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Sunday, April 29, 2012

A 1stPerson account the day after, via MChronicle...

Desi adds his three-sen worth (2 sen from me, add your wan sen which I read via COMMENTS at MC!:):)~~~

THANKS to truthbespoken -- a Malaysian after Desi's heART and up my Seremban alley, -- me a consummate truthseeker, yes! _--  Desi, knottyaSsusual:) and standing invite ~~~ENDLESS rounds of tehtarik, dear writer whereever tou art, come down to Furong Te Mian Corner from 8PM K!"PS to writer: "

Sunday, 29 April 2012 09:07

ULTERIOR MOTIVE: Police violence at Bersih planned and co-ordinated?

Written by  truthbespoken
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ULTERIOR MOTIVE: Police violence at Bersih planned and co-ordinated?
I had never thought that at the last hour (3-4pm) of the sit-in the situation would turn ugly. I was at the Masjid Jamek area and mostly the atmosphere was carnival in nature with people from all walks of society, especially the younger ones, singing the national anthem and other tunes as well chanting Bersih most of the time. There were balloons and placards to lend colour to the gathering.
Truth be told, the participants were a disciplined lot, thousands and thousands of them. Even, I thought, the PDRM was a restrained lot. But it was not to be! News spread quickly from the frontliners that the police had partly opened up the barricades to Dataran Merdeka at about 3.07 pm and when the people began to move into them, the police had without any warning begun to open fire of tear gas and cannon water at the people.
Then further attacks came from other directions. The people ran helter-skelter and many were chased along Tuanku Abdul Rahman into shops. One of my friends who was a victim called to inform he was huddled inisde a shop with many others. He further said the policemen kicked very hard at the door of the shop and challenge the victims to come out to face them! Such arrogance! He further heard a lot of disturbance outside the shop as though some people were fighting with the police.
Of course, there were many people hurt by the damning effects of tear gas and water cannons, vomiting, fainting and so on. Many rushed away from the scene and began to leave, including myself. The latest news from friends who stayed back was at about 4.30pm there were many protesters still resisting the police over their unwarranted high-handed actions.
Political agenda
But the main question remaining is that why did the police adopt such dastardly actions late (just 1 hour) before the protest is supposed to end? If it is true by witnesses account that the police did purposely opened up the barricades there under instructions to allow people to move in at that late hour and immediately kick up the unwarranted fuss thereafter, there must be someone higher up there at a hidden corner behind such a cruel act on the people to achieve his political agenda!
There were thousands of Malaysians who stayed overnight and until 3.00 pm today (April 28) with many joining in for a noble Bersih cause but nothing else happened, only friendliness and the sense of camaradie prevailing. Why then must such an unfortunate situation arise at the eleventh hour if they are no dirty souls behind the fracas?
Could the police chief in charge at the scene be investigated thoroughly to find out who or which politician behind has caused the temperature of the participants to rise and respond unnecessarily and suffer the the way they did?
Damn it!
-  truthbespoken


  • Comment LinkBN Gomen ThugsSunday, 29 April 2012 10:32 posted by BN Gomen Thugs
    Bersih was hijacked by Hishamuddin's underground thugs and Najib's arse-licking PDRM
  • Comment LinkMike johorSunday, 29 April 2012 10:32 posted by Mike johor
    Last year violence blamed on govt..this year violence started by Orang Bersih, also blame on govt "agent provocateur"... When you win court matters, you say "justice has been serbed", when you lose, you say " Third hand involved"... Heads I win, tail you lose? This is how "BERSIH" main "KOTOR"?
  • Comment LinkylchongSunday, 29 April 2012 10:31 posted by ylchong
    APs - agents provocateurs -- at work surely after Bersih organisers had given advice from as early as 3.00pm NOT TO PROVOKE the police and EVEN IF THE BARRICADES WERE "Buka", NO PROTESTOR SHOULD BE TEMPTED TO HEAD TOWARDS THE DATARAN MERDEKA. Ihad originally gathered just outside Pasar Seni outside Yusoof Restron, from 11AM till 1.30PM all wa peaceful and full of camaraderie. I was gladdened to see a groiuo of some 20youggals cald in veil, scarf and tudung; I sms-ed editor of MC that this was heartwarming as even Muslim youngers added to the merdeka spirit and colour.
    We had marched at 1.30pm to join another group near the HSBC Bank and Bar Council, and I also went over to Masjid Jamek to do some surveillance. I know from past experience that this would the centre of "police action" IF ANT WAS TO TAKE PLACE.

    aack tt the Bar Council vicinity, yes, a Bersoh official with a distinctive RED HEADBAND used a loudhailer to ask the crowd "NOY TO TAUNT" the police as some enthusaistic shouts of "Buka Pintu! Buka! Buka!" wer heard occasionally.

    I was apprehensive of one scruffy looking guy who was leading (group from Jalan Sultan-Petaling Street?) urging them on like encouraging them towards the police barricades. I did not linger to watch long enough what eventually happened, but accounts from treargas victims later reported back at Pasar Seni the Police started firing H2) and teargas WITHOUT THE USUAL THREE BELL RINGS at the Masjid Jamek crowd. (I later read online news reports such teargasing took place earlier at Jln TAR area...)

