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Sunday, November 25, 2012

211212: a DESIcation to DPP and SC...

mGf DPP's recently launched book TIGER ISLE has an interesting second chapter titled 2211. I'm seldom a believer in Superstition, faith or religion or fable-based, BUT ONCE IN A W'ILE COMETH ALONG a Mayan prediction that Armageddon befalls December 21, 2012 maketh Desi sit up to take note.

Basically trained in science, I had recently chatted on this historic day to soon come with a friend of the Buddhist faith - let's call him SC for he works in an industry related to the Securities Comm!:) -- who educates me lots on KARMA. We also discussed the 911 Conspiracy Theory much promoted by former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad and several American academics and writers. Whether you agree or disagree with Dr M's politics, it is NOT relevant here when we discuss 911 and the possibility of the FBI/CIA as the key masterminds of the event -- Dr M even claimed the Arabs -- AlQueda, Taliban et al! --were NOT intelligent enough to have been able to pull 911 off. I have also visted the LINKS put up by these Conspiracy theorists, and I still am not able to come to a conclusion one way or the other.

This Sunday my Rumination is on the Q of BELIEF. It's a matter of faith so it's NOT just the "intettect" at work when it comes to "believing" in something or a cause. But at the end of the day, GOD -- howver you deem HIM to be -- gave us each a unique mind to ponder, and ponder we must. A Buddhist will tell you he/she pursues knowledge to the highest posssible levelf consciousness -- the 18th level? -- so that a human is more or less as KNOWING as a DEITY, howver one deems Him to be. At that level of consciousness, mGf says, the kowledge gained through the years maketh the privileged few see the past, the present and the future.

So what about that DAY OF DESTINY dated December 21, 2012, less than a month hence. My position is that enough ARMAGEDDON-like events will take place on planet Earth given the right time, not necessarily November 21 of this fateful year. We have seen the worst of floodings and storms hitting New York, Beijing, just to name two prominent centres of population, to see the OMENS of things to come. But can the human race really prepare for such DOOMSDAY scenarios (as is show on television under the titled of Doomsday Preppers)? Frankly, momentous events on such a scale as predicted by the Mayans cometh Nov 211 will be nigh impossible for the present human race to prepare. It's like the Acheh-like TSUNAMI hitting Penag or Langkawi and Port Dickson -- are we Malaysians well prepared for such an eventuality? And how sure arewe Malaysia is protected from such a Tsunami because Sumatra forms a frontline barrier? We underestimate the forces of Nature when we upset the eco-systems in ways we individually may not be aware of their "destruction" BUT COLLECTIVELY, Nature's fury is like a million women's scorned and wrapped up in one nice Christmas package ... everything looks serene one minute, and the next all hell will break loose.

So I'm rambling with an OPEN-ENDED piece because it's a subject way too deep for an individual to fathom, and I don't wish to flag myself off as an expert on the future.

I know deep within me I can go placidly into the night hours if only I do more good than bad while transiting this planet earth. Don't rush to judgment of others -- I often tell those holier-than-thou preachers. You cannot even save your spouse's or children's souls, so DON'T  TRY TO PREACH SALVATION TO OTHERS quoting that "MINE IS THE ONLY RIGHT WAY!" Oh no, cometh Armageddon or Apocalypse or dieOFjudgement, whatever you call it -- be it this Nov 21 or later -- we will see that the hallowed grough six feet underground and beneath the ocean waves is the only LEVELLER OF JUSTiCE AND EQUALiTY. Yes, DPP, I endorse your motto: "We are all of one race -- the human race."

POSTsript: This is awe writ in RED because it's a warning -- take it wit' a pinch of NaCl or sugar to make it palable! -- the common event surrounding 2211 or 2112 predicted is that SOLAR FLARES of such immense intensity and energy that the end-result that day is that WORLDWIDE, ALL THE POWER SYSTEMS WILL BREAK DOWN. So is that period leading from December 21-26, you are offered free tickets to fly airAsea or AIRcolumba, DON'T ACCEPT THE FREE RIDES. Becuase you don't want to tempt fate -- your plane's engine may just shut down all of a sudden -- and Desi doesn't want thy plane to free fall vertically to land on top of my FuRong bungalow and turn Desi into ashes. I wanna live to at least Dr M's age of 87 OK! I haven't finished my blockedbustier novel to match DPP's TIGER ISLE  -- his maketh a whole island of 30million disppear, mine will make an olde tribe re-APpear in awe its mornig and night glory -- yes, it's a sigh to behold, to hold on to, till second life do we ascend. If up dare is Heaven, will be all da SINners go -- down under? It's all so unfair to my OZ friends then, won't it be? Me, I prefer to be suspended in that place that rimes wit' Lavatory -- hey, we then have the best of two worlds! When we like it, we head upwards, on our downdies, we descend.

PPS: This is jest for laffs, OK! Don't label Desi blasphemous K!

One of my gOod friends went for a preview of what Heaven or Hell is like. So first the Warden took him up, up and away. There he toured the socalled paradise -- all the men and women and children were spending lots of time in prayer. Prayer at BF, prayer at lunch, Prayer at dinner, Prayer at Supper, and all the meals consisted of plain bread and margarine -- No jam or butter, so don't talk peanut butter!

Then the Guide took mGf to Down Under. Wow, there was all-day, all-night partying -- kaRAlalalaOK, dancing queens and gals, cowboys and cowgals and even the inbetweens having the dime/time of their lives. Well educated about that Hellish hole, mGf went back to planet earth, and abided his time.

Then the constant called Death appears mGf requested for a wan-way ticket to that place called Hell -- because he wanted to party awe night long with Dolly Parton, Marulyn Monroe and Madonna. No, the hallowed halls of prayers wit' Mother Teresa and Hail Mary and Sisdar Charity were too mush to bear.

So he followed the Chief Warden with a s-MILE as wide as the rianbow, wit' much anticipation of the party-awe-night-long-till the-day-dawns...

They arrived at da place. But all mGf saw were the cutting of tongues, amputation of limbs (like what Hudud-law offenders were made to believe were standard rewards...) and no, not even crumbs of bread for BF, lunch or dinner, so forget supper.

mGf:" Hey, Mr Guide, you brought me to the wlong place. In my preview tour, Hell was a HAPPY PLACE with ine, women and Song -- and I can yodel ike a cowboi!"

"NO, mGf which is for myGOoDfriend, sometimes with the R silent -- YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT PLACE. You aRsEk for Hell, so here/hear is hell!"

mGf protested. "No, the lust time I came, I saw Dolly Parton, Marilyn Monroe and Maddon!"

"OH, I THINK DAT PREVIEW TOUR WAS CONDUCTED ON HAPPY HOURS' DAY. -- ONLY ONCE A YEAR!" the gOod Chief Warden nodded his head. "Sorry, you were knot foolly briefed by my assistant..."

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