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Friday, April 27, 2012

SAD NEWS at midnight hour wrt MChronicle, deja vu for Desi

ursday, 26 April 2012 10:11

Time to say goodbye - for now!

Written by  Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle
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Hi everyone.
Malaysia Chronicle has to take a break. It is a tough decision to make but a necessary one.
There are many reasons from risks of lawsuits to threats of physical harm, and of course to attacks to our website which we have been encountering with greater frequency these few weeks.
But the overriding reason is that it costs an enormous amount of money to run a website and the gestation period to reap any meaningful return may be too long for some investors.
So we have no choice but to say Farewell. For now. We will try our best to secure new investors and return bigger and better as soon as we can.
In the meantime, Malaysia Chronicle will gradually reduce its news output effective Monday, April 30, 2012.
To all readers, we thank you for your support and hope you have enjoyed participating in our comments forum, which we have tried to keep as free as possible.
Everything takes time including speaking up and making comments as a participating member of society. No doubt some of the language used, due mainly to sudden-found freedom of expression, does need getting used to. But in keeping participation open is honed awareness of both self and others and this was the greater good that we aimed for.
And of course, in keeping as many people as we could up to date with the issues that grip Malaysia.
Selamat tinggal for now!

Salam sejahtera semua.
Dengan ini diumumkan bahawa Malaysia Chronicle terpaksa rehat seketika. Ini bukanlah satu keputusan yang mudah diambil tetapi ia perlu dilakukan.
Terdapat banyak sebab kenapa keputusan ini terpaksa diambil. Diantaranya adalah risiko saman yang perlu ditanggung oleh pihak kami dan lebih ketara lagi ancaman fizikal. Serangan DDOS dan percubaan godaman diatas laman web kami juga telah bertambah kebelakangan ini.
Sebab mutakhir yang menyebabkan kami membuat keputusan ini adalah masalah dana. Kos untuk menampung laman web seperti ini adalah sangat tinggi dan pulangan pelaburan mungkin mengambil masa yang agak panjang.
Oleh sebab itu, kami terpaksa mengucap selamat tinggal ... buat sementara waktu. Kami akan cuba dengan sedaya upaya untuk mencari pelabur baru supaya kami dapat pulang kembali dengan wacana dan liputan berita yang lebih tajam dan panas!
Kepada semua pembaca kami yang setia, terima kasih diatas sokongan sekalian. Kami harap penglibatan kamu semua, terumatanya di dalam forum komen kami yang sengaja kami biarkan terbuka dan bebas, adalah bernas.
Segala-galanya perlukan pelaburan masa. Ini termasuk menyuarakan pendapat. Walaupun kebebasan bersuara dan kebebasan berpendapat merupakan satu fenomena baru yang perlu sedikit masa untuk membiasakan diri, dengan memastikan sebuah forum terbuka, kami cuba menyediakan sebuah wadah untuk mengasah minda dan membina kesedaran diri ... dan sudah tentu untuk mempertengahkan isu-isu yang melanda Malayisa.
Dengan itu, Farewell ... untuk sekarang.
Malaysia Chronicle
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  • Comment LinkylchongFriday, 27 April 2012 23:40 posted by ylchong
    I reprise here a poem I composed in the first weekend of 2001 to mark a milestone of a fellow traveller's journey which I then wished had not happened. But life's reality can be cruel.

    I had logged on to AgendaMalaysia (AM) the previous week daily, hoping it might yet earn some new lease of life despite its editor's posting mid-December 2000 it's calling it a day. Alas, it's not meant to be.

    SAD NEWS indeed for me, a sort of deja vu a decade plus later:~~

    It's just adieu
    I miss you so, my friend
    A daily diet of AM
    now is denied me

    I miss the invigoration
    The quality words
    the beautiful lines

    I hope AMigo
    I'll see your face again
    Smiling to greet me at early morn

    I drank of your wine, made of
    Grapes of soothing rhyme
    Songs of knowledge sublime

    But you said it's time
    To ring down the curtain
    As the money has run dry

    I wish I could write out
    A cheque for a million
    To make you AM stay

    I pray it's just adieu
    And not goodbye.
  • Comment LinkAvalokiteshvara Friday, 27 April 2012 22:42 posted by Avalokiteshvara
    This is very sad news for those of us who have grown rather find of Malaysia Chronicle's unique personality - right down to the tabloid news it also carries!

    Indeed, I have got into the habit of going straight to Malaysia Chronicle after checking the headlines on Malaysiakini. Everyone knows MC is biased towards PKR but it's the sort of bias we like, especially when some of the articles carry such a ferocious bite (must be Tian Chua's influence :-)

    For sure I will greatly miss Malaysia Chronicle - in fact, its departure will leave a vacuum in my news browsing. I have always felt at ease on this site - and especially love the fact that we are allowed to comment without having to log in or wait for some namby-pamby moderator to approve our rants and raves - like with The Malaysian Insider, which I seriously loathe and little trust. There's something about TMI that strikes me as "off colour" - must be Khairy and Kalimullah's funding, perhaps? Or perhaps it's that silly woman Joan Lau's pompous energy...

    No... nothing can replace Malaysia Chronicle for me! I actually like the fact that it's so down-to-earth and hard-hitting with all the scoops the mainstream media dare not even mention.

    In any case, nothing I can do to keep MC going - but I would like to state for the record, Choon Mei, that in my opinion you have done an exceedingly fine job. Thank you so very much.

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