    By all accounts, Bersih had the protestors much under copntrol and had properly instructed theem to disperse from 3.30PM. If they had been any breach of SOP, I agree that APs could have been working the crowds. Also, the PDRM must show some GAYA, NO?

    I think Bersih 3.0 would have proceeded peacefully without incidents (1-3deaths?) IF THE POLICE AND DBKL HAD NOT SEALED OF DATARAN MERDEKA as that historic place of Malaya's Independce belongs to the People/Rakyat. I put the figures who answred the clarion call at 200,000, though Ambiga calimed 250,000.
    MSM reports like NST removed one zero, of course! So their reporters/editos must be half-blind and very poor at arithmatic; so how much credence to the rest of their reportage . NST froontpage yells: "A DAY OF SHAME
    We truly need to change the BN gomen and transform the MSM into responsible jhournalism practictioners (Minta maaf I still need to read them as a media watcher IN ORDER TO WRITE BALANCED, IMHO-lah, Comentar, K!

    Thanks for thy patience if I overwrote; making hay while the PDRM sleeps o their job eh!:) ~~ YL, Desi


    Dari, a good angle to that incident of Police car being overturned...Contrast with MSM reports who will tell you it's the protesters' fault, of course. MSM dungus who can't even estimate crowd numbers -- 10,000 my foot! Kaki saya sakit oooi; trudged around for 6km yesterday, when all our troubles seemed so far away, until the PDRM started to show their GAYA!:(YL, Desi

    Bagaimana kereta peronda polis diterbalik

    (AJK Bersih, Wong Chin Huat [memegang pembesar suara] meminta orang ramai bertenang dan bersurai selepas sebuah kereta peronda polis diterbalikkan bagi menyelamat seorang gadis yang terperangkap di bawahnya)
    KUALA LUMPUR: Seorang saksi memaklumkan, tindakan penunjuk perasaan terbalikkan kereta peronda polis adalah untuk menyelamatkan orang yang terperangkap di bawah kereta itu selepas dilanggar.

    Ia berlaku selepas kereta peronda itu semacam hilang kawalan dan melanggar tiga orang termasuk seorang gadis Cina sehingga gadis malang itu terperosok di bawah kereta itu.

    Untuk menyelamatkan orang yang terperangkap di bawah kereta itu, mereka beramai-ramai memterbalikkan kereta peronda polis.

    (Kereta peronda polis yang remuk teruk di hadapan selepas melanggar tembok Sogo dan tiga peserta perhimpunan. Ia menunjukkan ia dipandu dengan laju sebelum melanggar peserta perhimpunan.)

    Menurut seorang aktivis dari Terengganu yang menyertai perhimpunan hari ini, kejadian itu berlaku di depan mata beliau berhampiran pasaraya Sogo.

    "Ambe (maksudnya saya) petang (tadi) jadi saksi kejadian polis rempuh pendemo. YA! Memang ade provokasi tapi setelah check-check, rupanya yang start lempar botol air mineral kat kereta polis tu adalah Sahabat Bodoh (SB)...!

    "Mana tak mengamuk polis tu sampaikan sanggup rempuh dengan laju orang awam di hadapan SOGO.

    "Berita yang menyatakan ada meninggal tidak benar sama sekali, tiga yang dilanggar parah, seorang wanita cina terperosok bawah kereta polis, sebab tu orang ramai terbalikkan kereta polis, sebab nak selamatkan wanita tu.

    (Salah seorang mangsa yang dirempuh kereta peronda polis, Su Kwang Hong, masih di rawat di Hospital Kuala Lumpur)

    "Polis pun tak dak yang meninggal, walaupun dibelasah dengan agak teruk orang ramai yang tidak puas hati mereka langgar pendemo.

    "Persoalannya sekarang kenapa polis tu sanggup rempuh orang ramai dengan laju, sampai retak dinding tangga SOGO tu.

    "Suasana pilu, tangisan kedengaran melihat insiden itu.

    "Ya, memang ada yang mulakan provokasi, dah kejar orang tu tapi tak sempat sebab dia naik motor lari," cerita saksi itu dalam facebooknya.

    Cerita yang beliau tulis itu amat sepadan sekali dengan video yang disiarkan oleh Malaysiakini di bawah ini.

    (Print screen dari video Malaysiakini yang menunjukkan seorang lelaki menundukkan kepala melihat ke bawah kereta sementara rakan-rakannya yang lain menterbalikkan kereta peronda polis itu)

    Ia dapat disahkan apabila seorang wanita yang bersuara nyaring dalam video ini berkata, "Astaghfirullah...angkat-angkat" sementara seorang lagi peserta demonstrasi melihat ke bawah kereta peronda polis itu.

    Melalui video yang lain pula, pemandu kereta polis itu adalah seorang yang memakai seluar pendek dan bertopi keledar.

    (Pemandu kereta polis yang dibawa keluar dari kereta selepas merempuh peserta perhimpunan)

    Ia dipandu laju selepas diserang dengan botol air oleh peserta Bersih 3.0 apabila mendapati pemandunya bukan berpakaian polis tetapi bertopi keledar.
    Kereta itu kemudiannya merempuh orang ramai yang berada di sekitar Sogo itu dan kemudiannya merempuh tembok.

    Saksikan video-video di bawah:

    Klik untuk saksi video kejadian berdasarkan video Malaysiakini
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