-know-better, I had given PHOTSTATE COPIES, gratis of cpourse, for Desi is knot a scrooge OK!


(To be continued...I have to adjourn to an early capitalistic dinner, a visitor from outstation is treating, and an olde horse like Desi knows the meaning of "MAKE HAY W'ILE THE SUN SHINES", especially during this raining seAson:) ~~ YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual

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