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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ghost of beauty Altantuya in a French court...

Malaysians keen FOR THE TRUTH must follow this Inquiry closely. And pray at midnight too that Justice will be done so that the innocent beauty's soul may finally REST IN PEACE.

The Malaysian court failed her and her family. The courts also failed us Malaysians with a SENSE OF JUSTICE AND TRANSPARENCY. The real WOLVES are steal Oouch Dare!

From the Malaysia Chronicle:~~~

Friday, 20 April 2012 12:15

In French trial, the resurrection of Altantuya Shaariibuu and a grilling for Najib Razak

Written by  Mathias Gomes, Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle
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In French trial, the resurrection of Altantuya Shaariibuu and a grilling for Najib Razak
19th October 2006 is a day for Malaysians to take note of as it was when an innocent and allegedly pregnant woman was brutally murdered by 2 faceless killers who are now facing a death sentence meted out on 9th April 2009.
It has been 3 years and the two former bodyguards of Prime Minister Najib Razak are still alive and kicking. Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri, 30 and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar, 35, are the two culprits locked up in the death row at Sungei Buloh prison. Though most Malaysians believe they pulled the trigger, the question remains - who ordered them to pull the trigger and gave them money for it?
Over in Paris, a court case is offering a glimmer of hope for redemption against the crass injustice shown by Malaysian authorities, who have stubbornly shut the door tight on the truth to protect the 'powers that be'. Apart from the two cops, no one else is 'touchable' - from Najib himself to his wife Rosmah Mansor to his good friend Razak Baginda.
So, it is in France that Altantuya may at last get some justice from her Malaysian tormentor. It is a great irony indeed.
Don't forget what's happening to Azhar and Sirul here
In Sungei Buloh, how Najib's former two bodyguards are really being treated is of great curiosity to their countrymen. Are they being given 'perks' such as being 'free' to walk out of jail to visit family and friends - just like the infamous Abdullah Ang case in Kajang prison?
One reason why there is such suspicion is the way the police behaved. They took extraordinary care to make sure these two men remained 'faceless' right through the proceedings by allowing them to wear all sorts of ski masks and facial 'vests'. Why? To shield their identity, of course! Why? Was it for a major cover up? It is indeed more likely than not.
After all, where else in the world are murderers given such extreme privileges to cover their identities. Malaysians say it makes them fume and hate the Attorney-General's Chambers even more for turning their country's High Court into a jester's place.
If this is so, the Malaysian public should take steps to unmask the two murderers. Given the nature of their previous jobs as cops, they would have met a wide circle of people. There will be many Malaysians who have been in contact with these men in one way or other, either as friends, colleagues or classmates. Even the honest officers at the Prison, please blow the whistle. Please reveal the truth for the sake of Malaysia and her future generations.
Upload some pictures on the Internet of these two despicable characters so that people can recognize them when they 'walk in and out' from prison to enjoy their freedom while Altantuya's ashes stay on the K-I-V shelf in some authority's office.
Given the way the trial was orchestrated by the Attorney General's Chambers, no one will be surprised if the two men plus their masters go scot-free. But the last pleading cry of Altantuya's ghost will always haunt them - till they die. Their children will carry the 'sins of the fathers' for a lifetime. Is it worth it?
159 days of sham trial
Malaysians sat through the 159 days of sham trial, where the guilty and the accomplices were released without their witnesses being called. It was a trial where the court drama upstaged the verdict.
People who had absolute reasons to be charged were acquitted. Who can forget private investigator P Balasubramaniam's Statutory Declaration? It was clear Najib's close friend and aide Abdul Razak Baginda played a pivotal role in this saga.
Who was the mastermind of the murder? Can it just be Baginda, or were the real culprits his bosses? Can we ever forget the time when Baginda's wife blurted angrily "My husband is not the one who wants to be Prime Minister"?.
These mysteries are jewels that will adorn the ghost of Altantuya until justice is served and her spirit freed to roam with God. And that can only be when there is a regime change, for a Malaysia under the current federal government would only get more corrupt and daring as its leaders escape time and time again for their crimes.
The agony of Altantuya's father who wants to give his daughter's ashes a final burial must not be delayed any further. Dr Setev Shaariibuu and his family have already waited far too long, almost 3 years after her death due to an overly-delayed appeal process. Her remains are kept in the High Court along with other exhibits and the container is gathering dust. How long more do they want to keep her there?
Such look-the-other-way and outright conspiracy does not bode well for our Judiciary, which is controlled by one man, the Attorney General who in turn is controlled by several top men in Umno.
In France, trial begins and Najib and Zahid are on the witness list
They say the guilty will always fear. But why the fear when the culprits all know that the ghost of Altantuya will not rest until justice is done.
Setev's recent visit to Malaysia and the interview he gave after offering himself as a witness in the Scorpene corruption case in France was an eye-opener.
His testimony directly implicating Prime Minister Najib Razak will "connect the dots" between his daughter's murder and the bribery that allegedly took place in the acquisition of the two Scorpene submarines.
Human rights NGO Suaram has just a day ago successfully argued for its witness statement to be accepted before investigative judge Roger Le Loire in the Paris tribunal Grande Instance.
This means that the French court not only agreed that there was a need for a judicial investigation into the RM7 billion Scorpene purchase but the judge also accepted Suaram's proposed list of potential witnesses.
Guess who are on that red-hot list of witnesses - Najib and the current Defence minister, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi!
Malaysian Parliament failed their own citizens
"We told them we were filing the case because the Malaysian Parliament had failed to provide answers that we sought involving the purchase of the submarines," said Suaram director Cynthia Gabriel.
"We also mentioned that we were unable to seek answers to the murder of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu and the failure of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate our complaints."
According to Suaram lawyer Joseph Brehem, the investigations on the French side have so far provided sufficient evidence to suspect that 'specific' Malaysian officials did take 'bribes' or kickbacks from Scorpenes vendor DCN - which is illegal under the French law.
"For us to arrive at this stage of the hearing is a gigantic step in the pursuit of the Scorpene commissions," said Brehem.
No fury like Altantuya's
So, in raking through these details will be the resurrection of Altantuya, and she - through her father's recollection - will personally avenge her brutal murder for herself and for her orphaned sons.
Of course, this will send shivers down to the spines of Najib and his wife Rosmah Mansor. They have repeatedly denied ever knowing her. But yes, the cat is out of the bag.
Altantuya's dad says he saw a photo of her with Najib and Baginda and that she came to Malaysia specifically to "decide something" with Najib. The 'first' couple have already sent their lawyer off to Paris to look after their interest.
And it is wise that they hurry to consolidate their position by whatever means they can, because "Hell hath no fury like a resurrected Altantuya."
Malaysia Chronicle
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